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Wagon Train


27 Episodes 1964 - 1965

Episode 1

The Bob Stuart Story

Sun, Sep 20, 1964 60 mins

Coop tangles with an old enemy---ex-lawman Bob Stuart (Robert Ryan). Janice: Vera Miles. Keith: Tommy Sands. Hale: John McIntire. Colton: Andrew Prine. Thomas: Bill Smith. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Barnaby: Michael Burns.

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Episode 2

The Hide Hunters

Sun, Sep 27, 1964 60 mins

Coop and Barnaby stalk buffalo with a group of hide hunters---one of whom delights in taunting young Barnaby. Coop: Robert Fuller. Gib: Chris Robinson. Zach: Morgan Woodward. Samantha: Charla Doherty. Hale: John McIntire.

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Episode 3

The John Gillman Story

Sun, Oct 4, 1964 60 mins

Outlaw John Gillman is a loner and likes it that way. But an orphan girl has "adopted" him. Abigail: Betsy Hale. Hale: John McIntire. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Moore: Whit Bissell. Miss Roberts: Virginia Gregg. Gorman: James McCallion.

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Episode 4

The Race Town Story

Sun, Oct 11, 1964 60 mins

A young lady is upset to learn she's been hired as a saloon hostess---not an entertainer. Race: Dan Duryea. Annabelle: Cheryl Holdridge. Barnaby: Michael Burns. Coop: Robert Fuller. Hale: John McIntire. Julie: Allyson Ames.

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Episode 5

The Barbara Lindquist Story

Sun, Oct 18, 1964 60 mins

Coop tries to save a stagecoach---and its beautiful cargo from a ring of bandidos. Coop: Robert Fuller. Frazer: G.B. Atwater. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Everest: Walter Woolf King. Hale: John McIntire.

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Episode 6

The Brian Conlin Story

Sun, Oct 25, 1964 60 mins

The leader of an Irish immigrant band stumbles into the encampment and falls unconscious. Conlin: Leslie Nielsen. Coop: Robert Fuller. Hale: John McIntire. Dana: Audrey Dalton. Bannon: Paul Fix. O'Mara: Jodi Pearson. Wooster: Frank McGrath.

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Episode 7

The Alice Whitetree Story

Sun, Nov 1, 1964 60 mins

Coop's growing involvement with a woman who is half Native American is upsetting some of the settlers. Coop: Robert Fuller. Hale: John McIntire. Morton: Ken Lynch. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Reed: John Hoyt. Vincent: Chuck Courtney.

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Episode 8

Those Who Stay Behind

Sun, Nov 8, 1964 60 mins

An ex-con has received death threats from his former partner. Campbell: Peter Brown. Leonora: Lola Albright. Hale: John McIntire. Kate: Gale Gerber. Fisher: Bruce Dern. Tom Blake: Jay North. Danny Blake: Dennis Holmes. Coop: Robert Fuller.

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Episode 9

The Nancy Styles Story

Sun, Nov 22, 1964 60 mins

Wealthy Nancy Styles is determined to get to Denver---despite Hale's order to by-pass the city. Hale: John McIntire. Phillips: Ryan O'Neal. Jenny: Marilyn Wayne. Phineas: James Griffith. Barnaby: Michael Burns. Hawks: Terry Wilson.

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Episode 10

The Richard Bloodgood Story

Sun, Nov 29, 1964 60 mins

Coop's boyhood friend joins the wagon train---intent on killing Coop. Glenn Yarbrough appears as a guitarist. Bloodgood: Guy Stockwell. Coop: Robert Fuller. Espada: William Smith. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Barnaby: Michael Burns. Tenny: Reta Shaw.

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Episode 11

The Clay Shelby Story

Sun, Dec 6, 1964 60 mins

Hawks is ill, Coop lies wounded---and a band of Indians are preparing to attack 3nuthe wagon train. Shelby: Dwayne Hickman. Burns: Richard Carlson. Hale: John McIntire. Coop: Robert Fuller. Ann: Celia Kaye. Hawks: Terry Wilson. Bragan: Mort Mills. Mrs. Mahoney: Gail Bonney.

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Episode 12

Little Girl Lost

Sun, Dec 13, 1964 60 mins

A little girl is heard crying in the night, but only Wooster catches a glimpse of her before she disappears. Robin: Eileen Baral. Gillis: John Doucette. Barnaby: Michael Burns. Hale: John McIntire. Coop: Robert Fuller. Hawks: Terry Wilson. Dixon: Dick Cutting. Lewis: Dean Williams.

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Episode 13

The Story of Hector Heatherton

Sun, Dec 20, 1964 60 mins

An inventor enlists Wooster and Barnaby to help launch his "flying machine." Heatherton: Tom Ewell. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Barnaby: Michael Burns. Harriet: Jeanne Cooper. Heather: Kim Darby. Hawks: Terry Wilson.

