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The Sentinel Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

10 Episodes 1996 - 1996

Episode 1

Pilot Episode

Wed, Mar 20, 1996 60 mins

In the opener, a detective (Richard Burgi) with extraordinary sensory abilities agrees to help a student (Garett Maggart), who can teach him about his powers; later, the two team up to track down a serial bomber. Veronica: Molly Parker. Carolyn: Kelly Curtis. Simon: Bruce A. Young.

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Episode 2


Wed, Mar 27, 1996 60 mins

Militia members seize control of the police building after two of their men are arrested, and Blair (Garett Maggart) and Simon's son are among the hostages held as bargaining chips. Garrett Kincaid: Robert Knott. McBride: Brent Stait. Simon: Bruce A. Young. Jim: Richard Burgi.

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Episode 3

The Killers

Wed, Apr 3, 1996 60 mins

Jim witnesses the fatal shooting of a friend and identifies the gunman, but the case is dropped when the defense proves he was too far away to see the shooter. Meanwhile, Jim experiences a temporary loss of his powers. Tommy Juno: James Parks.

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Episode 4


Wed, Apr 10, 1996 60 mins

The police assume murders at an illegal drug lab are gang-related, until evidence starts to suggest one of their own may be involved. Earl Gaines: Sherman Augustus. Lt. Williams: Robert Wisdom. Antoine Hollins: James Black. Leron: Christopher Brown. Jim: Richard Burgi.

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Episode 5


Wed, Apr 24, 1996 60 mins

Jim, Blair and a psychiatrist (Dennis Christopher) pursue a serial killer who assumes his victims' identities after murdering them. Christine: Kelly Hu. Don Haas: Greg Rogers. Ernie Lash: Tom Heaton. Blair: Garett Maggart. Simon: Bruce A. Young. Jim: Richard Burgi.

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Episode 6

The Night Train

Wed, May 1, 1996 60 mins

The transportation of a police witness (Brian Markinson) is derailed when Jim discovers that the man he's protecting has been targeted by a hit man. Isabel: Sam Jenkins. Blair: Garett Maggart. Simon: Bruce A. Young. Carolyn: Kelly Curtis. Jim: Richard Burgi.

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Episode 7


Wed, May 8, 1996 60 mins

A former CIA agent (Jeff Kaake) threatens to release a deadly airborne virus unless Jim helps him steal an Air Force plane. Sonia Price: Elizabeth Sandifer. Jack Kelso: Alan Toy. Taggart: Ken Earl. Blair: Garett Maggart. Simon: Bruce A. Young.

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Episode 8

Love and Guns

Wed, May 15, 1996 60 mins

Jim's miffed when a Federal agent is assigned to help him track down an illegal-weapons dealer; and Blair tries to get the scoop on the suspect by getting close to his daughter. Maya: Issabela Camil. Carasco: Geno Silva. Vargas: Mike Moroff Burciaga.

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Episode 9


Wed, May 22, 1996 60 mins

Blair's intrigued when his partner (Richard Burgi) experiences increased powers while investigating a string of diamond heists, but Jim's focusing instead on his attraction to a woman he just met. Laura: Kimberley Kates. Bruce: Jason Carter. Ted: Harry Van Gorkum.

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Episode 10

Vow of Silence

Wed, Jul 17, 1996 60 mins

To help him "sharpen [his] senses," Blair takes Jim to a monastery, where the murder of a monk soon after their arrival leaves everyone a suspect---including Jim and Blair. Brother Jeremy: Lawrence Pressman. Brother Marcus: Brandon Maggart.

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