Nikki Reed

  • Birth Name: Nicole Houston Reed
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer

Fast Facts

  • Won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for her work in 2003's Thirteen; also shared a Screenwriting Award for that film with Catherine Hardwicke at the Nantucket Film Festival.
  • Hardwicke later directed her in 2005's Lords of Dogtown, about the Zephyr skateboarding team, and in the 2008 film adaptation of Twilight.
  • Was the executive producer of the 2006 Disney sports drama Invincible.
  • Directed longtime pal Sage's music video for her 2010 single "Edie Sedgwick."


  • 2004, Independent Spirit Awards — Best First Screenplay: Nominee
  • 2004, Independent Spirit Awards — Best Debut Performance: Winner


  • Paris Kasidokostas Latsis — Ex-significant Other
  • Paul McDonald — Ex-husband
  • Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder — Daughter
  • Cheryl Houston — Mother
  • Seth Reed — Father
  • Ian Somerhalder — Husband
  • Nathan Reed — Brother