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Power Rangers Super Samurai

19 Seasons
Rangers fight evil by mastering ancient symbols of power, which allow them to control five elements: fire, water, sky, forest and earth.
2011 TVY7 Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Other


1 Season
This short-lived Fox series received only five airings on U.S. television -- and one of them was even a re-run. But thanks to the magic of DVD, all 13 episodes of Wonderfalls finally saw the light of day in early 2005. Perhaps aware that their series would be labelled "offbeat" and might die a quick and ignominious death, producers Todd Holland and Bryan Fuller structured the show's first season as a relatively self-contained story of supernatural meddling and unlikely romance. The set-up is simple: Disaffected college dropout Jaye (Caroline Dhavernas) starts receiving cryptic messages from the wax figurines, stuffed animals and other ephemera at the Niagara Falls gift shop where she works. Although she's convinced that the talking animals aren't real, Jaye follows their advice -- more out of annoyance than altruism -- and is surprised when her actions end up helping a succession of wacky strangers. It isn't long, though, before the people in Jaye's life figure out that something strange is going on. As the show limped toward its early demise, plenty of TV pundits theorized that its premise was too close to that of Joan of Arcadia, a recent CBS hit about a modern-day Joan of Arc receiving do-good messages from God. But Wonderfalls has more Heathers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer than Touched by an Angel in its DNA. Dhavernas proves perfectly suited to helming a cult classic. She's a comedic actress capable of suggesting the pathos underneath her character's snark without undercutting the script's humor or overselling its drama. She's ably abetted by a game cast that includes Diana Scarwid as a droll matriarch in the Arrested Development mode; Tyron Leitso as a dreamy heartthrob with more than just cheekbones and abs going for him; Tracie Thomas as a you-go-girl sidekick who slowly reveals more layers; and Kate Finneran as an uptight lawyer hiding more than just black power suits in her closet. Though each episode of Wonderfalls follows a rather schematic outline, the supernatural details and emotional nuances eventually add up to a greater whole. The tangled nature of TV contracts makes a return to the airwaves unlikely, but rumors of a Wonderfalls film have circulated online ever since the show's demise.
2004 TVPG Fantasy, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Other, Science Fiction

Shakthishali Dragon

The adventures of an ordinary teenager-turned-hero who must unite humans and dragons.
2004 TVY7 Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Other

Bibleman: Agents of Truth

In this video, Willie Ames reprises his role as Bibleman, a superhero in the service of the Lord. In this episode, the focus is on Bibleman's youthful sidekicks, the Agents of Truth, as they race to rescue a senator. Along the way, one of the Agents must learn to face his fears to save the senator. Also along the way, the Agents of Truth and their young viewers learn important lessons about how God uses hardship to build character in his servants.
2001 Fantasy, Other

Terry Pratchett's Going Postal

1 Season
As a three-hour miniseries (adapted from Terry Pratchetts novel of the same name) that originally aired on Britain's Sky One television, Going Postal (2010) unfolds in the fictional land of Ankh-Morpork. Standing center stage is Moist von Lipwig (Richard Coyle), a master con artist who spends his days devising elaborate scams to fleece locals. The law finally catches up with Moist in the form of Lord Vetinari (Charles Dance), who offers the criminal an odd ultimatum: he can either take over the derelict post office, or die a long and painful death. Moist chooses the former, and is soon put in charge of thousands upon thousands of undelivered letters and packages. He must also contend with a nutty staff and the doings of Reacher Gilt (David Suchet), a crooked businessman hell-bent on destroying his competitors. Also present is Adora Dearheart (Claire Foy), an ice water-veined woman for whom Moist falls.
2010 TVPG Fantasy, Other

Cardcaptor Sakura

Ten-year-old Sakura Kinomoto opens a book in her father's library one day and gets the surprise of her life in Cardcaptor Sakura. The book contains the powerful Clow Cards, which scatter to the wind as soon as she opens the book. The Guardian of the Seal, a teddy-bearish creature called Kerberos, was sleeping on the job when the book was opened, but now he grants Sakura the position of Cardcaptor and accompanies her on a mission to retrieve each of the magical lost cards. If Sakura doesn't retrieve them all, the world will face destruction. The characters in Cardcaptor Sakura also appear in the anime Tsubasa Chronicle, which follows a completely different story that does not involve the Clow Cards. Cardcaptor Sakura also aired on the WB in a heavily edited version called Cardcaptors. This version removed nearly all romantic or affectionate subtext, especially between members of the same sex, and became a more action-oriented show aimed at boys. That version cut together scenes from various episodes and eliminated some all together, resulting in a total of 39 episodes rather than Cardcaptor Sakura's original 70.
1999 Fantasy

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