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The Rebel Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

40 Episodes 1960 - 1961

Episode 1

Johnny Yuma at Appomattox

Sun, Sep 18, 1960 30 mins

Johnny tells the story of Lee's surrender. Lee: George Macready. Grant: William Bryant. Johnny: Nick Adams. Jimmy: Teddy Rooney. McCune: J. Pat O'Malley.

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Episode 2

The Bequest

Sun, Sep 25, 1960 30 mins

Johnny is spurned by his friends when he turns bounty hunter. Hake: Elisha Cook. Dodson: John Carradine. Johnny: Nick Adams. Ma Silver: Natalie Masters.

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Episode 3

The Champ

Sun, Oct 2, 1960 30 mins

Michael Ansara plays a broken-down prize fighter victimized by his manager. Wiley: Ed Kemmer. Johnny: Nick Adams. Frontier Kid: Chuck Hicks. Ace Linhart: William Harlow. Sheriff: Eric Alden.

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Episode 4

The Waiting

Sun, Oct 9, 1960 30 mins

The lives of a barmaid, a bounty hunter and a fugitive all interlock in "The Waiting." Hall: Claude Akins. Cassie: Joan Evans. Mike: Harry Whisner. Sheriff: William Bryant. Johnny: Nick Adams.

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Episode 5

To See the Elephant

Sun, Oct 16, 1960 30 mins

A sheltered youth gets lessons in gunplay from Johnny. Sheldon: Mark Goddard. Johnny: Nick Adams. Hollingsworth: Ken Mayer. Boyd: Ron Soble. Carrie: Ellen Corby. Mavis: Judith Rawlins.

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Episode 6


Sun, Oct 23, 1960 30 mins

Three Mexicans try to force a sheepman into removing his sheep from the range. Johnny: Nick Adams. Waares: James Best. Cota: Frank Silvera. Ignacio: Rocky Ybarra.

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Episode 7

Run, Killer, Run

Sun, Oct 30, 1960 30 mins

Johnny becomes a hunted man when he's forced to trade horses with a fugitive. Traskell: Richard Jaeckel. Stalker: Ed Nelson. Johnny: Nick Adams. Pruett: John Pickard. Morgan: William Harlow.

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Episode 8

The Hunted

Sun, Nov 6, 1960 30 mins

Leonard Nimoy plays a condemned killer who breaks jail---just before the arrival of a telegram proving him innocent. Johnny: Nick Adams. Mrs. Keller: Arline Sax.

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Episode 9

The Legacy

Sun, Nov 13, 1960 30 mins

The odds are stacked against Johnny when he's framed for murder---by the trial judge. Judge: Jon Lormer. Sheriff: James Chandler. Johnny: Nick Adams. Lee: Paul Picerni. Prosecutor: Robert Hutton.

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Episode 10

Don Gringo

Sun, Nov 20, 1960 30 mins

Johnny tries to help the sole survivor of an Indian raid reach her fiance. Demetria: Gigi Perreau. Johnny: Nick Adams. Don Rolando: Eugene Iglesias. Theresa: Rosa Turich. Don Diego: Edgar Barrier. Padre: Ed Coch.

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Episode 11

The Explosion

Sun, Nov 27, 1960 30 mins

Sparks fly after Johnny nabs a stagecoach bandit. Roy: L.Q. Jones. Johnny: Nick Adams. Walt: Denny Niles. Joe: Douglas Spencer. Sheriff: Ross Elliott.

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Episode 12


Sun, Dec 4, 1960 30 mins

James Drury plays Capt. Paul Travers, a blind man who joins Johnny on the trail. Agnes: Martha Vickers. Johnny: Nick Adams. Boley: William Bryant. Hosmer: Dan Sheridan. Fulton: Leroy Johnson.

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Episode 13

The Scalp Hunter

Sun, Dec 11, 1960 30 mins

John Dehner plays a man on the prowl for his wife's killer. Johnny: Nick Adams. Masi: Earl Parker. Apaches: Hal Needham, Ross Sturlin.

