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Zootopia+ Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

6 Episodes 2022 - 0

Episode 1

Hopp on Board

11 mins

After saying farewell to their daughter, one of Bonnie and Stu's kids hops on the Zootopia train. They are forced to chase after it in order to rescue their sneaky kid.

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Episode 2

The Real Rodents of a Little Rodentia

7 mins

After being wrangled and arrested in a giant donut — compliments of Officer Judy Hopps — clever criminal weasel Duke reevaluates his life, pondering where he went wrong — in song. In a musical aptly staged in his own mind, Duke contemplates how to go from a small time crook to the Big Time!

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Episode 3

Duke the Musical

7 mins

When Judy boards the train from Bunny Burrow to Zootopia to begin her life as the big city's first bunny cop, Stu and Bonnie's youngest daughter, Molly, hitches a ride atop the train, forcing the down-to-earth duo out of their comfort zone and into an action-packed rescue mission.

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Episode 4

The Godfather of the Bride

8 mins

Mr. Big remembers his humble start in life while attending a special wedding.

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Episode 5

So You Think You Can Prance

7 mins

ZPD dispatcher Clawhauser persuades his boss, Chief Bogo, to audition forSo You Think You Can Prance. The stakes are high as the ultimate prize is a dream-come-true opportunity to dance on stage with megastar pop sensation Gazelle.

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Episode 6

Dinner Rush

9 mins

As super server Sam urgently tries to finish her restaurant shift to make a once-in-a-lifetime Gazelle concert, Flash and Priscilla show up at the last minute with hopes of a once-in-a-lifetime dinner.

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