Autumn Reeser

  • Birth Place: La Jolla, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor


This perky starlet played recurring roles on numerous sitcoms, including Grounded for Life and Complete Savages, before landing on The O.C. as Marissa's romantic rival. Reeser waited tables and interned for a casting agent while attending UCLA, but she dropped out once she started booking acting gigs. After The O.C., Reeser worked steadily with numerous TV guest spots and roles in several small films. She was cast in the romantic dramedy Valentine in 2008, but it was canceled after only four episodes. Her next big job came in 2009, when she landed a recurring role on Entourage, playing ambitious junior assistant Lizzie Grant, and the following year she signed on to play a scientist in the ABC sci-fi drama No Ordinary Family. In her spare time, Reeser enjoys horseback riding.

Fast Facts

  • Favorite stage role was playing Lilly St. Regis in a hometown musical-theater production of Annie.
  • In college, worked the graveyard shift at Jerry's Famous Deli in Westwood, CA. Also during that time, she became involved with an organization dedicated to protecting endangered species around California's Mt. Calavera.
  • First acting job was playing a mute alien on Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Appears in the web series The Bannen Way, which is written and directed by her husband.
  • Enjoys horseback riding.


  • Tom Reeser — Father
  • Kim Reeser — Mother
  • Jesse Warren — Husband (separated)
  • Finneus James Warren — Son
  • Melissa Reeser — Sister
  • Dashiell Ford Warren — Son


  • Attended University of California, Los Angeles, California, United States