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The Loretta Young Show Season 8 Episodes

31 Episodes 1960 - 1961

Episode 1

The Long Night

Sun, Sep 18, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 2

At the Edge of the Desert

Sun, Sep 25, 1960 30 mins

A businessman-turned-policeman (Ricardo Montalban) tries to reform a young delinquent. Irene: Patricia Donahue. Johnny: Gregory Irvin. Tommy: Tommy Harwood.

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Episode 3

Fair Exchange

Sun, Oct 2, 1960 30 mins

A housewife tells of a romantic interlude with a neighbor. Sylvia: Loretta Young. Jane: Ruth Brady. Whitney: Stan Erickson.

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Episode 4


Sun, Oct 9, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 5


Sun, Oct 16, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 6

Love Between the Acts

Sun, Oct 23, 1960 30 mins

A pretty widow insists she will marry for love, not money, when her interfering aunt begins a matchmaking campaign with prospective suitors.

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Episode 7

The Glass Cage

Sun, Oct 30, 1960 30 mins

Bewildered and upset by her alcoholic mother, a teenager moves toward a life of delinquency. Mrs. Page: Audrey Totter. Leddi: Charlotte Stewart. Betta: Anna Loos.

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Episode 8

The Seducer

Sun, Nov 6, 1960 30 mins

Producer Creighton Halliday's latest film deals with suicide, and his wife believes he is exploiting the theme. Nora: Loretta Young. Creighton: John Newland. Jill: Marlene Willis. Sid Palmer: Peter Leeds. Dr. Blake: Jack Lester. Marie: Kitty Kelly.

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Episode 9

No Margin for Error

Sun, Nov 13, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 10

Unconditional Surrender

Sun, Nov 20, 1960 30 mins

After 15 years of marriage, a man asks his wife for a divorce because he wants to marry a beautiful, ambitious young woman.

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Episode 11

The Night the Doorbell Rang

Sun, Nov 27, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 12

These Few Years

Sun, Dec 11, 1960 30 mins

A woman attends a New Years Eve cocktail party hosted by husband's boss.

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Episode 13

My Own Master

Sun, Dec 18, 1960 30 mins

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Episode 14

Enter at Your Own Risk

Sun, Jan 8, 1961 30 mins

A priest's kindness and hospitality have a strong effect on a selfish couple. Father Pius: Ross Elliott. Willis: Ralph Meeker. Lenore: Loretta Young. McSorley: Charles Seel. Charlie: John War Eagle.

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Episode 15

This Subtle Danger

Sun, Jan 15, 1961 30 mins

A man has become addicted to sedation pills during his recovery from tuberculosis of the spine.

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Episode 16

The Lie

Sun, Jan 22, 1961 30 mins

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Episode 17

Quiet Desperation

Sun, Feb 5, 1961 30 mins

"Quiet Desperation." Linda Perkins is opposed to her husband's plans to manage his firm's Japanese office. Linda: Loretta Young. Victor: H.M. Wynant. Stephen Perkins: Michael Burns. Mr. Howard: Byron Morrow.

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Episode 18

The Golden Chord

Sun, Feb 12, 1961 30 mins

Nothing stands in the way of a rock-and-roll singer and success---except perhaps his conscience. Danny: Darryl Hickman. Cox: Vito Scotti. Racelli: Frank Puglia.

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Episode 19

Double Edge

Sun, Feb 19, 1961 30 mins

"Double Edge," a drama involving a hit-and-run accident, mistaken identity and international intrigue. Schumacher: Larry Blyden. May: Jean Howell. Blount: Frank Jenks. Ludlow: Baynes Barron. Charlie: Don Ross. Smitty: Craig Duncan.

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Episode 20

The Choice

Sun, Feb 26, 1961 30 mins

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Episode 21

When Queens Ride By

Sun, Mar 12, 1961 30 mins

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Episode 22

The Preliminaries

Sun, Mar 19, 1961 30 mins

"The Preliminaries." Business executive Bob Prentiss wants to marry Ruth Douglass---until she tells him that her father is in jail. Bob: James Drury. Ruth: Lory Pastick. Mrs. Douglas: Katherine Squire. Oliver: George Macready. John: Vaughn Taylor.

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Episode 23


Thu, Mar 16, 1961 30 mins

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Episode 24

Doesn't Everybody?

Sun, Apr 2, 1961 30 mins

Widow Marge Randall (Loretta Young) sets her sights on a handsome widower. Wainwright: James Philbrook.

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Episode 25

The Man Who Couldn't Smile

Sun, Apr 9, 1961 30 mins

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Episode 26

Emergency in 114

Sun, Apr 23, 1961 30 mins

A couple take a closer look at their marriage when their son is injured in an accident. Wayne: Alf Kjellin. Lucy: Loretta Young. Dr. Goodman: Ted de Corsia. Davy: Paul Craig. Nurse: Kitty Kelly.

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Episode 27

13 Donner Street

Sun, Apr 30, 1961 30 mins

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Episode 28

Those at the Top

Sun, May 7, 1961 30 mins

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Episode 29

The Wedding

Sun, May 21, 1961 30 mins

"The Wedding." Ruth Harron begins to have misgivings about her decision to marry. Ruth: Cloris Leachman. Jason: Harry Townes. Lettie Harron: Gertrude Flynn. Aunt Minna: Linda Watkins. Saleslady: Camille Franklin.

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Episode 30

The Forbidden Guests

Sun, May 28, 1961 30 mins

A recently widowed sculptor takes a closer look at her life. Elizabeth: Loretta Young. Youth: Steve Hammer. Love: Candy Moore. Collier: Richard Garland. Mrs. Butler: Ann Morrison. Peg: Catherine Cordell.

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Episode 31

Not in Our Stars

Sun, Jun 4, 1961 30 mins

A woman lives her life according to her daily horoscope.

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