Tori Spelling Tori Spelling

Donna Martin graduates! has confirmed that Tori Spelling is in final negotiations to appear in several spring episodes of 90210, according to the CW.

While Ausiello speculates that Spelling was waiting until Shannen Doherty got the hell out of Dodge lest she cross paths with her on set, there were also rumblings that the actress' appearance on the show was held up by salary demands. No word yet on how Spelling's Donna Martin will be incorporated into the rich, dramatic fabric that is 90210 Nuevo. From earlier episodes, we know that Donna is a mom, but what else has she been up to? As of press time, nobody from the CW has responded to the idea that I submitted to them nearly 10 months ago now, but I know that call is imminent.

Is this a good idea for the show? How would you script Donna's 90210 story?

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