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The Class Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

19 Episodes 2006 - 2007

Episode 1


Mon, Sep 18, 2006 30 mins

The former classmates reunite when Ethan invites them all to a surprise party for his fiancée, whom he met on the first day of third grade.

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Episode 2

The Class Visits a Hospital

Mon, Sep 25, 2006 30 mins

Lina is taken to the hospital, where Kat and Ethan arrive to find Richie, who has to explain to Kat that he ran over her sister. Meanwhile, Holly and Perry invite Kyle and Aaron to brunch in the hope that Kyle can get their daughter into a prestigious school. Nurse: Meera Simhan.

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Episode 3

The Class Learns About Hurricanes

Mon, Oct 2, 2006 30 mins

After taking too many pills, Richie calls an ambulance and ends up in the hospital with Lina. Meanwhile, Kat tries to convince Ethan that he has to stop being so nice to his former fiancée; and Kyle and Aaron entertain themselves by watching Holly cover a hurricane on TV. Joel: Wayne Wilderson. Joanne: Kasey Wilson.

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Episode 4

The Class Blows The Whistle

Mon, Oct 9, 2006 30 mins

Nicole panics when Duncan and Yonk become buddies, bonding over football and video games; Holly keeps dropping in unexpectedly on Kyle and Aaron in her ongoing attempt to get Oprah into Kyle's school. Fern: Sara Gilbert. Busboy: Ben Falcone.

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Episode 5

The Class Gets Frozen Yogurt

Mon, Oct 16, 2006 30 mins

Kat tells Ethan he's too worried about what people think of him and challenges him to taste 10 samples in a yogurt shop without buying anything; Richie and Lina go on a date; and Kyle tells Holly a lie in order to get rid of her. Counter Girl: Stacie Rippy. Mrs. Pagano: Gayle Samuels.

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Episode 6

The Class Goes Trick-or-Treating

Mon, Oct 23, 2006 30 mins

Yonk takes Duncan and Richie to Atlantic City for a fan event, and Nicole asks Duncan to prevent her husband from gambling; Holly has an embarrassing moment on camera at a petting zoo; and Lina and Ethan dress up for Halloween. Cameraman: Stacey Hinnen. Dealer: Tasha Tae.

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Episode 7

The Class Goes To A Bar

Mon, Nov 6, 2006 30 mins

Kat and Ethan both pretend to be other people's blind dates at a bar, but Ethan hits it off with the woman (Rachelle Lefevre) and doesn't know how to tell her he isn't the man she was expecting. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to see Duncan's reunited band perform. Dan: Ryan Doom. Jeanie: Zoe Lister-Jones.

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Episode 8

The Class Celebrates a Birthday

Mon, Nov 13, 2006 30 mins

Ethan, still pretending to be Dan Slutsky, goes with Sue (Rachelle Lefevre) to drop off her child at a party, unaware that the birthday girl is Oprah---and Ellen, Perry and Kyle recognize him. Meanwhile, Richie tells Lina he loves her and tells Duncan and Nicole that he's married. Palmer: Jaime King. Sam: Cameron Sanders.

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Episode 9

The Class Gives Thanks

Mon, Nov 20, 2006 30 mins

Kyle and Aaron have Thanksgiving dinner with Holly's family, including her mom and unusual dad; Duncan and his mom join Nicole, Yonk and Yonk's scary daughter (Maile Flanagan); and Lina finds out that Richie's married. Mr. Ellenbogen: Robert Michael Morris. Mrs. Ellenbogen: Meagen Fay.

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Episode 10

The Class Runs Into A Convenience Store

Mon, Nov 27, 2006 30 mins

While fighting off a bee in his car, Richie plows into a convenience store and, despondent over losing Lina, he refuses to leave his vehicle, which causes a big scene and prompts Holly to rush there to get an exclusive. Joel: Wayne Wilderson. Fireman: Charles Emmett.

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Episode 11

The Class Celebrates An Anniversary

Mon, Dec 11, 2006 30 mins

Yonk throws a party to celebrate his and Nicole's first anniversary, but Nicole is too distracted by Yonk's unusual gift to enjoy the festivities. Meanwhile, one of Kat's art-school classmates (Jaime King), whom she dislikes, moves into her building. Delivery Guy: Brandon Rodriguez.

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Episode 12

The Class Visits a Bad Neighborhood

Mon, Jan 8, 2007 30 mins

Ethan and Palmer (Jaime King) date, and Kat reluctantly agrees to the three of them having dinner together, where Palmer surprises Kat with a confession. Meanwhile, Duncan and Nicole go with Richie to his old apartment to retrieve his clothes, and they have an ugly encounter with Fern (Sara Gilbert).

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Episode 13

The Class Hits It

Mon, Jan 15, 2007 30 mins

When Richie confesses to Duncan that he and Lina haven't had sex because he believes that he's not very good at it, Duncan encourages him to take the risk. Meanwhile, Ethan finds out that a man to whom Kat is attracted (stalking, actually) is the father of a patient, and he sets them up on a date.

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Episode 14

The Class Has to Go to a Stupid Museum

Mon, Jan 22, 2007 30 mins

An old classmate (Essence Atkins) of Nicole and Duncan's returns to town after getting divorced and asks Duncan on a date, and he's upset that Nicole doesn't mind. Meanwhile, Ethan and Palmer eavesdrop on a conversation between Kat and her boyfriend, and they hear something disturbing. Benjamin: Trent Ford.

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Episode 15

The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken

Mon, Feb 5, 2007 30 mins

Lina and Richie throw their first dinner party, and Richie doesn't have the heart to tell Lina her Moroccan chicken is horrible; Kat is worried when her relationship with her boyfriend gets serious. Jerry Rice has a cameo.

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Episode 16

The Class Has a Snow Day

Mon, Feb 12, 2007 30 mins

A blizzard strikes on Valentine's Day, leaving Kat and Kyle stranded with an oversexed Ethan and Palmer; Richie desperately trying to get to Lina; and Nicole and Duncan left with Perry, who makes a romantic dinner, where Duncan makes a confession to Nicole. Joel: Wayne Wilderson. Gene: David Kaufman.

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Episode 17

The Class Springs a Leak

Mon, Feb 19, 2007 30 mins

Nicole is stunned that Duncan and Richie are finished working on the house, and she suddenly realizes how much she'll miss seeing them every day. Meanwhile, Ethan decides to dump Palmer, but backs out at the last minute. Palmer: Jaime King.

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Episode 18

The Class Rides a Bull

Mon, Feb 26, 2007 30 mins

Yonk insists on taking Duncan and Richie out to lunch, which makes Duncan uncomfortable in light of his and Nicole's recent discussion about their feelings and plans. Meanwhile, Ethan learns that Benjamin is cheating on Kat and knows that he has to tell her. Jonah: Atticus Shaffer.

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Episode 19

The Class Goes Back to the Hospital

Mon, Mar 5, 2007 30 mins

Nicole's plans to be with Duncan are put on hold while she attends Yonk's needs following his heart attack. Meanwhile, Ethan tries to comfort Kat after she confronts him about setting her up with Benjamin, who cheated on her; and Lina thinks Richie is going to propose to her.

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