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The Avengers Season 3 Episodes

26 Episodes 1963 - 1964

Episode 1

Brief for Murder

Sat, Sep 28, 1963 60 mins

Steed asks two attorneys to plan a perfect crime: the murder of Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman). Wescott: Alec Ross. Lakin: Harold Scott. Jasper: John Laurie. Miss Prinn: Alice Fraser. Wilson: Anthony Baird.

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Episode 2

The Undertakers

Sat, Oct 5, 1963 60 mins

Steed and Cathy go undercover to investigate a mysterious rest home for millionaires. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Marshall: Patrick Holt. Green: Howard Goorney. Lomax: Lee Patterson. Paula: Jan Holden. Mrs. Lomax: Marcella Markham. Daphne: Mandy Miller. Reeve: Denis Forsyth.

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Episode 3

Man with Two Shadows

Sat, Oct 12, 1963 60 mins

The Avengers are faced with smugglers who produce "doubles" of officials. Complicating the situation: a double-dealing duplicate of Steed. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Gordon: Daniel Moynihan. Cummings: Philip Anthony. Charles: Paul Whitsun-Jones. Borowski: Terence Lodge.

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Episode 4

The Nutshell

Sat, Oct 19, 1963 60 mins

Everyone thinks that Steed is a traitor when a top-secret code file disappears. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Venner: Charles Tingwell. Disco: John Cater. Elin: Edina Ronay. Anderson: Ian Clark.

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Episode 5

Death of a Batman

Sat, Oct 26, 1963 60 mins

Steed and Cathy uncover shady dealings when they look into the investments of a banker. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Wrightson: David Burke. Teale: Andre Morell. Van Doren: Philip Madoc. Cynthia: Katy Greenwood.

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Episode 6

November Five

Sat, Nov 2, 1963 60 mins

The murder of a newly elected MP leads to a security scandal. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Dyter: Gary Hope. Dove: David Davies. Fiona: Iris Russell. Joe: Joe Robinson.

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Episode 7

Gilded Cage

Sat, Nov 9, 1963 60 mins

The Avengers plot to catch international criminal mastermind JP Spagge.

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Episode 8

Second Sight

Sat, Nov 16, 1963 60 mins

While Steed gropes around in the dark, Cathy sheds some light on a millionaire's secret. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Vilner: Steven Scott. Neil: Peter Bowles. Eve: Judy Bruce.

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Episode 9

Medicine Man

Sat, Nov 23, 1963 60 mins

Steed uncovers a plot to distribute poisoned medicinces in an oil rich Middle Eastern country.

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Episode 10

The Grandeur That Was Rome

Sat, Nov 30, 1963 60 mins

Crop failures and strange animal diseases lead the Avengers to a latter-day Caesar who plans to take over the world. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Bruno: Hugh Burden. Marcus: John Flint.

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Episode 11

The Golden Fleece

Sat, Dec 7, 1963 60 mins

Steed and Cathy trail an international gold smuggler who is using a Chinese restaurant as a front. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Jason: Warren Mitchell. Lo: Robert Lee. Wright: Barry Linehan.

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Episode 12

Don't Look Behind You

Sat, Dec 14, 1963 60 mins

Cathy is invited to a desolate country house where she finds a strange girl and hears voices in empty rooms and screams in the fog. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Ola: Janine Gray. Young Man: Kenneth Colley. Man: Maurice Good.

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Episode 13

Death a la Carte

Sat, Dec 21, 1963 60 mins

Disguised as a chef, Steed cooks up a scheme to prevent the death of a Mideast ruler. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Emir: Henry Soskin. Mollor: Robert James. Lucien: Gordon Rollings.

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Episode 14

Dressed to Kill

Sat, Dec 28, 1963 60 mins

Steed and Cathy play dress-up when Steed is invited to a mysterious New Year's costume party on-board a train, during which a murder takes place. Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman. Newman: Leon Eagles. Officer: Peter Fontaine. Napoleon: Alexander Davion. Pussy Cat: Anneke Wills. Barman: Frank Maher. Highwaywoman: Anthea Wyndham.

