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The Untouchables Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

30 Episodes 1962 - 1963

Episode 1

The Night They Shot Santa Claus

Tue, Sep 25, 1962 60 mins

Ness's close friend is cut down as he plays Santa at an orphanage on Christmas Eve. Ness: Robert Stack. Renee: Nita Talbot. Mrs. Levinson: Ruth White. Volnoy: Murvyn Vye. Sophie: Isabel Jewell. Adges: Russell Collins.

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Episode 2

The Cooker in the Sky

Tue, Oct 2, 1962 60 mins

Mobsters import Joe Lassiter, a brewery expert from New York, to construct a "Ness-proof" still. Gordon: Milton Selzer. Ness: Robert Stack. Edna: Anne Jackson. Nick: Don Hanmer. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 3

The Chess Game

Tue, Oct 9, 1962 60 mins

Clues in a bootleg operation lead to Boston, where a fishing magnate is getting rich quick---and not by peddling perch. Bauer: Richard Conte. Ness: Robert Stack. Charlie: Murray Hamilton. Marty: Michael Constantine. Shirley: Barbara Barrie. Reif: Ned Glass. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 4

The Economist

Tue, Oct 16, 1962 60 mins

A single flaw mars a mobster's ingenious blueprint to corner Chicago's whiskey market. Ness: Robert Stack. Tunis: Joseph Sirola. Joan: Ellen Madison. Grac: George Mathews. Rossi: Nicholas Georgiade. Asbury: Frank Wilcox. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 5

The Pea

Tue, Oct 23, 1962 60 mins

Mobsters Max Zenno and Martin Rawlings share a headache: well-informed busboy Herbie Ketcher is a stool pigeon. Zenno: Albert Paulsen. Ness: Robert Stack. May: Sally Gracie. Rawlings: Gilbert Green. Cooker: Stefan Gierasch.

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Episode 6

Bird in the Hand

Tue, Oct 30, 1962 60 mins

Ness and the health department work independently to nab a hoodlum---whose pet birds may be infected with a rare disease. Benno: Herschel Bernardi. Garr: Dane Clark. Kurtz: Carroll O'Connor. Stella: Nan Martin. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 7

The Eddie Ogara Story

Tue, Nov 13, 1962 60 mins

Bugs Moran, in hiding since the St. Valentine's Day massacre, is visited by Eddie O'Gara who claims he can put Bugs back on top of the rackets. Ness: Robert Stack. Bugs: Robert J. Wilke. Vince: Sean McClory. Mrs. O'Gara: Meg Wyllie.

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Episode 8

The Elegy

Tue, Nov 20, 1962 60 mins

On his death bed, Charlie Radick makes one last deal: he'll turn stool pigeon---if Ness finds his missing daughter. Radick: John Larch. Aggie: Barbara Stanwyck. Margaret: Peggy Ann Garner. Rossi: Nicholas Georgiade. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 9

Come and Kill Me

Tue, Nov 27, 1962 60 mins

The underworld sets up a school with a karate expert as the instructor. His subject: murder. Ness: Robert Stack. Grac: Ted de Corsia. Linda: Adrienne Hayes. Captain: Robert Bice. Julian: Ford Rainey. Rossi: Nicholas Georgiade. Rossman: Steve London. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 10

A Fist of Five

Tue, Dec 4, 1962 60 mins

Frustrated in his efforts to uphold the law, policeman Mike Brannon decides crime does pay---and forms a mob to prove it. Ness: Robert Stack. Tony: Frank de Kova. Angie: Phyllis Coates. Kier: James Caan. Danny: Roy Thinnes. Clarence: Mark Allen. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 11

The Floyd Gibbons Story

Tue, Dec 11, 1962 60 mins

A noted war correspondent helps Ness probe the slaying of a reporter who came close to exposing a diabolical underworld operation. Gibbons: Scott Brady. Kitty: Dorothy Malone. Brecker: Alan Baxter. Carleton: Paul Langton. Solly: Norman Burton. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 12

Double Cross

Tue, Dec 18, 1962 60 mins

Ness tries to beat the bootleggers---by joining them. He's supplying booze to the speak-easies in an attempt to put Jake Guzik out of business. Guzik: Nehemiah Persoff. Moran: Harry Morgan. Solly: John Duke. Strieber: John Kellogg. Dan: Malachi Throne. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 13

Search for a Dead Man

Tue, Jan 1, 1963 60 mins

Lt. Agatha Stewart must identify a body fished from Lake Michigan. Her only clue: a funeral wreath that suggests mob connections. Ness: Robert Stack. June: Virginia Capers. Benton: Edward Asner. Feeney: Alan Dexter. Giovanni: Carlo Tricoli. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 14

The Speculator

Tue, Jan 8, 1963 60 mins

Ness moves in when Leo Stazek, a financial wizard, tries to fleece Frank Nitti (Bruce Gordon). Angie: Frank Sutton. Ness: Robert Stack. Rossman: Steve London.

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Episode 15

The Snowball

Tue, Jan 15, 1963 60 mins

Recent college graduate Jack Parker returns to campus---as a bootlegger. His ambition: become one of Frank Nitti's boys. Nitti: Bruce Gordon. Ness: Robert Stack. Benny: Gerald Hiken. Johnson: Robert Bice. Rossi: Nicholas Georgiade.

