Jim Jarmusch

  • Birth Name: James R. Jarmusch
  • Birth Place: Cuyahoga Fallas, Ohio, United States
  • Profession: Director, Actor, Writer, Editor, Producer, Composer, Cinematographer

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Sat, 7:50 am

Sling Blade

Chilling tale about Karl Childers, a simple man who befriends a troubled family after being released from a mental institution. Karl meets a trusting boy and discovers the youngster is in danger thanks to the presence of his mother's violent boyfriend.


Fri, 8:30 pm

The Dead Don't Die

Unusual occurrences begin to unfold in the small and uneventful town of Centerville, from animals behaving oddly to irregular periods of daylight. However, the most unexpected event proves to be the most serious as corpses begin to leave their graves to at (more…)

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