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Episode 14


Sun, Dec 18, 1960 30 mins

A sheriff on the verge of a mental breakdown turns to Johnny for help. Dunsen: Tom Drake. Johnny: Nick Adams. Maggio: Dan Barton. Jones: Arthur Peterson Jr.

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Episode 15

The Hope Chest

Sun, Dec 25, 1960 30 mins

Ulysses Bowman (Wi11iam Demarest) is sure that he has the perfect gift for Johnny: his daughter. Meyers: Soupy Sales. Felicity: Cathy O'Donnell. Johnny: Nick Adams. Burke: William Harlow.

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Episode 16

The Liberators

Sun, Jan 1, 1961 30 mins

Johnny (Nick Adams) investigates the hasty evacuation of a thriving town. Comandante: Nico Minardos. Bless: Joan Vohs. Hope: Jody Warner. Greco: Nick Dennis. Stelling: George Graham. Sooie: Bill Harlow.

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Episode 17

The Guard

Sun, Jan 8, 1961 30 mins

A brutal ex-POW camp commander (Ed Nelson) braces for the arrival of a former prisoner---Johnny Yuma. Charles: Dee Pollock. Ben: William Phipps. Johnny: Nick Adams. Jake: Allen Kramer.

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Episode 18

The Promise

Sun, Jan 15, 1961 30 mins

Marriage to a hated gunslinger is in the cards for a young bonded servant---until Johnny steps in. Laurie: Gigi Perreau. Kincaid: Peter Whitney. Billy Joe: Richard Hartunian. Johnny: Nick Adams. Hawkins: John Gentry.

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Episode 19


Sun, Jan 22, 1961 30 mins

A heated argument ends with Johnny wounded---and charged with murder. Sims: John Dehner. Johnny: Nick Adams. Dainer: George Becwar. Campbell: John Marley.

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Episode 20

Paperback Hero

Sun, Jan 29, 1961 30 mins

The "Paperback Hero" is Johnny Yuma, who's idolized by a newspaperwoman. Emily: Virginia Gregg. Slater: Robert Palmer. Johnny: Nick Adams. Corby: Daniel White.

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Episode 21

The Actress

Sun, Feb 5, 1961 30 mins

An actress recruits a new leading man---Johnny (Nick Adams). Lotta: Virginia Field. Ruth: Sandra Knight. Arvid: Vic Perrin. Deputy: Robert L. Hickman.

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Episode 22

The Threat

Sun, Feb 12, 1961 30 mins

Rumor of an imminent Indian raid terrifies a quiet cattle town. Johnny: Nick Adams. Vogan: Richard Bakalyan. Pack: Aladdin Pallante. Sheriff: Trevor Bardette.

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Episode 23

The Road to Jericho

Sun, Feb 19, 1961 30 mins

A man tries to repay Johnny for saving his life. Sutro: Robert Middleton. Johnny: Nick Adams. Christopher Portal: Warren Stevens.

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Episode 24

The Last Drink

Sun, Feb 26, 1961 30 mins

A professional gunman has a new protege: Johnny's nephew. Dawes: Tom Drake. Eddie: Jack Chaplain. Johnny: Nick Adams.

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Episode 25

The Burying of Sammy Hart

Sun, Mar 5, 1961 30 mins

Johnny joins Aaron Wallace's search for his son, who disappeared into the hills with an old Indian. Hart: Iron Eyes Cody. Wallace: George Wallace. Johnny: Nick Adams. Billy: Eugene Martin. Sarah: Peggy Stewart.

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Episode 26

The Pit

Sun, Mar 12, 1961 30 mins

Johnny encounters silence at every turn as he searches for a woman's missing husband. Charity: Olive Sturgess. McGowan: Myron Healey. Johnny: Nick Adams. Hunk: Sheldon Allman. Slip: Ralph Reed.

