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The Bionic Woman Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

22 Episodes 1977 - 1978

Episode 1

The Bionic Dog

Sat, Sep 10, 1977 60 mins

Jaime discovers an OSI test dog may be rejecting electronic parts similar to her own bionic limbs. First of two segments. Rudy: Martin E. Brooks. Crosby: Taylor Lacher. Judy: Carlene Watkins. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Jim: Ford Rainey.

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Episode 2

The Bionic Dog

Sat, Sep 17, 1977 60 mins

Conclusion. Unaware that Max fears flames, Jaime flees with the dog to a mountain forest fire. Grette: Dale Robinette. Tyler: Lee de Broux. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Harley: Will Hare. Sheriff: Jack Garner. Trucker: Al Hansen.

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Episode 3

Fembots in Las Vegas

Sat, Sep 24, 1977 60 mins

Jaime battles female robots for a devastating weapon. Part 1 of two. Rod Kyler: James Olson. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Carl Franklin: Michael Burns. Rudy: Martin E. Brooks. Callahan: Jennifer Darling. Tami: Melinda Fee. Gina: Nancy Bleier. Nancy: Jeannie Wilson.

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Episode 4

Fembots in Las Vegas

Sat, Oct 1, 1977 60 mins

Conclusion. The controller of a powerful weapon is determined to avenge his father's death. Jaime: Lindsay Wagner. Franklin: Michael Burns. Rod Kyler: James Olson. Tami: Melinda Fee. Callahan: Jennifer Darling. Ellen: Lisa Moore. Oscar: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 5


Sat, Oct 15, 1977 60 mins

An OSI agent who rides rodeo on the side is the target of two foreign agents and a pair of saddlebums. Jaime: Lindsay Wagner. Cole: Andrew Prine. Teak: Donald Gentry. Crowley: John Crawford. Radnick: Jason Evers. Janos: Thomas Bellin. Carlos: Rodolfo Hoyos. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Rudy: Martin Brooks.

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Episode 6

African Connection

Sat, Oct 29, 1977 60 mins

Jaime goes through treacherous African terrain to stop a presidential candidate from rigging an election. Harry Walker: Dan O'Herlihy. Azzar: Raymond St. Jacques. Leona Mombassa: Joan Pringle. Duma: Don Pedro Colley.

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Episode 7

Motorcycle Boogie

Sat, Nov 5, 1977 60 mins

In West Germany, Jaime recruits Evel Knievel's help in chasing down a stolen computer tape. Petrov: Bernard Behrens. Schmidt: Spencer Milligan. Guards: Chris Anders, Erik Holland.

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Episode 8

Brain Wash

Sat, Nov 12, 1977 60 mins

Jaime becomes a security leak after her hairdresser gives her a shampoo that's a chemical brain wash. Callahan: Jennifer Darling. John Bernard: Michael Callahan. Benny: David Watson. Pineda: Pepe Hern. Mark Russell: Sam Chew.

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Episode 9

Escape to Love

Sat, Nov 26, 1977 60 mins

A teen behind the Iron Curtain falls in love with Jaime (Lindsay Wagner) when she tries to help him escape. Arlo: Philip Abbott. Dubnov: Peter Mark Richman. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Hober: John Reilly.

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Episode 10


Sat, Dec 3, 1977 60 mins

Spies kidnap Max while Jaime is hospitalized. Valerie: Neile Adams-McQueen. Bobby: Christopher Knight. Hobbs: Bill Fletcher. Carson: Rudy Solari. Dr. Sanders: Sandy Kenyon. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Mark: Sam Chew Jr.

