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The Cosby Mysteries Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

19 Episodes 1994 - 1995

Episode 1

The Cosby Mysteries

Mon, Jan 31, 1994 120 mins

Bill Cosby as an about-to-retire forensic expert who can't resist one more case when a CEO is found dead in a car. Sully: James Naughton. Oona: Alice Playten. Barbara: Lynn Whitfield. Cushing: Richard Kiley. Dante: Dante Beze. Amy: Saundra Santiago. Max: Louis Todaro. Elizabeth: Kathryn Meisle. Silipoe: John Cunningham.

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Episode 2

The Lottery Winner Murders

Wed, Sep 21, 1994 60 mins

Hanks probes the case of a lottery winner's suicide. Sully: James Naughton. Angie: Rita Moreno. Barbara: Lynn Whitfield. Mrs. Walkner: Susan Pratt. Mrs. Stebbins: Jennifer Van Dyck. Whitley: Tony Hendra.

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Episode 3

Our Lady of Cement

Wed, Sep 28, 1994 60 mins

The discovery of a mummified corpse reopens a case long considered closed. Hanks: Bill Cosby. Bonner: Kale Browne. Dante: Dante Beze. Sully: James Naughton. Roberta: Caitlin Clarke. Luzianne: Jane Summerhays. Mary: Joan Buddenhagen. Mitch: Sam Freed. Yolanda: Gwen Verdon. Angie: Rita Moreno.

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Episode 4

Self Defense

Wed, Oct 5, 1994 60 mins

Sully (James Naughton) claims self-defense in the shooting of a fellow cop---with whom he had a feud. Bill Cosby, Erik Estrada. Angie: Rita Moreno. Dante: Dante Beze. Quinn: Joe McCaren. Principe: Michael Harney. Barbara: Lynn Whitfeld. Evin: La Chanze.

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Episode 5

Only You

Wed, Oct 12, 1994 60 mins

The demise of a "27-year-old health nut" challenges Hanks (Bill Cosby), who's unable to ascertain the cause of death. Paul: Carlos Sanz. Rick: Christian Maelen. Sully: James Naughton. Doris: Socorro Santiago. Dante: Dante Beze. Angie: Rita Moreno. Vanessa: Miriam Colon. Blume: Jack Koenig.

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Episode 6

One Day at a Time

Wed, Oct 19, 1994 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) tries to prove the innocence of a recovering addict (Gerald Anthony) accused of murder. Mallory: David Burke. Barbara: Lynn Whitfield. Sully: James Naughton. Sofia: Maryann Urbano. Lawson: Chuck Cooper. Angie: Rita Moreno. Bronson: Harry S. Murphy. Dante: Dante Beze. Caldwell: Austin Pendleton.

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Episode 7

Home, Street Home

Wed, Oct 26, 1994 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) tries to shed light on the background of a homeless woman (Tovah Feldshuh) with no recollection of her past. Denelli: Richard Council. Dr. Brown: Armand Schultz. Sully: James Naughton. Angie: Rita Moreno. Mr. Poppy: John Henry Kurtz. Dante: Dante Beze.

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Episode 8

The Fine Art of Murder

Wed, Nov 2, 1994 60 mins

An ingenious millionaire (Simon Jones) plots a murder, using Hanks (Bill Cosby) as his alibi. Lauren: Karen Kopins. Dante: Dante Beze. Sully: James Naughton. Barbara: Lynn Whitfield. Cigar Store Manager: Peter Bartlett. Yannis: Paul Matsumoto. Al: Kenneth Garner. Jack: Terrell Anthony.

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Episode 9

Expert Witness

Wed, Nov 16, 1994 60 mins

Phylicia Rashad plays a forensic expert who puts Hanks (Bill Cosby) on the defensive when she appears for the prosecution in a murder case. Vernon: Eddie Bracken. Dutton: Dylan Baker. Louise: Lenka Peterson. Sully: James Naughton. Barbara: Lynn Whitfield. Weil: Jack O'Connell. Lewis: Henry Simmons II.

