Ahhh, don't you just love a good WTF American Horror Story teaser to kickstart your weekend?

The newest teaser for American Horror Story: Apocalypse shows that same creepy black hand from the Season 8 poster reaching out toward a fig and slicing it open with one ultra-sharp nail (anyone else getting Countess vibes?). From inside the fruit, two scorpions slowly and ominously crawl out. The video comes with the tag line "Fear what is forbidden," and naturally fans are already running rampant with speculation about what it all means.

The most popular theories lean into a full-on biblical apocalypse, which actually tracks well with what we know of Season 8 so far. Executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall confirmed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that Apocalypse will be about an actual apocalypse. We also know that the antichrist, Michael Langdon, will return all grown up and now played by Versace's Cody Fern.

FX Renews American Horror Story, Because This Show Will Never Die

Hmm, we may need to brush up on the Book of Revelations if we're going to figure this season out...

American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 10/9c on FX.