Dianne Medina

  • Birth Name: Maria Patricia Dianne Perez Medina
  • Birth Place: Manila, Philippines
  • Profession: Actor, Host, News anchor, Model

Fast Facts

  • Modeled for Motorola at age 13.
  • Endorsed brands like Globe, Nestle Iced Tea, and Gentext. Also walked the ramp for many brands.
  • Choreographed dance shows and also danced in school and college competitions.
  • Trained in acting at the ABS-CBN talent  center in her school. Took part in plays when at school and college.
  • Debuted on television by winning Wazzup Wazzup, a news comedy show.
  • Got noticed when at the ABS-CBN talent center by director Edgar Mortiz who cast her in his youth-oriented production Let's Go.
  • Supports causes like cancer awareness and children's rights.


  • Maria Josefa Medina — Mother
  • Katrina Medina — Sister
  • Rodjun Cruz — Fiancé
  • Maxine Medina — Cousin
  • Prisco Tito Medina — Father


  • Miriam College, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines