Kirsten Vangsness

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  • Birth Place: Pasadena, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Wed Aug 15 7:00pm
Criminal MindsThe Gathering(Season 8, Episode 17) SUND

The unit investigates victims who were documenting their personal lives and desires on blog posts and social media. Meanwhile, Kevin gets jealous when he learns that Garcia may have a new love interest.

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Wed Aug 15 8:00pm
Criminal MindsRestoration(Season 8, Episode 18) SUND

The BAU visits Morgan's childhood neighborhood in Chicago to search for a man who is targeting middle-age men. The investigation reveals that the suspect may be the same person who abused Morgan as a kid.

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Wed Aug 15 9:00pm
Criminal MindsPay It Forward(Season 8, Episode 19) SUND

A gruesome discovery is made when a time capsule is opened 25 years after it was sealed in a small Colorado town. The unit investigates and the evidence suggests that the past crime may be linked to the present death of a local police officer.

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Wed Aug 15 10:00pm
Criminal MindsAlchemy(Season 8, Episode 20) SUND

The murders of two male victims who were killed in a ritualistic manner are investigated. Meanwhile, Reid continues to grieve over Maeve's death.

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Wed Aug 15 10:00pm
Criminal MindsFalse Flag(Season 13, Episode 9) CBS

When two members of a conspiracy group in Roswell, N.M., perish in quick succession, the BAU is called to investigate.

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Wed Aug 15 11:00pm
Criminal MindsNanny Dearest(Season 8, Episode 21) SUND

Nannies are kidnapped, along with the children they care for, in Los Angeles.

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Thu Aug 16 12:00am
Criminal Minds# 6(Season 8, Episode 22) SUND

The unit tracks a suspect who is targeting people in Detroit. Meanwhile, Blake's husband returns from overseas with a life-changing career proposition for her.

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Thu Aug 16 1:00am
Criminal MindsBrothers Hotchner(Season 8, Episode 23) SUND

The unit investigates deaths in Manhattan that are linked to apparent ecstasy overdoses, and Hotch's estranged brother is caught in the middle of the probe.

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Thu Aug 16 2:00am
Criminal MindsThe Replicator(Season 8, Episode 24) SUND

The Replicator returns and targets a member of the BAU as the eighth season ends.

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Sat Aug 18 10:00am
Criminal MindsProfiler, Profiled(Season 2, Episode 12) WE

When Morgan goes home to see his family in Chicago, he's arrested as a serial killer by a detective who used a profile that Gideon had sent to him after reviewing the case. The team flies to Chicago to find the real murderer and exonerate Morgan.

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Sat Aug 18 11:00am
Criminal MindsNo Way Out(Season 2, Episode 13) WE

In a diner in Nevada, surrounded by local police, Gideon sits with a notorious serial killer (Keith Carradine) and tries to get him to divulge where he's keeping a woman hostage. Adding to the drama is the killer's vow to walk out of the diner a free man (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 12:00pm
Criminal MindsThe Big Game(Season 2, Episode 14) WE

Part 1 of 2. The team pursues what is believed to be a team of killers that sets up computer webcams to record murders and then posts them on the Internet. Tobias Hankel: James Van Der Beek. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have cameos. Gayle: Keisha Alfred.

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Sat Aug 18 1:00pm
Criminal MindsRevelations(Season 2, Episode 15) WE

Conclusion. The team's urgency to find the killer increases when they realize he's holding Reid captive and they see a live feed of a bound and drugged Reid, who flashes back to his own troubled childhood while drifting in and out of consciousness. Det. Fa (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 2:00pm
Criminal MindsFear and Loathing(Season 2, Episode 16) WE

The agents travel to a mostly white New York suburb where four murders are believed to be hate crimes since three of the victims, young black women, had swastikas painted on their faces. The agents need to work fast to prevent another killing and the possi (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 3:00pm
Criminal MindsDistress(Season 2, Episode 17) WE

The agents travel to Houston where a killer snaps his victims' necks, but the seemingly random pattern of choosing who dies baffles the team. Because the murders occurred near construction sites and abandoned buildings, the agents believe the killer is a h (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 4:00pm
Criminal MindsJones(Season 2, Episode 18) WE

Gideon tracks a serial killer in New Orleans who slashes his victims' throats, then disembowels them. The murderer was thought to have perished in Hurricane Katrina until a fourth victim turned up in the French Quarter. The probe reveals the killer sent a (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 5:00pm
Criminal MindsAshes and Dust(Season 2, Episode 19) WE

The team tries to stop a serial arsonist who targets the homes of upper-middle-class families and strikes when everyone is sleeping. Dennis Cutler: John Nielsen. Paul: Jordan Garrett. Vincent Stiles: Sean O'Bryan. Evan Abby: Tom Schanley. Allison Abby: Chr (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 6:00pm
Criminal MindsHonor Among Thieves(Season 2, Episode 20) WE

Agent Prentiss' mother, Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss (Kate Jackson), asks the team to help locate a Russian immigrant who has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Lysoswsky: Elya Baskin. Josh Kramer: Gonzalo Menendez. Sergei: Gregory Wagrowski. Lyov: Dimit (more…)

I’ll Watch395 Watching
Sat Aug 18 7:00pm
Criminal MindsOpen Season(Season 2, Episode 21) WE

The team investigate the discovery of bodies in the Idaho wilderness and they theorize that a group of killers is hunting humans for sport. Johnny: Jake Richardson. Paul: Jim Parrack. Brad: Richard Kuegeman. Sheriff Schaeffer: Larry Sullivan. Ranger Lizzie (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 8:00pm
Criminal MindsLegacy(Season 2, Episode 22) WE

The team travels to Kansas City to investigate a report of missing homeless people. Steven: Ronnie Steadman. Old Nate: Jack Donner. Cal McGee: Kristoffer Winters. Maggie: Bre Blair.

I’ll Watch564 Watching
Sat Aug 18 9:00pm
Criminal MindsNo Way Out, Part II: The Evilution of Frank(Season 2, Episode 23) WE

In the second-season finale, Keith Carradine reprises his role as a serial killer. After Frank (Carradine) murders Gideon's girlfriend, Gideon takes off on his own to track him and becomes a suspect in the murder. The team must profile both men to find the (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 10:00pm
Criminal MindsDoubt(Season 3, Episode 1) WE

In the third-season opener, a serial killer is targeting young women at a small college. The initial profile produces a suspect, but the murders continue after that person is in custody, leading the agents to doubt their skills. Anna: Shelly Cole. Det. Jim (more…)

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Sat Aug 18 11:00pm
Criminal MindsIn Birth and Death(Season 3, Episode 2) WE

The BAU is in chaos when Gideon disappears, Hotch asks for a transfer and Prentiss resigns; the remaining agents are left to track a serial killer in Milwaukee. Haley: Meredith Monroe. Joe: Eddie Cibrian. Vicki: Lucia Sullivan. Erin Strauss: Jayne Atkinson (more…)

I’ll Watch668 Watching
Sun Aug 19 12:00am
Criminal MindsScared to Death(Season 3, Episode 3) WE

A psychiatrist becomes a serial killer, using the knowledge of his patients' worst fears to murder them. Dr. Stan Howard: Michael O'Keefe. Jenny: Jennifer Keyes. Bill Calvert: Matt Bushell. Erin Strauss: Jayne Atkinson.

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  • Birth Place: Pasadena, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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