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The Bachelorette Season 7 Episodes

10 Episodes 2011 - 2011

Episode 1

Week 1

Mon, May 23, 2011 119 mins

Season 7 premiere: Dental student Ashley Hebert, Brad Womack's 2011 second runner-up, meets 25 potential husbands as limousines disgorge them at the show's Malibu mansion. Among them: a butcher, a fellow dentist, a masked man and a guy she already knows. Then comes the first cocktail party, at which one contestant sings to Ashley, another introduces her to his mother (by speakerphone) and a third, alas, takes the "cocktail" part of the party too seriously. Seven don't make it to Week 2.

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Episode 2

Week 2

Mon, May 30, 2011 121 mins

The 18 opening-night survivors move into the mansion. One guy snares Ashley's first kiss, on a Las Vegas one-on-one date that includes wedding preparations. Another attends a private Colbie Caillat performance, also in Vegas. And 12 others dance with the hip-hop crew Jabbawockeez during a group date. And before three contenders are sent home, the masked man doffs his mask.

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Episode 3

Week 3

Mon, Jun 6, 2011 121 mins

A flash mob and a comedy roast that scalds the Bachelorette are among the highlights as Ashley cuts the field from 15 to 12. The mob appears at an open-air L.A. mall, where Ashley and her date are dancing. And the roast is at L.A.'s Comedy Store, where one guy acts childishly and another cruelly. In fact, Ashley is so distraught that she cancels the cocktail party, leaving candidates who made a bad impression on her unable to make amends.

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Episode 4

Week 4

Mon, Jun 13, 2011 121 mins

Ashley and 12 guys visit Phuket, Thailand, where she and 10 of them visit an orphanage for children who lost their families in the 2004 tsunami. There are also kayaking and shopping expeditions before Ashley reduces the field to 11. Next stop: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Episode 5

Week 5

Mon, Jun 20, 2011 121 mins

Ashley and 11 suitors visit Chiang Mai, Thailand, where three are eliminated. But first, one accompanies her to an ancient temple and eight others engage in Muay Thai boxing (and must fight each other). There's also a two-on-one river-rafting expedition, in which the elephants are playful and the guys nervous. One guy is also loose-lipped. Next stop: Hong Kong.

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Episode 6

Week 6

Mon, Jun 27, 2011 121 mins

Ashley visits Hong Kong with her eight remaining suitors. Before two are eliminated, one dines with her on a junk boat and another goes with her to Victoria's Peak Park. For the six others, it's a day at the races---dragon-boat races---at Stanley Beach. Next stop: Taiwan.

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Episode 7

Week 7

Mon, Jul 11, 2011 121 mins

Ashley arrives in Taiwan with six bachelors, two of whom will be sent home. But first there are three one-on-one dates (a countryside scooter ride, and visits to a temple and a national park), and a three-on-one affair in which Ashley and the guys take wedding photos, and one of the three takes home a red souvenir, guaranteeing him safe passage through the rose ceremony---and a hometown visit from Ashley. Also: 2011 "Bachelor" winner Emily Maynard discusses her relationship with Brad Womack.

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Episode 8

Week 8

Mon, Jul 18, 2011 121 mins

Ashley makes pizza with Constantine in suburban Atlanta, rides in a horse-drawn carriage with Ames outside Philadelphia, picnics with Ben F. in Sonoma, Cal., and roller skates with J.P. on Long Island, N.Y., as she visits the hometowns of her final four bachelors. Returning to the Malibu mansion, she sends one of the guys back home and heads off to Fiji with the other three.

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Episode 9

Week 9

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 121 mins

Ashley and her three remaining suitors visit Fiji for daytime frolicking and, perhaps, overnight canoodling. Adventures include sailing and snorkeling with Ben F., a seaplane ride with J.P., and splashing in a lagoon with Constantine, who has big news. Ashley also receives a surprise visitor before she gives roses to two of the guys.

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Episode 10

S7 The Final Rose

Mon, Aug 1, 2011 122 mins

Season 7 finale: In Fiji, Ashley must choose between Ben F. and J.P., the two final contenders for her heart and, perhaps, her hand. In their "last chance" dates, both guys use the L-word, but one has an edge: the support of Ashley's entire family. Not so for the other: Ashley's sister disapproves of him.

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