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Episode 11

Over the Hill Spy

Sat, Dec 17, 1977 60 mins

Jaime and a retired OSI agent try to thwart the delivery of a cipher chip to Moscow. Quinn: Richard Erdman. Slotsky: Michael Thoma. Vanovic: Jeff David. Wolfe: Whit Bissell. Juan Robles: Felice Orlandi. Model: Alana Kaye Collins. Fitter: Mary Jackson. Oscar: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 12

All for One

Sat, Jan 7, 1978 60 mins

Jaime tries to catch a bandit tapping OSI bank accounts by computer. Benny: Franklyn Ajaye. Tom Tharp: Roger Perry. Mango: Henry Kingi. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Mrs. Simpson: Viola Kates Stimpson. Raul: Garret Pearson.

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Episode 13

The Pyramid

Sat, Jan 14, 1978 60 mins

An extraterrestrial holds Jaime and her date captive. Chris: Christopher Stone. Jim: Gavan O'Herlihy. Laura: June Barrett.

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Episode 14

The Antidote

Sat, Jan 21, 1978 60 mins

Terrorists give Jaime a slow-working poison in an attempt to learn the site of secret Mideast meetings. Callahan: Jennifer Darling. Chris: Christopher Stone. Sarah: Linda Wiser. Nurse: Suzanne Charny. Carson: James Blendick.

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Episode 15

The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming

Sat, Jan 28, 1978 60 mins

Witnesses see Rudy beamed onto a flying saucer. Lindsay Wagner. Casey: Jim McMullan. Ray Fisk: Jack Kelly. Norma Fisk: Lynn Carlin. Bill Robbins: Frank Marth. Spencer: Frank Aletter.

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Episode 16

Sanctuary Earth

Sat, Feb 11, 1978 60 mins

Jaime harbors an extraterrestrial princess (Helen Hunt) involved in an interplanetary war. Rudy: Martin E. Brooks. Chris Williams: Christopher Stone. Soldiers: Jim, John Hager. Oscar: Richard Anderson.

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Episode 17

Deadly Music

Sat, Feb 18, 1978 60 mins

Jaime joins deep-sea divers who are targeted for murder. Dasovic: Henry Darrow. Kimball: Frank Converse. Ritter: Chip Lucia. Marsden: James Crittenden. Frank Dade: Roger Cruz. Henry Klempt: Robert Ellenstein.

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Episode 18

Which One Is Jaime?

Sat, Feb 25, 1978 60 mins

Kidnappers after Jaime abduct her close friend by mistake. Richard Anderson. Stratton: Brock Peters. Callahan: Jennifer Darling. Russell: Sam Chew Burns: James Sikking. Fowler: Regis J. Cordic. Julie: Adrien Royce.

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Episode 19

Out of Body

Sat, Mar 4, 1978 60 mins

An injured Indian boy tries to tell Jaime by telepathy the location of the bomb he was tricked into stealing. Philip: Nehemiah Persoff. Tommy: Charlie Hill. Denton: Richard Lynch. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Jacoby: Allan Magicovsky. Rudy: Martin E. Brooks. Mauro: Antony Ponzini.

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Episode 20

Long Live the King

Sat, Mar 25, 1978 60 mins

Jaime tries to prevent the assassination of a visiting king (Carmen Argenziano). Oscar: Richard Anderson. Sam Sloan: John Reilly. Mostafa: Charles Cioffi. Kia: Rene Assa. Sharokah: Dov Gottesfeld. Beth: Elise Caitlin. Lynette: Rachel Bard.

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Episode 21

Rancho Outcast

Sat, May 6, 1978 60 mins

A convict hopes to win parole by leading Jaime to a master thief. Gustave: Keenan Wynn. Petie "The Weasel" Regan: Don Calfa. Madeline: Diane Civita. One-eyed One: Henry Kingi. Colonel: Robert Easton. Janos: Dave Cass.

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Episode 22

On the Run

Sat, May 13, 1978 60 mins

Jaime decides to resign from the OSI and seek a life of her own. Chris: Christopher Stone. Oscar: Richard Anderson. Parr: Andrew Duggan. Rudy: Martin E. Brooks. Senator Renshaw: Skip Homeier. Agent Harding: Juno Dawson. Reiko: Mariel Aragon. Tommy: Johnny Timko.

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