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Addams Family Values Reviews

Like the first ADDAMS FAMILY, this continuation of the macabre clan's misadventures is really just a string of sight gags and one-liners. The good news is that the one-liners are much funnier than the first time, mainly thanks to the increased input of screenwriter Paul Rudnick. The other major change chez Addams is that young Wednesday (Christina Ricci) has entered that "difficult" stage of growing up--boys are starting to pique her interest almost as much as ritual sacrifice. To complicate matters further, the family is upended by the arrival of a new baby of indeterminate gender ("Is it a boy? Is it a girl?"--"It's an Addams!" goes the post-birth exchange, though the infant does sport a Gomez-style mustache). Wednesday and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) react with unconcealed venom toward their new, rival sibling, showing a keenness to play, not with him, but with his head. Meanwhile, a bogus nanny (Joan Cusack) is scheming to get her hands on Uncle Fester's (Christopher Lloyd) fortune. Her plan involves sending the older children off to an exclusive summer camp, where there are plenty of opportunities to poke fun at the rich, self-obsessed children of rich, self-obsessed parents. When forced by the camp leader to take part in a cheesy Thanksgiving pageant he has "conceived," Wednesday complains that his work is lacking in both character definition and dramatic structure. The same could be said of ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES but, frankly, we don't give a damn.