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The Hitchhiker Season 6 Episodes

20 Episodes 1990 - 1991

Episode 1

Fading Away

Fri, Sep 21, 1990 30 mins

A lone marine must fend for himself in perilous surroundings. Nick Mancuso.

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Episode 2

Tough Guys Don't Whine

Fri, Sep 28, 1990 30 mins

An arrogant film director confronts a gang. Alan Thicke.

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Episode 3

Riding the Nightmare

Fri, Oct 5, 1990 30 mins

A woman (Lauren Hutton) uses the power of dreams to snare her best friend's husband.

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Episode 4

Strate Shooter

Fri, Oct 12, 1990 30 mins

A boy tries to rescue a girl from danger exactly as his television hero would.

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Episode 5

Hard Rhyme

Fri, Oct 19, 1990 30 mins

A prison's poetry teacher (Robert Foxworth) gains fame with an inmate's work.

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Episode 6

Toxic Shock

Fri, Oct 26, 1990 30 mins

A man's memory is "poisoned" by toxic waste.

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Episode 7

New Dawn

Fri, Nov 2, 1990 30 mins

A lonely woman (Nancy McKeon) tries to buy her artist husband's fidelity by threatening to frame him for murder.

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Episode 8

A Function of Control

Fri, Nov 9, 1990 30 mins

A perfectionist secretary makes a fatal error after she falls for her boss. Jennifer Dale.

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Episode 9

Trust Me

Fri, Nov 16, 1990 30 mins

A deceitful woman turns the tables on a fortune hunter (Lorenzo Lamas).

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Episode 10


Fri, Nov 23, 1990 30 mins

An artist comes to believe his work inspires actual events. David Morant.

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Episode 11

Working Girl

Fri, Nov 30, 1990 30 mins

A betrayed wife has an unusual relationship with her husband's paramour.

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Episode 12

White Slaves

Fri, Dec 7, 1990 30 mins

Two college students kidnap a woman for a last fling in Paris. C. Thomas Howell.

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Episode 13

Tourist Trap

Fri, Dec 14, 1990 30 mins

A thief in Paris romances a traveler for her jewelry. Robby Benson.

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Episode 14

The Homecoming

Fri, Jan 11, 1991 30 mins

A neofascist fears that exposure of his past may affect his current position.

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Episode 15

Living a Lie

Fri, Jan 18, 1991 30 mins

A man spares no expense with a stolen credit card.

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Episode 16

Made in Paris

Fri, Jan 25, 1991 30 mins

An unscrupulous boss (Terrence Knox) fears revenge by workers skilled in the occult.

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Episode 17

A Whole New You

Fri, Feb 1, 1991 30 mins

To seal his new identity, a protected witness demands surgery---and gets it.

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Episode 18


Fri, Feb 8, 1991 30 mins

A domineering mother cannot face the prospect of her adult son leaving the nest.

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Episode 19


Fri, Feb 15, 1991 30 mins

A murdered man visits his not-so-bereaved widow and demands a portion of his estate. Mary Frann.

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Episode 20

New Blood

Fri, Feb 22, 1991 30 mins

A prospective member of a renowned acting company gives it all she's got.

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