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The Virginian Season 1 Episodes

30 Episodes 1962 - 1963

Episode 1

The Executioners

Wed, Sep 19, 1962 90 mins

Newcomer Paul Taylor is handsome, charming---and prone to asking very mysterious questions.

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Episode 2

Throw a Long Rope

Wed, Sep 26, 1962 90 mins

Barry Sullivan and Lee J Cobb in a story about Garth and a revenge-seeking acquaintance.

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Episode 3

Episode 3

Wed, Oct 3, 1962 90 mins

Despite the Virginian's objections, Garth joins the Major Cass in a "war of extermination" against destructive homesteaders. Tatum: Jack Warden. Cass: John Anderson. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Virginian: James Drury. Melissa: Jacqueline Scott. Homer: Roger Mobley. Garretson: Lew Brown.

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Episode 4

Big Deal

Wed, Oct 10, 1962 90 mins

Garth tangles with an heir who won't sell the cattle trail he inherited---even though it lies between the boundaries of Shiloh.

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Episode 5

The Brazen Bell

Wed, Oct 17, 1962 90 mins

George C Scott portrays a meek teacher who faces a test of courage when fugitives take over the schoolhouse.

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Episode 6

Big Day, Great Day

Wed, Oct 24, 1962 90 mins

It's a "Big Day, Great Day" for Frank Krause: he's getting married---and competing for the world wrestling championship.

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Episode 7


Wed, Nov 7, 1962 90 mins

Inspired by a recruiting poster for Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders, Trampas heads South to join the Spanish-American war effort.

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Episode 8


Wed, Nov 14, 1962 90 mins

The Shiloh men run afoul of the Kroeger family, who consider a herd of wild horses their property---and are backing their claim with guns.

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Episode 9

It Tolls for Thee

Wed, Nov 21, 1962 90 mins

Lee Marvin stars in a story of an ex-convict's revenge.

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Episode 10


Wed, Nov 28, 1962 90 mins

Trampas leaves the Shiloh ranch to join carefree Jamie Dobbs and his fun-loving pals on the trail.

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Episode 11

The Devil's Children

Wed, Dec 5, 1962 90 mins

Rancher Tucker McCallum thinks his children Tabby and Bruce are perfect---even when Tabby frames a friend for arson. Tabby: Joan Freeman. Dan: Burt Brinckerhoff. Virginian: James Drury. Bruce: Carl Reindel. Hicks: Charles Aidman.

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Episode 12

50 Days to Moose Jaw

Wed, Dec 12, 1962 90 mins

James Gregory and Brandon de Wilde appear as a weathered cowhand and a hero-worshiping youth who join the Virginian on a cattle drive. Virginian: James Drury. Sam: Frank Overton. Trampas: Doug McClure. Steve: Gary Clarke. Hard Pan: Charles Briggs.

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Episode 13

The Accomplice

Wed, Dec 19, 1962 90 mins

Bette Davis plays a bank teller who witnesses a robbery and accuses Trampas of the crime---hoping to blackmail the real culprit. Brent: Lin McCarthy. Donaldson: Gene Evans. Virginian: James Drury. Darby: Woodrow Parfrey. Coles: Noah Keen. Sheriff: Ross Elliott. Cornwall: Byron Morrow.

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Episode 14

Man from the Sea

Wed, Dec 26, 1962 90 mins

A sailor is involved in a strange triangle: he's in love with Judith Morrow---who refuses to leave her twin sister (Shirley Knight). Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Virginian: James Drury. Fight Manager: Russ Blake.

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Episode 15

Duel at Shiloh

Wed, Jan 2, 1963 90 mins

Range war threatens when a woman rancher begins tearing down fences---despite the objections of her neighbors. Wade: Brian Keith. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Steve: Gary Clarke. Virginian: James Drury. Betsy: Roberta Shore. Tully: DeForest Kelley.

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Episode 16

The Exiles

Wed, Jan 9, 1963 90 mins

Garth's claim that he killed a man in self-defense may not hold up in court: there were no witnesses---and the dead man was unarmed. Angela: Tammy Grimes. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Daly: Brad Weston. Virginian: James Drury. Sheriff: Ken Lynch. Trampas: Doug McClure.

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Episode 17

The Judgement

Wed, Jan 16, 1963 90 mins

Garth recalls his earlier days on the bench, including the trial of a man whose brother menaced the town---and the judge. Jake: Clu Gulager. Alice: Patricia Barry. Smith: John Kerr. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Adams: David McLean. Mercer: Gilbert Green.