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Episode 14

The Echo Pass Story

Sun, Jan 3, 1965 60 mins

An outlaw gang that includes women attacks Wooster and Coop (Frank McGrath and Robert Fuller). Barton: Jack Lord. Bea: Diane Brewster. Vera: Susan Seaforth. Paul: James Caan. Clyde: Dee Pollock. Hale: John McIntire. Hawks: Terry Wilson.

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Episode 15

The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story

Sun, Jan 10, 1965 60 mins

Hale interferes in a scuffle between his ex-sweetheart and gambler Jim Brannan. Ames: John Doucette. Brannan: Paul Stewart. Hale: John McIntire. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Hawks: Terry Wilson.

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Episode 16

The Wanda Snow Story

Sun, Jan 17, 1965 60 mins

Wanda Snow has a strong premonition that Coop's life is in danger. Coop: Robert Fuller. Pitts: Arthur O'Connell. Hale: John McIntire. Snow: Dabbs Greer. Stevens: Donnelly Rhodes.

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Episode 17

The Isaiah Quickfox Story

Sun, Jan 31, 1965 60 mins

Coop and Charlie ride into a town that looks like it's been deserted---very fast. Quickfox: Frank de Kova. Enders: John Doucette. Eric: Andrew Prine. Coop: Robert Fuller. Charlie: Frank McGrath. Kate: Nancy Rennick. Sheffield: John Holland. Fawcett: Sam Edwards.

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Episode 18


Sun, Feb 14, 1965 60 mins

Charlie Ruggles portrays an old-timer who can pass safely through Indian country because the tribesmen are in awe of his giant horse Herman. Hale: John McIntire. Temple: Tim McIntire. Martha: Linda Evans. Biggers: Lane Bradford. Coop: Robert Fuller. Wooster: Frank McGrath.

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Episode 19

The Bonnie Brooke Story

Sun, Feb 21, 1965 60 mins

An expectant father is already deep in debt---and now his wife needs money to go to the hospital. Coop: Robert Fuller. Hale: John McIntire. Evans: Lee Philips. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Corwell: Robert Emhardt. Brooke: James Davidson.

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Episode 20

The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story

Sun, Feb 28, 1965 60 mins

A woman considers the wagon train's fee an outrage and prepares to follow the travelers alone. Delaney: Jack Warden. Hale: John McIntire. Efram: Kevin O'Neal. O'Rourke: David McMahon. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Hawks: Terry Wilson.

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Episode 21

The Captain Sam Story

Sun, Mar 21, 1965 60 mins

Captain Sam, a ferryboat skipper, is blind with delight when the wagon train brings her sailor son and new daughter-in-law home. Captain Sam: Kathy Lewis. Johnny: Robert Santon. Hale: John McIntire. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Hawks: Terry Wilson. Biff: Richard Wessel. Mrs. Kelsey: June Ellis. Kelsey: Norman Leavitt.

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Episode 22

The Betsy Blee Smith Story

Sun, Mar 28, 1965 60 mins

Coop visits an old girlfriend and is greeted with an odd request: to pretend he's her twin sister's husband. Calvin: Jody McCrea. Eloise/Betsy: Jennifer Billingsley. Hale: John McIntire. Buster: Peter Whitney.

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Episode 23

The Katy Piper Story

Sun, Apr 11, 1965 60 mins

Barnaby is overcome with guilt when the bandit he killed turns out to be a boy his own age. Barnaby: Michael Burns. Dr. Piper: Frances Reid. Coop: Robert Fuller. Wooster: Frank McGrath. Hawks: Terry Wilson. Mrs. Reed: Virginia Christine.

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Episode 24

The Indian Girl Story

Sun, Apr 18, 1965 60 mins

Chief Crazy Bear is anxious to punish the Indian girl who killed his son---but Hawks won't let him get to her. Ernest Borgnine appears in a cameo. Wingate: John Lupton. Clare: Maggie Pierce.

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Episode 25

The Silver Lady

Sun, Apr 25, 1965 60 mins

The Earp brothers figure prominently in the wreck of a silver-laden stagecoach in which a woman perished. Morgan: Michael Burns. Virgil: Don Galloway. Anne: Vera Miles. Wyatt: Don Collier. Loughlin: Arthur O'Connell. Doc: Henry Silva. Coop: Robert Fuller. Hawks: Terry Wilson.

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Episode 26

The Jarbo Pierce Story

Sun, May 2, 1965 60 mins

Wooster reminisces about his early days when he worked at a trading post run by rugged Jarbo Pierce (Rory Calhoun). Wooster: Frank McGrath. Adam: Tom Simcox. Fortune: Lee Philips. Marie: Angela Dorian. Deets: Arthur Hunnicutt. Samuel: Stanley Adams. Grant: Mort Mills.

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Episode 27

Bill Hawks Story

Tue, Nov 26, 2019 60 mins

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