If you thought Wednesday's American Horror Story: Apocalypse trip into Bubbles McGee's (Joan Collins) acting career was a little out of left field, we get it. But the extended look at the cheesy fictional horror film A Christmas to Dismember actually has a pretty amazing story behind it.

The film, which sees Bubbles playing a wife who murders her husband on Christmas Eve only to be attacked by a killer Santa, isn't even born from the twisted mind of Ryan Murphy. It's actually taken directly from one of Joan Collins' real-life roles in the Tales from the Crypt movie segment, "And All Through the House," in which — you guessed it — Joan Collins plays a wife who murders her husband on Christmas Eve only to be attacked by a killer Santa. Of course, this being American Horror Story and not a 1972 flick, Murphy's take on the story is a hell of a lot more gory. As in Bubbles literally gores her husband.

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But underneath all the gruesome twists and amazing new one-liners were so many small homages to the original segment, right down to using the same exact phone! When you watch the original and A Christmas to Dismember back to back, these little moments became so much fun to spot and turn what initially felt like a bizarre tangent into something so rich and delightful.

It's also highly likely that "And All Through the House" inspired another memorable American Horror Story plot point. In the Asylum, Ian McShane appears in two episodes as a psychotic Santa who escapes from a mental institution to go on a Christmas killing spree. So the fact that Murphy was able to pay tribute to Joan Collins' past and Asylum at the same time in this Apocalypse episodes makes this entire sequence even more special.

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