Gregory Smith

  • Birth Name: Gregory Edward Smith
  • Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession: Actor

Fast Facts

  • Appeared in a commercial for Tide detergent at 14 months old.
  • Made his feature-film debut in 1994's Andre.
  • Has dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship.
  • Is an executive producer of The U, a series of DVDs that explore college life from a student's perspective on campuses across the U.S.
  • Is an amateur photographer; posts photos he's taken from all over the world to the Web site
  • Formed a production company in 2006 called Braveart Films with filmmaker Susan Johnson, with whom he worked on Nearing Grace (2005); their first film was the straight-to-video, low-budget comedy Wieners in 2008.


  • Samantha Smith — Sister
  • Maurice Smith — Father
  • Andrew Smith — Brother
  • Douglas Smith — Brother
  • Terrea Smith — Mother