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Episode 15

The White Elephant

Sat, Jan 4, 1964 60 mins

A gun shop and a white elephant stolen from a zoo figure into the Avengers' investigation of possible ivory smuggling. Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman. George: Martin Friend. Noah: Geoffrey Quiqley. Brenda: Judy Parfitt. Fitch: Bruno Barnabe.

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Episode 16

The Little Wonders

Sat, Jan 11, 1964 60 mins

Steed (Patrick Macnee) poses as a vicar to infiltrate a convention that may be a cover for a huge spy ring. Honor Blackman. Beardmore: Tony Steedman. Sr. Johnson: Lois Maxwell. Bishop: David Bauer. Gerda: Rosemarie Durham.

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Episode 17

The Wringer

Sat, Jan 18, 1964 60 mins

Cathy (Honor Blackman) must save Steed (Patrick Macnee), who has become the victim of a brain-washing organization while investigating the disappearance of an agent. Sallis: Hal Anderson. Charles: Paul Whitsun-Jones. Oliver: Barry Letts. Lovell: Gerald Sim. Bethune: Neil Robinson. The Wringer: Terence Lodge. Murdo: Douglas Cummings.

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Episode 18


Sat, Jan 25, 1964 60 mins

Steed and Cathy uncover a diabolical plot--a burial plot--at a local cemetery where wealthy older gentlemen are becoming residents with alarming frequency. Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman. Rev. Wyper: George Benson. Hopkins: Philip Locke. Benson: Robert Morris. Macrombie: John Le Mesurier.

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Episode 19

The Secret's Broker

Sat, Feb 1, 1964 60 mins

Steed (Patrick Macnee) puts his wine expertise to use while investigating the murder of a colleague whose death is traced to a fine-wine establishment hiding dark secrets. Honor Blackman. Mrs. Wilson: Avice Landon. Julia: Jennifer Wood. Bruno: Valentino Musetti. Paignton: John Stone.

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Episode 20

The Trojan Horse

Sat, Feb 8, 1964 60 mins

Steed and Cathy harness their investigative skills when they are assigned to keep an eye on a wealthy man's vast stables, which are linked to a series of murders of politicians and businessmen. Derek Newark, Geoffrey Whitehead. Kirby: James Donnelly. Meadows: Arthur Pentelow. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Steed: Patrick Macnee.

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Episode 21

Build a Better Mousetrap

Sat, Feb 15, 1964 60 mins

The Avengers investigate jamming of equipment near an atomic-research plant. Steed: Patrick Macnee. Cathy: Honor Blackman. Wesker: John Tate. Cynthia: Athene Seyler. Ermyntrude: Nora Nicholson. Caroline: Alison Seebohm.

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Episode 22

The Outside-in Man

Sat, Feb 22, 1964 60 mins

Steed is slated to head the security of a visiting diplomat, who was a traitor to the British government and may have more enemies gunning for him. Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman. Charter: James Maxwell. Alice: Virginia Stride. Quilpie: Ronald Radd

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Episode 23

The Charmers

Sat, Feb 29, 1964 60 mins

Steed (Patrick Macnee) insists he is innocent in the murder of a member of a shady organization. The group's leader insists they trade hostages to show that both sides are willing to find the murderer, so Steed chooses Cathy (Honor Blackman). Martin: John Barcroft. Keller: Warren Mitchell. Betty: Vivian Pickles.

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Episode 24


Sat, Mar 7, 1964 60 mins

Steed and Cathy (Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman) investigate a Russian pianist who is accused of murdering a British girl, an act which might trigger an international incident. Peterson: Bernard Brown. Polly: Valerie Bell. Burns: Geoffrey Colville. Zalenko: Nigel Stock.

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Episode 25

Esprit de Corps

Sat, Mar 14, 1964 60 mins

Steed and Cathy investigate a death at a military barracks, where a soldier was supposedly executed by firing squad, though Steed discovers that the man may have been murdered.

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Episode 26

Lobster Quadrille

Sat, Mar 21, 1964 60 mins

After identifying an agent's body in the morgue, Steed and Cathy discover an unusual chess piece in his pocket, which Cathy believes may be a clue to the man's murder. Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman. Bush: Gary Watson. Quentin: Corin Redgrave. Stannage: Norman Scace. Mason: Burt Kwouk.

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