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The anthology series is known for its impressive cast, but do you remember these all-star guest stars?

Mark Consuelos
1 of 13 Byron Cohen/FX

Mark Consuelos, Asylum

Before he was causing chaos in Riverdale, Mark Consuelos was Briarcliff inmate Spivey, the possible pedophile with a history of compulsive masturbation. Spivey met his end as one of Dr. Arden's Raspers, being shot in the head by his own creator.

2 of 13 FX

Rick Springfield, Cult

When we were gifted to the Kai's backstory in Cult, we also received the extra-special treat of witnessing Rick Springfield of "Jessie's Girl" fame playing a deranged leader of a hyper-conservative religious order. After Winter and Kai visited Pastor Charles' twisted house of horrors for fun, they wound up rescuing his victims and killing Pastor Charles - a defining moment for Kai that turned him onto his dark path of trying to right wrongs through violence.

3 of 13 FX

Eric Stonestreet, Murder House

The Modern Family star appeared in one episode as Ben Harmon's new patient, Derrick, who had a paralyzing fear of urban legends, particularly the legend of Piggy Man. When Derrick tried to face his fear by calling Piggy Man in his own bathroom, he was killed by an overweight burglar who had been hiding in Derrick's shower. The irony!

4 of 13 FX

Mike Colter, Coven

It's hard to believe you'd forget someone this fine appearing in three episodes of Coven, and yet here we are. The Luke Cage star had a minor role as David, a witch hunter who worked for Hank's father. That's really all there is to say about Colter's brief appearance in AHS, sadly.

5 of 13 Michele K. Short/FX

Patti LaBelle, Freak Show

Music icon Patti LaBelle had the dubious honor of playing Dandy Mott's first victim, Dora Brown. After being admonished by Dora for wearing a clown costume outside of Halloween, Dandy slits the maid's throat. Sadly, Gloria's daughter, played by Gabourey Sidibe, also fell victim to Dandy during her quest to get justice for her mother.

6 of 13 FX

Madchen Amick, Hotel

Even if you don't remember Madchen Amick in Hotel, you surely remember the vampire measles outbreak. Well, Amick played Mrs. Ellison, the cyberchondriac mother of Patient Zero who was killed by her own son after Alex Lowe turned him into bloodsucker.

7 of 13 FX

Morris Chestnut, Murder House

The hunky actor played hunky security guard Luke, who was hired by Vivien Harmon after her home was invaded. The natural chemistry between Viven and Luke (not to mention all of Hayden's meddlesome lies), initially led Ben to believe one of Viven's twins was Luke's. In all fairness to Ben, we'd also suspect the hot security guard before we'd point fingers at our daughter's ghost boyfriend.

8 of 13 Byron Cohen/FX

Ian McShane, Asylum

McShane lent his incomparable talents to Asylum's unforgettable Christmas episode. The American Gods star played Leigh Emerson, a deranged murderer whose holiday killing spree landed him in Briarcliff. But when the possessed Sister Mary Eunice released Leigh from solitary confinement (and dressed him up as Santa to boot), he escaped the asylum and went on another killing spree, which Lana Winters detailed in Santa and the Seven Nuns.

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Christine Ebersole, Coven

Before there was Fiona Goode, there was Anna Leigh Leighton. The Tony winner played the Supreme Fiona killed in order to secure her place in power. Of course, Fiona would never admit to killing Anna Leigh, instead choosing to frame Marie Laveau for her death.

10 of 13 Sam Lothridge/FX

Chrissy Metz, Freak Show

Chrissy Metz will always be Kate Pearson to some, but before she broke through on This Is Us she was one of Elsa's "freaks" in her Cabinet of Curiosities. A former Park Avenue debutante, Ima Wiggles (born Barbara) had a sexual relationship with Jimmy Darling before being murdered by Dandy Mott.

11 of 13 FX

Jenna Dewan and Adam Levine, Asylum

How could we ever forget when Asylum kicked off with a newlywed couple, Teresa (Dewan) and Leo (Levine), consummating their marriage in murderous landmarks? Their tryst at Briarcliff was cut short, though, when they were interrupted and gruesomely killed by Johnny Morgan's Bloody Face.

12 of 13 Michele K. Short/FX

Patti LuPone, Coven

The Broadway legend was involved in one of Coven's most disturbing scenes, which is saying a lot. As Joan Ramsey, the fundamentalist Christian mother of Luke, she forcibly administered a bleach enema to her son for the purposes of "cleansing" him. Joan later went on to murder Luke after he confronted her about killing their father by putting bees in his car (lol). As revenge for taking Luke from her, Nan killed Joan by forcing her to drink bleach.

13 of 13 FX

Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Freak Show

The Cosby Show star made a surprise appearance in Freak Show as the second husband of Desiree Dupree. After all the drama with Dandy and Dell was put in her past, Desiree settled down and had two kids with Warner's never-truly-explored character Angus T. Jefferson.