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Wed Aug 22 1:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineCaptain Latvia(Season 4, Episode 10) TBS

Jake helps Charles search for a Christmas present for his son, but the pair end up facing off against a Latvian crime ring in the process. Elsewhere, the team prepare for their annual Christmas carol competition against their rivals, the MTA.

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Wed Aug 22 2:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Fugitive Pt. 1(Season 4, Episode 11) TBS

Part 1 of 2. Several convicts escape from a prison van, sending the entire squad on a manhunt throughout Brooklyn; Marshawn Lynch is the only key witness; and Jake and Amy place a bet on who can capture the most inmates.

Wed Aug 22 2:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Fugitive Pt. 2(Season 4, Episode 12) TBS

Conclusion. Jake enlists a surprising ally to catch the last fugitive.

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Wed Aug 22 3:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Audit(Season 4, Episode 13) TBS

With the crime rate lowered, Brooklyn is permanently shutting down one of its precincts. The team is confident they'll be evaluated fairly until the auditor turns out to be Amy's ex, leading the whole squad to band together to try to save the precinct.

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Fri Aug 24 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineServe & Protect(Season 4, Episode 14) TBS

Terry's ex replaces Teddy in evaluating the precinct, but Jake and Rosa are distracted by a burglary case that occurred on the set of their favorite detective show, leading the pair to pass time with the series star and producer, who meddle in the case and (more…)

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Fri Aug 24 1:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Last Ride(Season 4, Episode 15) TBS

Jake and Charles go to extremes to apprehend a local bike thief in what could be their last case as partners. Meanwhile, Terry isn't in the lead for Mr. Nine-Nine, leaving Rosa determined to boost his ego; and Amy spends some precious time with Holt.

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Fri Aug 24 2:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineMoo Moo(Season 4, Episode 16) TBS

Terry wants to file an official complaint against a police officer who stopped Sgt. Jeffords while he was off-duty in his own neighborhood, but Capt. Holt has other ideas. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy get a glimpse into the difficulties of parenthood and answer (more…)

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Fri Aug 24 2:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineCop-Con(Season 4, Episode 17) TBS

The precinct head to the Tri-State Police Officers' annual Cop-Con, which is usually the Nine-Nine's excuse for a big annual party, but the squad's fun is threatened this year when Holt asks them to be on their best behavior.

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Fri Aug 24 3:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineChasing Amy(Season 4, Episode 18) TBS

Jake and Rosa search for Amy, who suddenly vanished hours before taking the Sergeant Exam.

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Sun Aug 26 10:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineYour Honor(Season 4, Episode 19) TBS

Capt. Holt's mom seeks support from the precinct after her house is robbed; Terry, Rosa and Boyle remodel the break room; and Amy teaches Gina how to change her car tire.

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Sun Aug 26 10:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Slaughterhouse(Season 4, Episode 20) TBS

Jake and Rosa try to earn the respect of their idol; and Charles, Terry and Gina test different parenting methods to resolve a conflict between Scully and Hitchcock.

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Sun Aug 26 8:30pm
Bob's BurgersMo Mommy Mo Problems(Season 8, Episode 19) FOX

The Belchers attend open houses for the free food, per Linda's "momnipotent" Mother's Day request. When Linda meets a charming real estate agent and agrees to a private showing, the kids stumble upon an unexpected surprise and the family ends up at the hel (more…)

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Tue Aug 28 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Bank Job(Season 4, Episode 21) TBS

Jake and Rosa continue their search for a bank-robbing operation with Lt. Hawkins and discover a dangerous secret, leading them to call for back-up from Holt and Pimento; and Boyle objects to Gina's new boyfriend.

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Wed Aug 29 1:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineCrime & Punishment(Season 4, Episode 22) TBS

Jake and Rosa are framed for a crime they didn't commit, and it's up to the squad to find a way to bust them out.

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Wed Aug 29 2:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NinePilot(Season 1, Episode 1) TBS

Jake Peralta, a gifted but lazy detective, has some growing up to do when a straitlaced new commanding officer takes over his precinct in the premiere of this comedy series following an eclectic group of New York detectives.

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Wed Aug 29 2:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Tagger(Season 1, Episode 2) TBS

Jake is assigned to investigate a graffiti case that he feels is beneath him, but things get complicated when he learns that the offender is the deputy commissioner's son. Elsewhere, Gina's psychic friend visits the precinct and evaluates Charles.

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Wed Aug 29 3:00am
Brooklyn Nine-Nine48 Hours(Season 1, Episode 7) TBS

Jake has 48 hours to collect evidence for an arrest he made without proof, and he asks the rest of the team to put in weekend overtime to help him. Meanwhile, Gina and Rosa compete in a pie contest, with Charles as the judge; and Holt helps Terry impress h (more…)

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Fri Aug 31 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Vulture(Season 1, Episode 5) TBS

Jake seeks revenge after a rival detective steals his thunder on a murder case. Elsewhere, Terry tries to get recertified to carry a gun with help from Capt. Holt and Gina.

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Fri Aug 31 1:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Slump(Season 1, Episode 3) TBS

Jake has a run of bad luck closing cases. Meanwhile, Amy turns to Rosa and Gina for help after she's asked to lead the Junior Policeman Program for troubled youth; and Boyle helps Sergeant Jeffords with a troublesome case.

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Fri Aug 31 2:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineM.E. Time(Season 1, Episode 4) TBS

Jake becomes enamored with a medical examiner he meets at a crime scene, and his crush affects his work. Elsewhere, Amy discovers that Sgt. Jeffords has artistic abilities.

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Fri Aug 31 2:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineHalloween(Season 1, Episode 6) TBS

Amy is dismayed to learn that she has to wear a costume while out on undercover street patrol on Halloween. Meanwhile, Jake bets that he can steal Capt. Holt's Medal of Valor.

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Fri Aug 31 3:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineSal's Pizza(Season 1, Episode 9) TBS

A local pizza place burns down and the fire marshal (Patton Oswalt) rashly pins blame on the owner, prompting Jake to pull out all the stops to prove him wrong. Meanwhile, a computer virus at the precinct shares everyone's browser history.

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Tue Sep 4 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineOld School(Season 1, Episode 8) TBS

Jake looks forward to a day spent with a former crime reporter (Stacy Keach) whom he admires, but the visit is tarnished when he learns that his comments about the precinct were considered on the record. Elsewhere, Terry and Charles work with Rosa to help (more…)

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  • Profession: Actor

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