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Episode 10

Mirror, Mirror

Wed, Nov 30, 1994 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) probes the demise of a lawyer whose surviving partner is his twin brother (Stephen Schnetzer in a dual role). Maxine: Kaili Vernoff. Brenda: Fiona Hutchison. Sully: James Naughton. Barbara: Lynn Whitfield. Ames: MacIntyre Dixon. Angie: Rita Moreno. Magill: Thom Sesma. Eric: Dennis Christopher.

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Episode 11


Wed, Dec 14, 1994 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) seeks the truth behind the killing of a 12-year-old. Willy: Sharif Rashed. Dante: Dante Beze. Benny: Zachary Simmons Glover. Sully: James Naughton. Junior: Harold Perrineau. Brenda: Karen Kandel. Eugene: Clarence Williams III. Sissy: Marie Thomas.

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Episode 12

Last Tango

Wed, Jan 4, 1995 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) investigates a dancer's demise. Sully: James Naughton. Mrs. Adams: Lois Nettleton. Angie: Rita Moreno. Sarah: Anne Bobby. Ava: Christiane Farr. Ricardo: Luis Martin Perez. Bobby: Angelo Fraboni. Castillo: Gregory Mitchell. Dante: Dante Beze.

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Episode 13

Comic Book Murder

Wed, Jan 11, 1995 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) probes the murder of a comic-book creator. Simon: Max Casella. Sully: James Naughton. Cross: Grayson McCouch. Dunne: Jack Gilpin. Chapman: Robert Stanton. Mrs. Cosler: Dori Brenner. Angie: Rita Moreno. Starnes: Iggie Wolfington. Dante: Dante Beze.

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Episode 14

Baker's Dozen

Wed, Feb 1, 1995 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) investigates an immigrant baker's disappearance. Duke: Michael O'Hare. Sully: James Naughton. Edna: Lizbeth Mackay. Max: Martin LaPlatney. Tony: Ivan Kronenfeld. Angie: Rita Moreno. Ears: Lenny Venito. Dante: Dante Beze.

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Episode 15

The Hit Parade

Wed, Mar 8, 1995 60 mins

A man is found dead on a commuter train with a briefcase containing a disassembled rifle and surveillance photos of Hanks (Bill Cosby). Bernbaum: John Ottavino. Sully: James Naughton Dean Lennox: Jennifer Harmon. Spinoza: Jose Zuniga. Det. Cabriolet: Michael P. Moran. Angie: Rita Moreno. Claudine: Lauren Valez. Vanalden: Tom Galantich. Dr. Chow: Bai Ling.

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Episode 16

Big Brother is Watching

Wed, Mar 15, 1995 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) plays "weekend brother" to a wiseacre 12-year-old (Geoffrey Wigdor) while looking into suspicious goings-on observed through a telescope. Vinnie: Jack Cirillo. Pierce: David Ackroyd. Leslie: Sylvia Meals. Mrs. Pierce: Kim Crosby. Cabbie: Aasif Mandvi

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Episode 17

The Medium is the Message

Wed, Mar 22, 1995 60 mins

A psychic helps Hanks (Bill Cosby) track a record executive's killer. Clea: Arnetia Walker. Sheila: Sandra Currie. Gansa: Jordan Clarke. Mrs. MacDermott: Victoria Boothby. Angie: Rita Moreno. Marder: Kristofer Batho.

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Episode 18


Wed, Apr 5, 1995 60 mins

Hanks (Bill Cosby) returns from vacation to find a woman dead in his bed. Stang: Jere Shea. Janice: Lise Cutter. Sully: James Naughton. Brophy: Sam Tsoutsouvas. Bud: Michael Goldfinger. Fenster: Ray Demattis. Spinoza: Jose Zuniga. Angie: Rita Moreno.

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Episode 19

Dial 'H' for Murder

Wed, Apr 12, 1995 60 mins

Guy's phone number is found on the hand of a deceased Broadway star. Hanks: Bill Cosby. Charlie: Robert Harper. Myers: Paul Hipp. Tricia: Melissa Errico. Orr: Ronald Guttman. Beth: Rosemary Murphy. Dirk: Jon Marshall Sharp. Sully: James Naughton.

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