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Here Are All the TV Marathons Happening Thanksgiving Weekend

Four straight days of Gilmore Girls? Yes please

Lindsay MacDonald

Some people celebrate the upcoming national holiday by eating a hearty Thanksgiving meal and then playing a quaint game of touch football with the ones they love. Others stuff their face with as much turkey as possible and then park it in front of the TV for the remainder of their four-day weekend. There's no right or wrong way to celebrate, but if the latter is more your speed, we've got you covered.

Whether it's a good old Friends marathon or four consecutive days of Gilmore Girls(no, seriously that's happening), we've got a complete list of the TV marathons you should check out this Thanksgiving weekend.

Thursday, Nov. 23

The Simpsons (FXX, 8pm-12am)
Friends (TBS, 1pm-6pm)
Gilmore Girls (UP, 6am-12am)
Chrisley Knows Best(USA, 6am-10:30pm
Long Lost Family (TLC, 4pm-3am)
Blue Bloods (ION, 11am-12am)
South Park(Comedy Central, 6am-9pm)
Dirty Jobs (Discovery, 9am-7pm)
Duck Dynasty (FYI, 10am-4pm)
Ozzy and Jack's World Detour(FYI, 5pm-4am)
Live PD: Police Patrol (A&E, 2pm-4am)
Forged in Fire (History, 7am-4am)
Tanked (Animal Planet, 2pm-6am)
Teen Titans Go! (Cartoon Network, 6am-3pm)
M*A*S*H(TVLand, 11am-5pm)
Forensic Files (HLN, 6pm-6am)
The Three Stooges (IFC, 6am-6pm)
Gone With the Wind(Sundance, 6am-12am)
Running Wild With Bear Grylls (National Geographic, 12pm-3am)

Friday, Nov. 24

Mom (FXX, 12pm-6pm)
Flea Market Flip (HGTV, 7am-12pm)
House Hunters(HGTV, 12-8pm)
Gilmore Girls (UP, 12am-12am)
Say Yes to the Dress(TLC, 3am-1pm)
Law & Order(ION, 11am-8pm)
Alaska: The Last Frontier (Discovery, 12am-4pm)
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network, 2pm-3am)
Storage Wars (FYI, 1pm-4am)
Ancient Aliens(History, 12pm-4am)
Tanked (Animal Planet, 2pm-12am)
Teen Titans Go! (Cartoon Network, 7am-8pm)
Forensic Files (HLN, 6pm-7am)
Friends (Spike, 6pm-4am)
Law & Order (Sundance, 6am-3am)
The 80's: The Decade That Made Us (National Geographic, 12pm-3am)

Saturday, Nov. 25

Harry Potter(Freeform, 7am-12am)
Law & Order (TNT, 5am-12pm)
Fixer Upper (HGTV, 7am-8pm)
Gilmore Girls (UP, 12am-12am)
Law & Order: SVU(USA, 9am-11pm)
Say Yes to the Dress(TLC, 7am-1pm)
Cake Boss(TLC, 7pm-3am)
Twilight Saga(MTV, 8am-12am)
Law & Order: SVU (ION, 9am-12am)
Street Outlaws (Discovery, 12pm-12am)
Parking Wars(FYI, 3pm-4am)
Teen Titans Go! (Cartoon Network, 6am-8pm)
Roseanne (TVLand, 12am-1pm)
Forensic Files (HLN, 12pm-7am)
Rocky (Spike, 9am-12am)
M*A*S*H (Sundance, 6pm-3am)

Sunday Nov. 26

Law & Order (TNT, 6am-12pm)
Fixer Upper (HGTV, 7am-8pm)
Gilmore Girls (UP, 12am-7pm)
Law & Order: SVU (USA, 11am-11pm)
The Real Housewives of Atlanta(Bravo, 11:30am-7pm)
Jersey Shore (MTV, 1am-9pm)
Duck Dynasty (FYI, 5pm-4am)
American Pickers (History, 1pm-4am)
Monsters Inside Me (Animal Planet, 11am-12am)
Teen Titans Go! (Cartoon Network, 6am-8pm)
Forensic Files (HLN, 12pm-9am)