Lauren Tom

  • Birth Place: Highland Park, Illinois, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Voiceovers

Fast Facts

  • Channeled adolescent teasing over her ethnicity into a successful tryout for A Chorus Line, jump-starting her early career in theater.
  • Caught her Hollywood break after an ad-libbed role in Cadillac Man led to a Tonight Show appearance that caught the eye of Cheech Marin, who cast her in a pilot.
  • Credits her dog's nervous behavior for her timely purchase of earthquake insurance two days before the 1994 California quake.
  • Discovered she grew up in the same Illinois town as one of her late '90s neighbors, Curt, whom she married soon thereafter.
  • Portrayed her grandmother and other relatives from her Chinese-American childhood in a one-woman comedy, 25 Psychics.
  • Collaborated with her mother to publish The Bubble Gum Machine, a children's book focusing on lessons of diversity.


  • Chip Tom — Brother
  • Chan Tom Jr. — Father
  • Curt Kaplan — Husband
  • Glenn Lau-Kee — Ex-husband
  • Oliver Kaplan — Son
  • Nancy Dare — Mother