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Episode 16

Jake Dance

Tue, Jan 22, 1963 60 mins

Ness rigs the jail break of a hoodlum who can lead him to the head of the ring that's flooding Chicago with poisoned whiskey. Ness: Robert Stack. Garr: Dane Clark. Dr. Gifford: John Gabriel. Dr. Jarvis: Liam Sullivan.

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Episode 17

Blues for a Gone Goose

Tue, Jan 29, 1963 60 mins

Ness takes advantage of a romantic triangle to close down a successful---and highly jealous---bootlegger. Moon: Robert Duvall. Bunny: Kathleen Nolan. Kagan: Marc Lawrence. Gander: Will Kuluva. Lucky: Richard Bakalyan.

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Episode 18

Globe of Death

Tue, Feb 5, 1963 60 mins

Ness is trying to seize Nitti's dope shipment, but he isn't the only one---one of Nitti's boys also wants the cargo. Bass: Barry Morse. Nitti: Bruce Gordon. Yang: Jerry Fujikawa. Koenig: Gilbert Green. Rossi: Nicholas Georgiade. Grosse: Phillip Pine.

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Episode 19

An Eye for an Eye

Tue, Feb 19, 1963 60 mins

Ness is powerless to make a dent in Sol Girsh's bootleg operation---until Girsh gets in wrong with his suppliers. Ness: Robert Stack. Asbury: Frank Wilcox. Tarasovich: George Voskovec.

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Episode 20

The Junk Man

Sat, Jan 26, 1963 60 mins

Narcotics boss Victor Salazar's pushing days are numbered: one of his hoods plans a double-cross and another is an undercover agent. Ness: Robert Stack. Salazar: Joe De Santis. Barney: Pat Hingle. Ballard: Edward Binns. Rosie: Joan Chambers. Frivol: Michael Constantine.

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Episode 21

The Man in the Cooler

Tue, Mar 5, 1963 60 mins

An ex-con, now working for Ness, succumbs to the temptation of several million dollars---and opts to cross the Federal agent. Remp: J.D. Cannon. Augie: Peter Whitney. Marcy: Salome Jens. Bitsey: Eddie Firestone. Hobson: Paul Picerni. Laffey: I. Stanford Jolley.

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Episode 22

The Butcher's Boy

Tue, Mar 12, 1963 60 mins

A World War I hero and his former sergeant organize a vicious extortion ring that offers "protection" to butchers. Hedden: John Larkin. Ness: Robert Stack. Davey: Frank Sutton. Megan: Francine York. Schuster: Barney Phillips.

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Episode 23

The Spoiler

Tue, Mar 26, 1963 60 mins

Returning to the States to pick up his stashed loot, Johnny Meizo faces a triple threat: Ness, his former ganglord---and a scheming nephew. Ness: Robert Stack. Majeski: Claude Akins. Arnie: Tim Considine. Doris: Virginia Christine.

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Episode 24

One Last Killing

Tue, Apr 2, 1963 60 mins

Ness tries to cash in on a bootlegging deal between rival hoodlums---but finds the gang law of clamming up tough to crack. Cropsey: Don Gordon. Flack: Harold J. Stone. Murray: Johnny Seven. Mrs. Alpine: Jeanne Cooper.

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Episode 25

The Giant Killer

Tue, Apr 9, 1963 60 mins

On a hunch that his son-in-law turned him in, mobster Ed Monte orders his muscle man to take care of the upstart. Monte: Torin Thatcher. Mrs. Sultan: Peggy Ann Garner. Janos: Karl Lucas. Sultan: Paul Richards. Ness: Robert Stack.

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Episode 26

The Charlie Argos Story

Tue, Apr 16, 1963 60 mins

When deceased ganglord Frank Argos leaves his fortune to a son who's presumed dead, Frank's girl quickly comes up with the missing heir. Ness: Robert Stack. Marcie: Patricia Owens. Charlie: Robert Vaughn. Harmon: Kent Smith. Beal: Christopher Dark. Keller: Stefan Gierasch. Hobson: Paul Picerni. Rossi: Nicholas Georgiade.

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Episode 27

The Jazz Man

Tue, Apr 30, 1963 60 mins

Impersonating a jazz musician, Ness heads for New Orleans to drum up clues in a narcotics operation. Bogan: Simon Oakland. Rudin: Robert Emhardt. Peepers: Robert Ellin. Lorna: Jacqueline Scott. Wally: Cliff Carnell. Rossi: Nicholas Georgiade. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 28

The Torpedo

Tue, May 7, 1963 60 mins

Holly Kester is in a fix. He's being challenged by a rival mob and by Ness---and seems to have lost his nerve. Ness: Robert Stack. Kurtz: John Anderson. Rita: Gail Kobe. Burt: John Milford. Monk: James Griffith.

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Episode 29

Line of Fire

Tue, May 14, 1963 60 mins

Ganglord Jake Szabo is worried about Herbie Pulaski. It seems the young hoodlum has uncontrollable urges---to kill. Herbie: Sherwood Price. Ness: Robert Stack. Szabo: Joe De Santis. Fran: Grace Lee Whitney. Cully: Richard Bakalyan. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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Episode 30

A Taste for Pineapple

Tue, May 21, 1963 60 mins

The syndicate hires a psychopathic veteran to dispose of Ness (Robert Stack). Mundt: Tom Tully. Samuels: Edward Binns. Hobson: Paul Picerni.

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