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Episode 27

Shriek of Silence

Sun, Mar 19, 1961 30 mins

The rebel tries to help the mute son of a man he was forced to kill. Paul: Tommy Noonan. Johnny: Nick Adams. Nancy: Yvette Vickers. Warren: Jack Lester. Mrs. Warren: Anna Karen. Sturgis: Frank de Kova.

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Episode 28

Two Weeks

Sun, Mar 26, 1961 30 mins

Johnny plays poker for unusual stakes: if he loses he'll become a prisoner for two weeks. Galt: Frank Overton. Ann: Shirley Ballard. Johnny: Nick Adams. Pooch: Jamie Farr. Sheriff: Fred Jons.

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Episode 29

Miz Purdy

Sun, Apr 2, 1961 30 mins

Johnny tries to prove that he's not involved with an outlaw gang. Elizabeth: Patricia Breslin. Johnny: Nick Adams. Tess: Jason Evers. Preacher: Ken Mayer.

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Episode 30

The Ballad of Danny Brown

Sun, Apr 9, 1961 30 mins

An ex-convict's efforts to bury his past are blocked by hostile townspeople. Marshal: Tex Ritter. Emily: Gail Kobe. Brown: William Bryant. Johnny: Nick Adams.

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Episode 31

The Proxy

Sun, Apr 16, 1961 30 mins

Vic Damone and Royal Dano play two cowboys who join Johnny's search for an embezzling banker. Johnny: Nick Adams. Wilkerson: Vic Damone. Crowe: Royal Dano.

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Episode 32

Decision at Sweetwater

Sun, Apr 23, 1961 30 mins

Stagecoach robbers find no gold---so they kidnap a passenger. Johnny: Nick Adams. Galt: Donald Buka. Catherine: Yvette Vickers. Bishop: William Phipps.

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Episode 33

Helping Hand

Sun, Apr 30, 1961 30 mins

Two brawling cowboys drag Johnny into their battle. Dave: Lee Erickson. Uncle Luce: Jack Elam. Johnny: Nick Adams.

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Episode 34

The Uncourageous

Sun, May 7, 1961 30 mins

A matador's son struggles to match his father's renowned bravery. Felipe: Eugene Iglesias. Juan: George Dolenz. Johnny: Nick Adams. Rosa: Renata Vanni. Maria: Maria Val.

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Episode 35


Sun, May 14, 1961 30 mins

Johnny uncovers a plot to assassinate Jefferson Davis. Varina: Frieda Inescort. Ashbaugh: William Schallert. Johnny: Nick Adams. Davis: Richard Gaines. Mundale: Dan Sheridan. Gaines: Ralph Reed.

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Episode 36

The Calley Kid

Sun, May 21, 1961 30 mins

Johnny (Nick Adams) searches for the man who bushwhacked him and stole his horse. Calley Kid: Richard Bakalyan. Wood: Michael Van Dever. Deputy: Gabe De Lutri.

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Episode 37

Ben White

Sun, May 28, 1961 30 mins

A woman prisoner causes problems for newly deputized Johnny (Nick Adams). "T": Mary Murphy. White: Charles Aidman. Basto: Bruno Ve Sota. Jason: William Henry.

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Episode 38

The Found

Sun, Jun 4, 1961 30 mins

Johnny tries to help an outlaw's wife flee her vicious husband. Sally: Peggy Campbell. Danny: Karl Held. Johnny: Nick Adams. Grooder: George Sawaya. Dorfman: Chuck Cason. Deputy: Hal Sitowitz.

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Episode 39

The Hostage

Sun, Jun 11, 1961 30 mins

The brother of a condemned outlaw kidnaps the sheriff's brother---and proposes a prisoner exchange. Coley: Lon McCallister. Yancey: Corey Allen. Johnny: Nick Adams. Frank: Stephen Joyce.

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Episode 40

The Executioner

Sun, Jun 18, 1961 30 mins

Johnny is caught in the middle of a vengeful Indian's plan to murder three settlers. Janice: Terry Moore. Chief: Barry Atwater. Johnny: Nick Adams. Andrews: Ken Mayer. Ferguson: Charles Aidman.

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