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The Restless Gun


Season 2 Episode Guide

38 Episodes 1958 - 1959

Episode 1

Jebediah Bonner

Mon, Sep 22, 1958 30 mins

In a flashback, Bonner tells a story about his grandfather, fabled Marshal Jebediah Bonner. Vint/Jebediah: John Payne. Robby/Vint (as a boy): Dennis Holmes.

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Episode 2

Day of the Dragon

Mon, Sep 29, 1958 30 mins

A teen-ager vows to avenge his parents, killed by marauding Indians. Bonner: John Payne. John: Allen Breneman. Lazaro: Frank de Kova. El Alecran: Harry Fleer. Fletcher: Leslie Bradley. Elisabeth: Juney Ellis. Tio Paco: Felipe Turich.

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Episode 3


Mon, Oct 6, 1958 30 mins

A promise is a promise: Bonner tries to make a lady out of a rowdy mountain girl (Gloria Talbott). Bonner: John Payne. Rollie: Veda Ann Borg. Jud: Dan Blocker. Jess: Earle Hodgins. April: Betty Utley.

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Episode 4

Thunder Alley

Mon, Oct 13, 1958 30 mins

A bounty hunter posing as a sheriff dupes Bonner into helping him track a Mexican bandit. Newton: John Larch. Elena: Marya Stevens. Sandoval: Robert Blake. Bonner: John Payne. Garcia: Sergio Virell.

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Episode 5

Nowhere Kid

Mon, Oct 20, 1958 30 mins

"The Nowhere Kid" is Johnny Smith (Steven Terrell), a rebellious youth desperately trying to prove his worth to his girl's father. Celia: Luana Patten. Bonner: John Payne. Austin: Rusty Lane.

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Episode 6

Bonner's Squaw

Mon, Nov 3, 1958 30 mins

A shotgun wedding is in the offing for Bonner, who can prevent an Indian war only by marrying a lovelorn woman.

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Episode 7


Mon, Nov 10, 1958 30 mins

Anything her brother can do, Lettie Belknap (Judi Meredith) can do better---like robbery, for instance. Belknap: Don C. Harvey. Bonner: John Payne. George: Leon Tyler. Lonnie: Jack Grinnage.

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Episode 8

Remember The Dead

Mon, Nov 17, 1958 30 mins

Vint Bonner arrives late with evidence that could have saved John Delany from being hanged for murder.

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Episode 9

No Way to Kill

Mon, Nov 24, 1958 30 mins

A one-armed fugitive blazes a bloody trail of vengeance aimed at the bounty hunters who disabled him. Gerrard: Henry Corden. Marz: Jeanne Bates. Bonner: John Payne.

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Episode 10

Take Me Home

Mon, Dec 1, 1958 30 mins

Peter Breck plays Brett Dixon, a sadistic town boss who has a strangle hold on a lovely saloon hostess. Lee: Mala Powers. Bonner: John Payne. Lomer: Jeff Daley. Thomas: Sheldon Allman.

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Episode 11

Multiply By One Boy

Mon, Dec 8, 1958 30 mins

A young Southern boy brought to live with Northern relatives is convinced that his uncle's a traitor. Dudley: Jimmy Baird. Uncle Tom: Jim Reppert. Bonner: John Payne. Michael: Ricky Klein. Gloria: Kay Stewart.

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Episode 12


Mon, Dec 15, 1958 30 mins

A vengeful woman puts a hired gunman on Bonner's trail. Lorry: Marcia Henderson. Fisher: Trevor Bardette. Bonner: John Payne. Bardeen: Robert Fuller.

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Episode 13

A Bell For Santo Domingo

Mon, Dec 22, 1958 30 mins

Vint is asked to accompany a priest and two nuns to check on a mission in the middle of a hostile Indian territory, which he heard is forbidden to whites and they do not return alive.

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Episode 14

The Way Back

Mon, Dec 29, 1958 30 mins

Olaf Burland has finally saved up enough money driving cattle to return to his home in Minnesota and start a farm.

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Episode 15

The Painted Beauty

Mon, Jan 5, 1959 30 mins

Bonner finds himself right in the middle of a town hassle. Two characters figure that the saloon needed a painting over the bar, and they import Stuart Woolsey, a St. Louis artist, to do the job.

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Episode 16

Shadow of a Gunfighter

Mon, Jan 12, 1959 30 mins

Ex-gunfighter Cal Winfield (Douglas Kennedy) comes out of retirement to kill the man who murdered his son. Jim: Robert Fuller. Bonner: John Payne. Della: Mara Corday.

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Episode 17

The Lady and the Gun

Mon, Jan 19, 1959 30 mins

Bonner must choose between continuing his life as a troubleshooter or marrying the woman he loves. Myra: Mala Powers. Alden: Lloyd Corrigan. Zoe: Evelyn Scott.

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Episode 18

Blood of Courage

Mon, Feb 2, 1959 30 mins

A rancher's fear of blood makes him an easy mark for his foreman, who is plotting to take over the ranch. Langley: J. Carrol Naish. Anne: Alix Talton. Wilse: Lee Farr. Bonner: John Payne. Thomas: Gregg Barton. Gibbons: Charles R. Keane.

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Episode 19

Better Than A Cannon

Mon, Feb 9, 1959 30 mins

Angry farmers summon Bonner when a titled Dutch blacksmith sets up a tollgate on his land. Von Ritter: Bern Hoffman. Ana: Jeanne Bates. Heide: Shirley Knight. Bonner: John Payne. Brandon: Herbert C. Lytton.

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Episode 20

Dead Ringer

Mon, Feb 16, 1959 30 mins

Lynchers set their sights on Bonner, whose close resemblance to a killer has proved anything but beneficial. Dawson: Walter Coy. Baroda/Bonner: John Payne. Martin: Richard Cutting. Sheriff: Roy Engel.

