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The Transformers
The Transformers

0:46 The Transformers

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Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime/Ironhide
Michael Bell
Charles Adler

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6 Seasons
Popular fantasy-action adventures of Duncan MacLeod, an immortal who battles evil forces in complicated tales mixing modern-day stories with flashbacks based on history. MacLeod was born in Scotland some 400 years ago, and faces the challenge of fending off other immortals, because 'in the end, there can only be one,' and that one, the winner, takes the loser's power.
1992 TV14 Drama, Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Other

My Little Pony

It is up to Twilight and her new pony friends to help the Princess, but it will not be easy. Night Mare Moon challenges the ponies with individual obstacles they must overcome to find the Elements of Harmony before it is too late.
1986 TVY7 Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Other

Big Wolf on Campus

3 Seasons
Ghouls rush in when a bite turns a popular high-school senior into a werewolf. His transformation comes in handy whenever his home town is menaced by vampires and other creatures.
1999 Fantasy, Comedy, Other

Magic Wonderland

1 Season
Ocean, a beautiful little girl, defeats evil wizards and pirates and meets fairies and other enchanting creatures along with her companion, a red dragon, in the magical world she lives in.
2008 TVY Drama, Fantasy, Other

Babylon 5

5 Seasons
One of the more ambitious sci-fi series, this meticulously plotted drama is set in the 23rd century on a space station where the Babylon 5 crew try to keep the peace. And what a job! Some 250,000 beings from many worlds live there. The compelling and complex saga spawned hundreds of Web sites and counted NASA engineers among its fans. And when its end came, cast member Bill Mumy invoked another cult favorite, the Grateful Dead: 'What a long, strange trip it's been.'
55   Metascore
1994 TVPG Drama, Fantasy, Other, Science Fiction

Highlander: The Raven

1 Season
Although Highlander: The Raven was a spin-off of the long-running sci-fi adventure series Highlander, it actually bore scant resemblance to its "parent" show. Top-billed Elizabeth Gracen, a former Miss America, reprised her Highlander role as the beautiful Amanda Darieux, a reformed cat burglar, who like her ex-lover Duncan MacLeod (played in the original series by Adrian Paul), was an "Immortal" -- though she certainly didn't look like she was 1,200 years old! Foresworn to uphold Duncan's values and fight against evil and injustice throughout the world (provided she could avoid being beheaded, the only way that an Immortal could be permanently killed), Amanda was teamed with detective Nick Wolfe (Paul Johanssen), whom she had met after being "reborn" when Nick shot down his crooked partner. Quitting the force due to ethical disagreements with his superiors, Nick became a private detective, circumventing proper legal procedure whenever it suited his purposes. He also carried a torch for his partner Amanda, and shared the secret of her immortality, as did Amanda's middle-aged companion, a con artist named Lucy Becker (Patricia Gage). As often as possible, Nick and Amanda did leg work for ex-federal agent Bert Myers (Hannes Jaenecke), who ran a security organization. In the tradition of Highlander, Highlander: The Raven filmed the first half of its debut season in Canada, and its final episodes in Paris, where Amanda and Bert had relocated to set up a new private-eye agency, with Nick handling exclusively European cases. Added to the cast at this time was Robert Cavanah as Amanda's platonic roommate and confidante, Father Liam Riley. Debuting in American syndication on September 26, 1998, Highlander: The Raven lasted 22 hour-long episodes, the last of which was "open-ended" enough to warrant a revival somewhere down the line (Nick discovered that he himself was an Immortal, and was a bit uncomfortable about his new status!).
1998 TVPG Drama, Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Other

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