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Tue, 6:00 am

CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationToe Tags(Season 7, Episode 3)

Five corpses tell their bloody tales to each other in the coroner's office cooler. In the first story, Catherine investigates the murder of a woman who is found nude in a hotel's service elevator. Next, Warrick probes the death of a hiker who apparently fe (more…)


Sat, 6:00 am

CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationPost Mortem(Season 7, Episode 7)

After a woman dying of cancer is murdered in her home, the killer later returns to leave a miniature exact replica of the crime scene. It's similar to the one found at the murder scene of a slain rock star weeks before, indicating that a serial killer is a (more…)


Mon, 6:00 am

CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationLiving Legend(Season 7, Episode 9)

The remains of Mickey Dunn, a wanted Las Vegas mobster who disappeared in the mid 1970s, are fished out of Lake Mead with a bullet hole in the head. Soon afterwards, a wheelchair-bound man is murdered and a photo found on his body shows the victim with Dun (more…)

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