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Episode 21

The Last Gray Man

Mon, Feb 23, 1959 30 mins

The Army traces a lost gold shipment to an old Confederate soldier who's still fighting the long-ended Civil War. Jesse: Henry Hull. General: Robert H. Barrat. Clayton: William Joyce. Bonner: John Payne. Jenks: Chris Roberts.

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Episode 22


Mon, Mar 2, 1959 30 mins

Wounded in a gunfight, Jim Carter is unable to walk---despite the fact that his injuries have healed. Melany: Myra Stevens. Pierce: Claude Akins. Bonner: John Payne. Jim: Craig Palmer. Josh: Don Dix.

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Episode 23


Mon, Mar 9, 1959 30 mins

Disgusted with the hard work and low profits of ranching, an ex-schoolteacher joins an outlaw gang. Garrick: John Lupton. Abigail: Mary Webster. Bonner: John Payne.

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Episode 24

Dead Man's Hand

Mon, Mar 16, 1959 30 mins

Efforts to keep Hode Emory (Charles Cooper) from booze are doomed with the arrival of a patent-medicine salesman (Henry Hull). Bonner: John Payne. Hallop: James Griffith. Jake: David LeLand.

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Episode 25

Sweet Sisters

Mon, Mar 23, 1959 30 mins

"The Sweet Sisters" are strict vegetarians who steal cattle---to save them from the slaughterhouse. Abigale: Jeanette Nolan. Elizabeth: Edith Evanson. Bonner: John Payne. Sheriff: Frank Wilcox.

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Episode 26

Incident at Bluefield

Mon, Mar 30, 1959 30 mins

Bonner stands alone as he tries to buck a town boss and his murderous sons. Cauter: John Litel. Junior: William Lundmark. J.B.: Morgan Woodward. Bonner: John Payne. Sheriff: Alan Hale.

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Episode 27

The Pawn

Mon, Apr 6, 1959 30 mins

A poor farmer joins an outlaw gang to provide for his deaf daughter. Bonner: John Payne. Peggy: Julie Payne. McGiven: Onslow Stevens. Vestry: James Coburn. Jeb: Denver Pyle. Sheriff: Tyler McVey.

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Episode 28

Four Lives

Mon, Apr 13, 1959 30 mins

Conflicting emotions plague Bonner (John Payne), who's after an accused murderer---a young man he watched grow up. Bud: John Ericson. Clayton: Gregg Palmer. Mary: Mary Murphy. Ramsey: Robert Griffin.

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Episode 29

One on the House

Mon, Apr 20, 1959 30 mins

Bonner (John Payne) uses an ingenious ploy to cool a man once jailed for a crime he didn't commit. Harper: Henry Hull. Ellen: Whitney Blake. Sheriff: Roy Engel. Taylor: Howard Wendell. Russ: Jack O'Hara. Floyd: Kenneth MacDonald.

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Episode 30

Code for Killer

Mon, Apr 27, 1959 30 mins

Bonner weaves through a maze of conflicting clues as he searches for his friend's murderer. Carter: Floyd Simmons. Wenster: Lane Bradford. Bonner: John Payne. Nancy: Jean Howell. Pop: Edgar Stehli.

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Episode 31

Madame Brimstone

Mon, May 4, 1959 30 mins

A snobbish young greenhorn (Don Grady) becomes a pawn in outlaws' plans to steal his grandmother's gold. Bonner: John Payne. Mme. Brimstone: Bea Benaderet. Mayberry: Leslie Bradley. Chico: Alan Roberts. Pedro: Nacho Galindo.

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Episode 32

Lady by Law

Mon, May 11, 1959 30 mins

Taming a foot-loose cafe hostess proves no easy task for Bonner. Fern: Peggie Castle. Warren: Stewart Bradley. Bonner: John Payne. Judge: S. John Launer. Sheriff: Douglas Kennedy.

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Episode 33

Ride With The Devil

Mon, May 18, 1959 30 mins

In order to aid his old friend Don Tomas Verdes, wealthy Mexican rancher Vint Bonner disguises as a Mexican cabellero to look for Carlos Perez, the leader of a group of wild youths.

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Episode 34

Trial for Jenny May

Mon, May 25, 1959 30 mins

Widow Jenny May MacElroy's efforts to bring up her children while working in a saloon are threatened by narrow-minded townspeople. Jenny May: Kasey Rogers. Ruth: Ellen Corby. Bonner: John Payne. Bonsell: Guinn Williams.

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Episode 35

Cavis Boy

Mon, Jun 1, 1959 30 mins

Don Grady plays the son of a condemned man, who wants Bonner to save his father from the gallows. Cavis: Wilton Graff. Duncan: Charles Maxwell. Bonner: John Payne. Sheriff: Baynes Barron.

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Episode 36

The Englishman

Mon, Jun 8, 1959 30 mins

Morris Askins (Lyle Talbot) enlists the aid of an Englishman in a practical joke aimed at Bonner. Jared: Lester Fletcher. Bonner: John Payne. Lacey: Frank Albertson.

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Episode 37

A Very Special Investigator

Mon, Jun 15, 1959 30 mins

Mistaken identity plus a comical assortment of crooked politicians and gunslingers equals trouble for Bonner. Newton: Andy Clyde. Serena: Fay Spain. Mayor: Reed Hadley. Bonner: John Payne. Peters: Herb Vigran.

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Episode 38

Hill of Death

Mon, Jun 22, 1959 30 mins

Bonner goes after a whip-wielding fanatic who beat a young boy. Doctor: Regis Toomey. Dixon: John Dehner. Luke: Jerry Brent. Bonner: John Payne. Mayor: Fernando Lusk. Edwards: Harry Hines.

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