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Episode 18

Say Goodbye

Wed, Jan 23, 1963 90 mins

Bent on proving he's a man, young Martin Belden sets out to avenge his father---who was wounded in a gunfight with Trampas. McPhail: Royal Dano. Belden: Charles McGraw. Trampas: Doug McClure. Virginian: James Drury. Steve: Gary Clarke.

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Episode 19

The Man Who Couldn't Die

Wed, Jan 30, 1963 90 mins

Garth has his hands full trying to keep track of two disappearing bodies---one live, the other dead. Mrs. Wallace: Vera Miles. Bradford: Jeff Morrow. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Betsy: Roberta Shore. Kenner: Walter Brooke.

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Episode 20

If You Have Tears

Wed, Feb 13, 1963 90 mins

The Virginian moves at full speed to clear Kyle Lawson of murder, until he meets the person Lawson accuses: the victim's widow (Dana Wynter). Cary: Nancy Sinatra. Virginian: James Drury. Martha: Phyllis Avery. Clain: Robert Vaughn. Trampas: Doug McClure. Betsy: Roberta Shore.

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Episode 21

The Small Parade

Wed, Feb 20, 1963 90 mins

Vegetarian Martin Reese brings his crusade to a small cattle town, collecting dozens of enemies---and a murder charge. Ellen: Barbara Barrie. Virginian: James Drury. Lembeck: George Brenlin. Winters: R.G. Armstrong.

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Episode 22

Vengeance Is the Spur

Wed, Feb 27, 1963 90 mins

Nina Foch stars as a woman searching for her outlaw husband. Joining her: Garth, who is unaware of the woman's motives. O'Rourke: Michael Rennie. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Virginian: James Drury. Trampas: Doug McClure. Brown: Denver Pyle. Thorpe: Edward Kemmer.

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Episode 23

The Money Cage

Wed, Mar 6, 1963 90 mins

A fortune hunter sets his sights on banker's daughter Lydia Turner (Bethel Leslie). Martin: Steve Forrest. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Turner: Dayton Lummis. Trampas: Doug McClure. Steve: Gary Clarke. Betsy: Roberta Shore.

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Episode 24

The Golden Door

Wed, Mar 13, 1963 90 mins

Immigrant Karl Rilke is having a hard time proving he bought his rifle: the seller can't be found---and the original owner has been murdered. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Virginian: James Drury. Maria: Ilze Taurins. Kane: Paul Carr. Grimes: Robert Duvall.

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Episode 25

A Distant Fury

Wed, Mar 20, 1963 90 mins

Three years before, Steve's testimony helped convict Ed Frazer. Now Frazer's out of jail and Steve's worried. Helen: Ida Lupino. Steve: Gary Clarke. Gloria: Joey Heatherton. Sheriff: Ross Elliott.

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Episode 26

Echo of Another Day

Wed, Mar 27, 1963 90 mins

Two men are after a cache of stolen gold. One wants to return the loot---the other has a different plan in mind. Harder: Bradford Dillman. Bleek: John Dehner. Trampas: Doug McClure. Virginian: James Drury. Johnson: Edward Asner. Madison: John Mitchum.

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Episode 27

Strangers at Sundown

Wed, Apr 3, 1963 90 mins

Stage passengers, surrounded by outlaws, receive an ultimatum---turn over stool pigeon Jed Carter or die. Pauk: Paul Richards. Jones: Harry Morgan. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Croft: Arthur Hunnicutt. Betsy: Roberta Shore. Phyllis: Evans Evans. Lucy: Jocelyn Brando.

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Episode 28

The Mountain of the Sun

Wed, Apr 17, 1963 90 mins

The Virginian is drawn to one of three widows he is guiding into hostile Indian territory to continue their husbands' missionary work. Cathy: Dolores Hart. Helen: Jeanette Nolan. Ruth: Amzie Strickland. Dixon: George Wallace.

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Episode 29

Run Away Home

Wed, Apr 24, 1963 90 mins

The Virginian's efforts to transport $40,000 to a bank are complicated by angry farmers out to retrieve their lost savings. Moody: Russ Conway. Swenson: Karl Swenson. Steve: Gary Clarke. Amelia: Jeannine Riley. Lewis: Crahan Denton. Virginian: James Drury.

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Episode 30

The Final Hour

Wed, May 1, 1963 90 mins

Conflict erupts when Garth hires Polish immigrants to mine coal on the Shiloh---despite objections from a neighboring rancher. Henderson: Bert Freed. Jack: Don Galloway. Garth: Lee J. Cobb. Trampas: Doug McClure. Policia: Ulla Jacobsson. Croft: Myron Healey. Wolski: Dean Fredericks.

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