Jerry O'Connell

  • Birth Name: Jeremiah O'Connell
  • Birth Place: New York, New York, United States
  • Profession: Actor


When an 11-year-old O'Connell made his film debut as a chunky goofball in 1986's Stand by Me, no one---not even the actor himself---imagined that he would one day become a Hollywood heartthrob and land looker Rebecca Romijn as his better half. O'Connell was already slimming down during his three-year stint as a teen with superpowers on My Secret Identity, and by the mid-'90s he was in great shape on the sci-fi show Sliders. O’Connell then made a bid for big-screen success, staring in a couple of comedies, tackling a few dramatic supporting parts, and even branching out into screenwriting with 2004’s First Daughter. But the small screen remained his primary medium. He landed a plum role as hunky detective Woody Hoyt on Crossing Jordan in 2002, and stayed with the show until it ended. Since then, he starred in several short-lived sitcoms, including Carpoolers and Do Not Disturb, and has kept busy raising his twin daughters. In his spare time, O’Connell attends Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

Fast Facts

  • Began taking acting classes at age 6.
  • Competed on New York University's fencing team.
  • No fear factor here: in a scene from 1996's Joe's Apartment in which his mouth was filled with cockroaches, he suggested using live ones rather than the fake rubber kind.
  • Sold his first feature script, First Daughter, in 1999 (released in 2004).
  • Modeled for a 2005 Perry Ellis clothing campaign.
  • Was ranked No. 70 on VH1's countdown of 100 Greatest Kid Stars.


  • Dolly Rebecca Rose O'Connell — Daughter
  • Charlie Tamara Tulip O'Connell — Daughter
  • Charlie O'Connell — Brother
  • Linda O'Connell — Mother
  • Rebecca Romijn — Wife
  • Michael O'Connell — Father


  • New York University, New York, New York, United States (BFA, 1995); attended Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles, California, United States