Kate Mulgrew

  • Birth Name: Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew
  • Birth Place: Dubuque, Iowa, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Thu Jun 27 4:00am
CheersStrange Bedfellows(Season 4, Episode 24) HALMRK

When a councilwoman stumping for reelection takes a liking to Sam, Diane campaigns for her opponent. Part 1 of three. Janet Eldridge: Kate Mulgrew. Jim Fleener: Max Wright. Phil: David Paymer. Brian: Brad Burlingame. April: Carolyn Ann Clark. Decker: Micha (more…)

Thu Jun 27 4:30am
CheersStrange Bedfellows(Season 4, Episode 25) HALMRK

Janet (Kate Mulgrew) persuades Sam to fire Diane, but Diane resigns before he can do it. Sen. Gary Hart has a cameo. Part 2 of three. Fleener: Max Wright.

Thu Jun 27 8:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerInnocence(Season 2, Episode 22) BBC

After crashing on a distant moon, Tuvok (Tim Russ) discovers he is not alone. With him are three children who were left there by their people---and are apparently to be sacrificed. Tressa: Tiffany Taubman. Alcia: Marnie McPhail. Elani: Sarah Rayne. Corin: (more…)

Thu Jun 27 9:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerThe Thaw(Season 2, Episode 23) BBC

Unable to revive humanoids in a computer-generated hibernation, Kim and Torres enter their dream state, but someone is already there---a malevolent clown (Michael McKean). Viorsa: Thomas Kopache. Spectre: Carel Struycken. Little Woman: Patty Maloney.

Thu Jun 27 10:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerTuvix(Season 2, Episode 24) BBC

A "glitch" in the transporter is a major problem for Tuvok and Neelix when it merges them into Tuvix (Tom Wright), a being who does not wish to be separate individuals again. Tuvok: Tim Russ. Neelix: Ethan Phillips. Hogan: Simon Billig. Swinn: Bahni Turpin (more…)

Thu Jun 27 11:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerResolutions(Season 2, Episode 25) BBC

When Chakotay and Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) contract a deadly virus, she turns command over to Tuvok, ordering him to abandon them on a planet that will shield them from the disease's effects. Robert Beltran, Tim Russ. Dr. Pel: Susan Diol. The Doctor: Robert (more…)

Thu Jun 27 12:30pm
Star Trek: VoyagerBasics(Season 2, Episode 26) BBC

A signal from Seska (Martha Hackett) telling Chakotay their child has been abducted by Culluh sends Voyager in pursuit, straight into a Kazon ambush. Part 1 of two. Culluh: Anthony De Longis. Suder: Brad Dourif. Tierna: John Gegunhuber. Chakotay: Robert Be (more…)

Thu Jun 27 1:30pm
Star Trek: VoyagerBasics(Season 3, Episode 1) BBC

Conclusion. The treachery of Seska and Culluh (Martha Hackett, Anthony De Longis) leaves Janeway and the crew stranded on Hanon Four, while the Kazon's control of the Voyager is undermined by unlikely saboteurs. Suder: Brad Dourif. Chakotay: Robert Beltran (more…)

Thu Jun 27 2:30pm
Star Trek: VoyagerFlashback(Season 3, Episode 2) BBC

A Vulcan mind-meld between Tuvok and Janeway takes them back to Tuvok's first deep-space assignment, aboard the Excelsior with Capt. Sulu (George Takei). Janice Rand: Grace Lee Whitney. Kang: Michael Ansara. Valtane: Jeremy Roberts. Helmsman: Boris Krutono (more…)

Fri Jun 28 4:00am
CheersStrange Bedfellows(Season 4, Episode 26) HALMRK

Conclusion. Janet's press conference turns ugly when Sam fields Diane's questions about his romantic ties with the councilwoman (Kate Mulgrew). The episode ends with Sam on the phone proposing marriage---but to whom? Phil: David Paymer. Reporter No. 1: J.J (more…)

Sat Jun 29 12:15pm
Star Trek: Nemesis FLIXe

Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise discover a Romulan political leader is trying to bring down the Federation in the 10th installment in the film series.

Tue Jul 9 8:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerThe Haunting of Deck Twelve(Season 6, Episode 25) BBC

To keep the ship's youngsters entertained during a nebula blackout, Neelix (Ethan Phillips) invents a yarn about a ghost that haunted Voyager. Mezoti: Marley McClean. Celes: Zoe McLellan. Azan: Kurt Wetherill. Icheb: Manu Intiraymi. Rebi: Cody Wetherill.

Tue Jul 9 9:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerUnimatrix Zero(Season 6, Episode 26) BBC

Part 1 of two. Seven of Nine is drawn into a dreamworld that Borg drones inhabit during their sleep cycles---a threat to the Borg Queen's control that Janeway wants to exploit. Borg Queen: Susanna Thompson. Axum: Mark Deakins. Korok: Jerome Butler. Laura: (more…)

Tue Jul 9 10:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerUnimatrix Zero(Season 7, Episode 1) BBC

The conclusion of a two-parter finds Janeway, Tuvok and Torres infiltrating the Borg ship to free the drones of Unimatrix Zero by implanting a virus, and Seven of Nine confronting her feelings for a Borg rebel living inside the zone. But all are endangered (more…)

Tue Jul 9 11:30am
Star Trek: VoyagerImperfection(Season 7, Episode 2) BBC

A deteriorating Borg implant in Seven of Nine's brain forces her to confront her mortality as the Doctor and Janeway ponder Icheb's risky proposal for a remedy. Icheb: Manu Intiraymi. B'Elanna: Roxann Dawson. The Doctor: Robert Picardo. Tuvok: Tim Russ. Se (more…)

Tue Jul 9 12:30pm
Star Trek: VoyagerDrive(Season 7, Episode 3) BBC

B'Elanna tries to rekindle the spark in her relationship with Tom Paris by enlisting as his co-pilot in a galactic rally celebrating a newly established regional alliance. But the two are about to be embroiled in intrigue designed to destroy the embryonic (more…)

Tue Jul 9 1:30pm
Star Trek: VoyagerRepression(Season 7, Episode 4) BBC

Tuvok spearheads the investigation when several Maquis members of the Voyager crew are found unconscious, and uncovers a disturbing truth about the culprit and his intentions. Teero: Keith Szarabajka. Tabor: Jad Mager. Chell: Derek McGrath. Tuvok: Tim Russ (more…)

Tue Jul 9 2:30pm
Star Trek: VoyagerCritical Care(Season 7, Episode 5) BBC

A smuggler steals the Doctor's program and off-loads it onto a planet where medical care is doled out under the supervision of a pettifogging bureaucrat (Larry Drake). Voje: Paul Scherrer. Gar: John Kassir. Dysek: Gregory Itzin. Tebbis: Dublin James. The D (more…)

Wed Jul 10 5:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitWeb(Season 7, Episode 21) USA

A mother (Dana Eskelson) is devastated by the revelation that her 8-year-old son (Jack Vignone) has been sexually abused years after her ex-husband was sent to prison for molesting her older child, whose DNA now implicates him in his brother's case. TARU T (more…)

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