The Sorcerers Apprentice

  • 2010
  • Movie
  • PG
  • Adventure, Children's, Fantasy

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice would seem to have all the necessary parts for a successful kids’ adventure franchise: a nerdy, shy guy who learns he’s actually a powerful wizard, people throwing balls of glowing plasma at each other, Nicolas Cage in a fanciful leather trench coat -- the list goes on. But sadly, the movie still falls flat, loaded with more

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Director (1 Credit)
Producer (1 Credit)
Exec. Producer (6 Credits)
Assoc. Producer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Editor (1 Credit)
William C. Goldenberg
Musical Composer (1 Credit)
Production Designer (1 Credit)
Naomi Shohan
Art Director (1 Credit)
David Swayze
Costumes (3 Credits)
Casting (1 Credit)
Ronna Kress
Special Effects (7 Credits)
Amber Kirsch
Asylum Visual Effects
Christopher S. Capp
John Frazier
Mark Hawker
Phil Brennan
Steve Kirshoff
Sound (3 Credits)
Adam Kopald
Suhail F. Kafity
Tod A. Maitland
Make Up (2 Credits)
Donald A. Kozma
Ilona Herman
Animation (2 Credits)
Craig Van Dyke
Stewart Burris