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The Master Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

13 Episodes 1984 - 1984

Episode 1


Fri, Jan 20, 1984 60 mins

In the series pilot, a young drifter (Timothy Van Patten) persuades the Master (Lee Van Cleef) to train him in the deadly art of ninjitsu and help save a family's land from a ruthless developer (Clu Gulager).

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Episode 2

Out-of-Time Step

Fri, Jan 27, 1984 60 mins

The Master's search for his daughter leads him to San Francisco and a run in with a Chinese syndicate squeezing protection money from a club owner (Charles Collins). Master: Lee Van Cleef. Jill: Lori Lethin. Max: Timothy Van Patten.

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Episode 3

State of the Union

Fri, Feb 3, 1984 60 mins

Max and the Master help a woman (Crystal Bernard) trying to unionize a cannery in a small town where troublemakers tend to disappear. Chad Webster: Cotter Smith. Master: Lee Van Cleef.

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Episode 4


Fri, Feb 10, 1984 60 mins

The Master (Lee Van Cleef) must rescue hostages held in a mountain fortress to prove to a Federal agent (George Lazenby) that he had nothing to do with their capture. Castile: David McCallum. Max: Timothy Van Patten. Alicia: Jennifer Runyon.

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Episode 5

High Rollers

Fri, Mar 2, 1984 60 mins

Former commandos kidnap the daughter of a Las Vegas dancer (Terri Treas) to force the woman to participate in the robbery of a casino. Master: Lee Van Cleef. Randy Blake: Art Hindle. John Craig: Edward Edwards. Max: Timothy Van Patten.

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Episode 6

Fat Tuesday

Fri, Mar 9, 1984 60 mins

Max and the Master protect an investigative reporter (Susan Kase) whose life is in danger after she accuses a prominent citizen of gun-running. Beaumont: Robert Pine. Master: Lee Van Cleef. Max: Timothy Van Patten. Willie: Mabel King.

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Episode 7


Fri, Mar 16, 1984 60 mins

Max and the Master (Timothy Van Patten, Lee Van Cleef) help farmers form a convoy to get their produce past a trucking firm's roadblock. Maggie: Diana Muldaur.

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Episode 8

The Good, the Bad and the Priceless

Fri, Mar 23, 1984 60 mins

The Master and Max must steal the British crown jewels to save the lives of Cat (Tara Buckman) and a woman posing as the Master's daughter. Garrett: George Maharis. Gina/Teri: Janine Turner.

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Episode 9


Fri, Apr 6, 1984 60 mins

The Master is lured to Washington, D.C., and gets framed for the attempted murder of a top Government intelligence agent (Jack Kelly). Master: Lee Van Cleef. Allison: Kelly Harmon. Gordon: Richard Hill.

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Episode 10

The Java Tiger

Fri, Apr 13, 1984 60 mins

The Master (Lee Van Cleef) travels to Hawaii where he gets caught up in a search for a priceless statue hidden in a booby-trapped cave. Kruger: Kabir Bedi. Max: Timothy Van Patten. Leo: Dick O'Neill.

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Episode 11

Failure to Communicate

Fri, May 4, 1984 60 mins

Max's reunion with his estranged father (Doug McClure) is further complicated when his father's secretary (Rebecca Holden) is kidnaped. Jason Hunter: J.D. Cannon. Max: Timothy Van Patten. Master: Lee Van Cleef. Kathy: Ashley Ferrare.

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Episode 12


Fri, Aug 10, 1984 60 mins

Max and the Master (Timothy Van Patten, Lee Van Cleef) go after a gang of rogue cops turned burglars. Loring: Kaz Garas. Talia: Cindy Harrell. Jerry: Paul Tulley.

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Episode 13

A Place to Call Home

Fri, Aug 31, 1984 60 mins

Max and the Master defend a woman's home for orphans against a land developer (Jock Mahoney), who will kill to get the seemingly insignificant patch of desert. Mike: Doug Toby. Max: Timothy Van Patten. Kim Andersen: Susan Woollen.

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