Melissa Fumero

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Melissa Gallo
  • Birth Place: Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Tue Jul 24 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineSabotage(Season 2, Episode 19) TBS

Jake's streak of bad luck makes him think that he's got an enemy, so Holt asks Amy and Rosa to investigate. Meanwhile, Gina's insulted when Holt makes light of her dance troupe; and Charles works a case with Scully and Hitchcock in Jake's absence.

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Wed Jul 25 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineDet. Dave Majors(Season 2, Episode 21) TBS

Jake's excitement to work with a top NYPD detective is tempered when he discovers the guy wants to date Amy. Meanwhile, Charles and Gina struggle to convince Terry to stay at the precinct after he receives a tempting job offer from a private-security firm (more…)

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Wed Jul 25 1:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Chopper(Season 2, Episode 22) TBS

Jake works his dream case when Wuntch gives him the green light, but Holt worries that he's being set up to fail. Meanwhile, Amy, Rosa and Gina pitch in when Terry hosts a field trip for a magnet school.

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Wed Jul 25 2:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineAC/DC(Season 2, Episode 20) TBS

Jake gets injured on the job, so Terry makes him take some time off, but R & R doesn't come easy for him. Meanwhile, Holt and Rosa go on a double date with their significant others.

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Wed Jul 25 2:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineJohnny and Dora(Season 2, Episode 23) TBS

In the Season 2 finale, Jake and Amy go undercover to take down the borough's most infamous identity thief. Meanwhile, the members of the precinct are floored by a surprise farewell.

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Wed Jul 25 3:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineNew Captain(Season 3, Episode 1) TBS

Season 3 begins with a new captain taking over after Holt is transferred to the public-relations department, but Jeffords has his hands full keeping chaos from reigning in the precinct. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy deal with the fallout of their kiss.

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Fri Jul 27 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Funeral(Season 3, Episode 2) TBS

Another personnel change at the precinct could jeopardize Jake and Amy's nascent romance. Meanwhile, Terry helps Holt with a PR problem; and Rosa and Gina urge Charles to abandon his crush on a colleague.

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Sun Jul 29 8:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Oolong Slayer(Season 3, Episode 4) TBS

Jake enlists Holt's help to investigate a serial killer; Rosa and Amy are forced to comply with an old adversary's demands; and Terry finds a new obsession.

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Sun Jul 29 9:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineBoyle's Hunch(Season 3, Episode 3) TBS

Boyle meets an art gallery owner, and Jake thinks they were made for each other. Meanwhile, Rosa is annoyed by inter-precinct thievery; and Holt asks for Amy's help with an image campaign.

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Tue Jul 31 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineHalloween(Season 1, Episode 6) TBS

Amy is dismayed to learn that she has to wear a costume while out on undercover street patrol on Halloween. Meanwhile, Jake bets that he can steal Capt. Holt's Medal of Valor.

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Wed Aug 1 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineInto the Woods(Season 3, Episode 6) TBS

Jake and Charles take Terry on a weekend camping trip as a "babymoon," but it doesn't go as they had hoped; and Holt gives Rosa relationship advice. Meanwhile, Gina helps Amy prepare for an important presentation.

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Wed Aug 1 1:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Mattress(Season 3, Episode 7) TBS

Jake and Amy work a case together involving a new street drug, but their new relationship gets in the way. Meanwhile, Charles panics when he realizes he's damaged one of Holt's prized possessions; and Terry teaches Rosa a lesson in discipline.

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Wed Aug 1 2:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineAva(Season 3, Episode 8) TBS

Jake's in charge of entertaining Sharon while Terry and Rosa head off to learn about the Douglass Street murders, but Sharon's water breaks and crisis ensues at the precinct; and Amy and Charles must process paperwork by hand due to an internet outage. Mea (more…)

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Wed Aug 1 2:30am
Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Swedes(Season 3, Episode 9) TBS

Jake and Rosa are forced to work with Swedish cops in order to solve an international case; and Amy and Terry offer to help Gina prepare for a test. Meanwhile, Holt enlists Charles to be his squash partner for an annual tournament.

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Wed Aug 1 3:00am
Brooklyn Nine-NineYippie Kayak(Season 3, Episode 10) TBS

Jake, Charles and Gina find themselves in a real-life "Die Hard" situation on Christmas Eve; and Terry is forced to leave his family celebration in order to save his squad. Meanwhile, Amy tries to prove that she's just as tough as Holt and Rosa.

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Fri Aug 3 12:00am
Brooklyn Nine-Nine9 Days(Season 3, Episode 12) TBS

Capt. Holt and Jake contract the mumps during an investigation and become quarantined together in hopes of solving the case. Meanwhile, Rosa tries to help Boyle through a mourning process; and Terry is forced to clean up Hitchcock and Scully's mess.

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  • Birth Name: Melissa Gallo
  • Birth Place: Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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