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The Twilight Zone Season 2 Easter Eggs

There are a lot of winks to classic episodes in the reboot's second outing at CBS All Access

The Twilight Zone Season 2 Easter eggs
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Check Out These The Twilight Zone Season 2 Easter Eggs

Welcome back to The Twilight Zone! All 10 episodes of Season 2 are now streaming on CBS All Access, and fans are in for a lot of surprises and chills this time around. Episodes range from pure sci-fi intrigue, with lots of alien invaders and murderous monsters, to supernatural surprises, with mind-readers, cursed coins, time loops, and more.

The episodes are also filled with the kind of Easter eggs fans of the series have come to expect, including winks to classic episodes of the original The Twilight Zone, nods to the late, great creator Rod Serling, and winks to other episodes in the new series. 

Click through to see which Easter eggs we've spotted so far from The Twilight Zone Season 2. 

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Yes, that is Rod Serling that you hear

While Season 2 does not offer a full-on meta "Blurryman" reveal sequence like we saw in Season 1's finale, one wink to him comes along in "8," as the scientists at the remote research station play a documentary about sea-diving. The narrator is none other than Serling himself, and it appears to be a clip from The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, which just so happens to feature an octopus that greatly resembles the monster of the day in this new episode. 

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The Kanamits return

The biggest tie-in to the classic series arrives in Season 2's finale, "You Also Might Like," when the Kanamits return to Earth. You might recognize these big headed extraterrestrials from the classic 1962 The Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man." And in their newest outing, they are once again fooling mankind into thinking they are benevolent. Only, instead of delivering a coded cookbook to Earthlings, the Kanamits have secretly studied human commercials for tips on how to best market their Egg, a product which promised to make everything better forever, but which decidedly will not. 

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Time for the humans to eat the Kanamits for a change

The Kanamits also briefly appear -- in animated form, at least -- in the premiere episode, "Meet in the Middle," as well. Those silvery space aliens can be seen in this quick glimpse at a cereal box in the store where the lead character Phil (Jimmi Simpson) works. The twist is that, unlike what happened in "To Serve Man," this time, it's Kanamunch on the menu! 

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The Busy Bee returns

The Busy Bee gets a lot of love in Season 2 as well, starting with this quick glimpse of the diner's sign in "Downtime," as Michelle (Morena Baccarin) runs by. The Busy Bee was the restaurant from the 1960 episode "Nick of Time" and previously made a comeback in Season 1's "Replay." 

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A new coat of paint

The Busy Bee is also prominently featured in one of the season's standout episodes, "A Small Town," in which the eatery gets a fresh coat of paint thanks to a certain heavenly helper (Damon Wayans Jr.). 

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The devil you know

Of course, no nod to the Busy Bee would be complete with another sighting of this devilish little guy. The fortune teller machine was at the center of 1960's "Nick of Time" and appears here again in "A Small Town." 

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A deadly familiar car

In "Downtime," audiences are also reintroduced to the 1956 Ford Farlaine Club Sedan that caused so much trouble in the 1964 The Twilight Zone episode "You Drive." Michelle (Morena Baccarin) doesn't linger by the vehicle for long, but its distinct shape and features is still completely stick out, thanks in part to the fact that it's parked right next to another car that's glitching in and out of existence. 

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In search of an exit

If this clown doll from "A Human Face" looks familiar, it's because it's a dead ringer for the clown from the 1961 The Twilight Zone episode "Five Characters in Search of an Exit." Looks like this fella finally made it out of that cylinder only to go straight into a plastic box. Bummer.

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It's the invaders!

You can also find a very nice wink to the "aliens" from the 1961 The Twilight Zone episode "The Invaders" in this shot from "A Human Face," which also centers on an unexpected and mysterious extraterrestrial arrival into a quiet home. 

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Welcome back to Maple Street

Another wink to an iconic Twilight Zone episode arrives in this moment in "Downtime" when we see a Maple Street sign amid erupting chaos around town, a nod to 1960's "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street." As with "Downtime," that classic episode centered a seemingly idyllic town which changed in a flash. 

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Maple Street, take two

Another nod to Maple Street comes in Episode 10, "You Also Might Like," in this quick peek at a registration form for the mysterious "Egg." 

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The eye of the beholder

The Twilight Zone Season 2 is heavy on the orb aesthetic, with many, many frames that draw on eyeball-esque shaping, as a nod to the title sequences, both old and new. The biggest -- in size, at least -- wink to the eye in the sky comes in this moment from "Downtime," when so-called "world maintenance" is underway. 

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Another eye

"The Who of You" also offers audiences an eyeful of that symbolism in this glimpse at the signage for the episode's fortune-teller (Billy Porter), who is able to dissect exactly what is going on with Harry (portrayed by Ethan Embry, among others). 

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Eye see that graffiti

There are also graffiti eyes all over the hidden girls' bathroom wall in "Among the Untrodden," which should've probably given us a hint that nothing good was going to come of Madison (Abbie Hern) and Irene's (Sophia Macy) time there. 

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And then there's the matter of an actual eyeball

The goriest ode to the eyeball in The Twilight Zone Season 2 comes in "8," when this poor scientist (Brandon Jay McLaren) gets his eyeball sucked right out of it socket by that pesky octopus. Yikes. 

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We gotta have a Whipple

It wouldn't be a season of The Twilight Zone with a nod to "The Brain Center at Whipple's." In "Downtime," we find out that the fabled manufacturing company is involved with the "game" that's being played by mankind in the episode.  

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Whip it again

Whipple is also the sponsor of the remote research station in "8," which means they'll have to answer for the eventual destruction of humanity when that super-smart octopus figures out how to change his genetic structure and migrate to land life. 

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More product placement

Whipple isn't the only memorable name from the old school Twilight Zone series that gets a nod here; in "A Human Face," it's the Dingle Moving company logo which can be see on the boxes belonging to the grieving parents (Jenna Elfman and Christopher Meloni) trying to escape their problems. 

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Yes, there's time enough at last

In "The Who of You," there's a very quick glimpse of a cardboard poster which nods to "Time Enough at Last," the foundational 1959 episode which centered on a man who just wanted some peace and quiet to read his books.

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Notice the jacket?

In addition to all of the nods to the classic Twilight Zone series, Jordan Peele's reboot is also known for building its own interconnected world, including planting Easter eggs to other episodes in the reboot. For example, in the same scene we see the "Time Enough at Last" poster in "The Who of You," we also see that the teens are wearing the uniform from Saint Mary's, the boarding school from "Among the Untrodden." 

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All the broken TVs

Season 2's "Among the Untrodden" also offers a wink back to one of the most memorable moments from Season 1's finale with this shot of several broken TVs at the school science fair. 

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Mynx Mania!

Another internal Easter egg comes along in "Among the Untrodden" when, during a dizzying party sequence, we get a quick glimpse of this magazine cover, which was heavily featured in "Ovation." 

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Recognize this place?

Season 2 also recycles quite a few locations from Season 1, including the outdoor bus stop and this bed bunk area, which was previously in outer space for Season 1's "Six Degrees of Freedom" but became part of a remote scientific facility in Season 2's "8." 

In addition to the practicality of reusing show sets, the effect of seeing these locations again and again across so many different storylines is that it adds an extra layer of eerieness and even a sense of wrongness, which are likely the reactions The Twilight Zone is going for anyway.