Weber was brought up in London in the 1960s, where his parents, Tommy and Susan, were mainstays in the city's counterculture scene, frequently hobnobbing with hippie icons such as the Rolling Stones. This unusual childhood (and tragic: his mother committed suicide in 1971) included smuggling drugs for his father out of Ireland when he was 8 and a stint living with Keith Richards in the south of France, and is chronicled in Robert Greenfield's 2009 book, A Day in the Life. But after growing up so close to the spotlight, perhaps it's no surprise that this dependable supporting player has made a career out of blending into the background. Adept at myriad accents and characters, he honed his talents on stage before launching a career in film and TV. Regular roles on two TV shows — Something Wilder and the underrated horror series American Gothic — led to small parts in a plethora of films. Although his roles got bigger (a wisecracking buddy in Pushing Tin, a resourceful zombie killer in the remake of Dawn of the Dead), his face remained more familiar than his name until 2005, when a plum part as a psychic's understanding husband on the hit series Medium, which wrapped its sixth season in 2010, boosted his visibility.

Fast Facts

  • Attended the progressive Summerhill School in England as a youth.
  • At Middlebury College, was a member of the Dissipated Eight, an a cappella group formed in 1952. 
  • Did not accept roles in Glory and Reversal of Fortune because he didn't want to interrupt his studies at Juilliard.
  • Appeared in productions both in and out of school with fellow Juilliard graduate Jeanne Tripplehorn, including a staging of Chekhov's Three Sisters.
  • Studied at Russia's Moscow Art Theater.
  • Made his Broadway debut in Alan Ayckbourn's A Small Family Business, playing five gangster brothers.
  • Hippie lifestyle of his parents, Tommy and Susan---whose social circle included the Rolling Stones---chronicled in Robert Greenfield's 2009 book, A Day in the Life: One Family, the Beautiful People, and the End of the Sixties.


  • Diane Weber — Ex-wife
  • Tommy Weber — Father
  • Waylon Weber — Son
  • Elizabeth Carey — Significant Other
  • Charley Weber — Brother
  • Susan 'Puss' Coriat Weber — Mother


  • Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, United States (BA in English Literature and Political Science); The Juilliard School, New York, New York, United States (1990)