Pam Ferris

  • Birth Name: Pamela Ferris
  • Birth Place: Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Profession: Actor

Fast Facts

  • Born in post-war Germany to a British soldier and his wife, and raised in their native Wales until she was 13, when her family emigrated to New Zealand.
  • Left school to become a full-time actress at age 16.
  • One of her first professional jobs was as a dancer in an Auckland, New Zealand, production of John Osbourne's The Entertainer. Her costume consisted of three small, strategically placed Union Jack flags.
  • Returned to England during her early 20s in order to push forward with acting.
  • Among the jobs she supported herself with before her career took off were selling shoes and working in an antique store.
  • A founding member of Actorum, the first actors' cooperative agency in Britain. 
  • Supports the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.


  • 2008, Olivier Awards — Best Performance in a Supporting Role: Nominee


  • Ann Perkins — Mother
  • Roger Frost — Husband
  • Fred Perkins — Father