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The New York Ripper Reviews

Can you say, "sick and sleazy?" Italian gore-meister Lucio Fulci's Manhattan-based serial killer picture is one nasty piece of work. Lieutenant Williams (Jack Hedley) is on the trail of a murderer killer who slashes women viciously and makes taunting calls to the police, disguising his voice so he sounds like Donald Duck. Hedley, who's working with a young psychotherapist named Dr. Davis (Paolo Malco), finally identifies a suspect, Times Square lothario Mickey Scellenda (Howard Ross). He's easily identified by the two missing fingers on one hand, has been seen with some of the victims, and stalks pretty Fay Majors (Almanta Keller), whom he spots in an empty subway car. Fay escapes and moves in with her boyfriend (Andrew Painter) to recuperate from the attack; she can't give the police any new information, but they're afraid the killer will try to finish her off anyway. Meanwhile, a kinky society woman (Alessandra Delli Colli) who spends the night with Mickey turns up butchered like the others, and the killer cruelly carves up Hedley's girlfriend, a prostitute named Jenny (Daniela Doria). Although much of the film was shot at Cinecitta, Fulci did some location shooting in New York and the city has never looked uglier. It's obviously deliberate (cinematographer Luigi Kuveiller also shot Dario Argento's breathtaking DEEP RED); the word of the day here is "squalor." Fulci alternates sleazy sex scenes with graphic and deeply misogynistic murders, fills the plots with twists that make no sense, then wraps the whole thing up in a preposterous psychological flourish - there actually is a reason why the killer quacks like a duck. An amazing experience for vintage gore fans, available on video in its original widescreen format so you won't miss one loathsome bit of the action.