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The Alaskans Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

36 Episodes 1959 - 1960

Episode 1

Gold Sled

Sun, Oct 4, 1959 60 mins

Rocky, intrigued by a tale of buried gold, joins Reno and Silky on the trail to the Klondike. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Reno: Jeff York. Silky: Roger Moore. Quag: Allyn Joslyn. Meshikov: Sam Buffington. Chilkoot: Jack Bighead. Man: Hank Peterson.

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Episode 2

Cheating Cheaters

Sun, Oct 11, 1959 60 mins

Silky tangles with a saloon owner who spirited away a fortune in gold dust. Nifty: Ray Danton. Reno: Jeff York. Bowers: Frank Ferguson. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Fantan: Frank de Kova.

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Episode 3

The Devil Made Five

Sun, Oct 18, 1959 60 mins

Three strangers unexpectedly join up with Reno as he transports dynamite over a treacherous trail to Nome. Duchess: Andrea King. Jenks: Walter Burke. Mary: Susan Crane. Marks: Charles Fredericks. Silky: Roger Moore. Cornish: John Dehner. Rocky: Dorothy Provine.

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Episode 4

Petticoat Crew

Sun, Oct 25, 1959 60 mins

Silky's latest scheme: shipping a group of dancing girls and Thanksgiving turkeys from Seattle to Dawson. Cronin: Ray Danton. Madaleine: Peggy McCay. Silky: Roger Moore. Reno: Jeff York. Fantan: Frank de Kova. Smithers: Dwight Marfield.

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Episode 5

Starvation Stampede

Sun, Nov 1, 1959 60 mins

A storekeeper turns the town into a powder keg when he raises his prices sky high. Silky: Roger Moore. Reno: Jeff York. Despain: John Qualen. Rodick: James Westerfield. Stella: Allison Hayes. Gray: Joe di Reda. Rocky: Dorothy Provine.

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Episode 6

Big Deal

Sun, Nov 8, 1959 60 mins

A lost legal document involves Silky and Reno in a multimillion-dollar swindle. Smith: John Dehner. Matthews: Jesse White. Silky: Roger Moore. Reno: Jeff York. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Cartright: Carleton Carpenter. Elizabeth: Catherine McLeod.

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Episode 7

Contest at Gold Bottom

Sun, Nov 15, 1959 60 mins

Silky and Reno hold a contest to name an abandoned baby---and save their mine from foreclosure. Silky: Roger Moore. Reno: Jeff York. Fantan: Frank de Kova. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Jake: Archie Duncan. Pete: George Dunn. Kid Johns: Eddie Quillan.

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Episode 8

Winter Song

Sun, Nov 22, 1959 60 mins

In Eagle City for a concert, an opera star mysteriously loses her voice. Reno: Jeff York. Silky: Roger Moore. Bannister: Alan Baxter. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Styles: Jerome Cowan. Adams: George Wallace. Bonnett: Mickey Simpson.

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Episode 9

The Golden Fleece

Sun, Nov 29, 1959 60 mins

After attacking Reno, four men purchase an apparently worthless gold mine. Sue: Beatrice Kay. Anders: George Kennedy. Raskins: Theodore Marcuse. Silky: Roger Moore. Reno: Jeff York. Doc: Ralf Harolde. Fantan: Frank de Kova. Stone: Jerry Oddo.

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Episode 10

Doc Booker

Sun, Dec 6, 1959 60 mins

Doc Booker's efforts to control a typhoid epidemic are hampered by a woman's charge that he isn't a doctor. Booker: Simon Oakland. Clara: Julie Adams. Emma: Jeanne Cooper. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Silky: Roger Moore. Frank: Wendell Holmes.

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Episode 11

The Abominable Snowman

Sun, Dec 13, 1959 60 mins

Silky and a man named Otto vie for possession of a mine after its owner is killed. Silky: Roger Moore. Otto: Robert Boon. Alabama: Ruta Lee. Granit: Ray Teal. Father Malone: Jack Mather. Calcutta: Vito Scotti. Tweed: Antony Eustrel.

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Episode 12

Remember the Maine

Sun, Dec 20, 1959 60 mins

John Dehner as a con man recruiting men to fight in the Spanish-American War. Mathews: Jesse White. Silky: Roger Moore. Reno: Jeff York. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Skag: George Chandler. Elizabeth: Catherine McLeod.

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Episode 13

Million Dollar Kid

Sun, Jan 3, 1960 60 mins

A young Indian tries earning money for fare to the U.S. by trading shares in a mine. Kat: Bart Bradley. Reno: Jeff York. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Wilkes: Mort Mills. Fantan: Frank de Kova. Holland: Neil Hamilton.

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Episode 14

The Trial of Reno McKee

Sun, Jan 10, 1960 60 mins

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as drunken lawyer John Conrad, the only one capable of clearing Reno of a murder charge. Reno: Jeff York. Silky: Roger Moore. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Ellen: Karen Steele. Burton: Fredd Wayne. Carl: Don O'Kelly.

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Episode 15

Gold Fever

Sun, Jan 17, 1960 60 mins

Reno's brother strikes out in search of gold, leaving his new bride in Skagway. Danny: Wynn Pearce. Reno: Jeff York. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Charlie: Gerald Mohr. Sarah: Susan Morrow. Baron: Werner Klemperer.

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Episode 16

The Challenge

Sun, Jan 24, 1960 60 mins

Someone is out to prevent Silky from climbing a mountain to divert an impending avalanche. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Grant: Don Dubbins. Lindtberg: Leonidas Ossetynski. Nancy: Penny Edwards. Ezra: John Hoyt. Phil: Robert Colbert.

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Episode 17

The Long Pursuit

Sun, Jan 31, 1960 60 mins

Reno joins a detective in pursuit of a suspected murderess. Bundy: Harold J. Stone. Amy: Ruta Lee. Reno: Jeff York. Wallace: Mike Road. Doc: Rusty Lane. Leary: Dick Rich. Elkins: Joel Ashley.

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Episode 18

The Seal Skin Game

Sun, Feb 7, 1960 60 mins

Silky, Rocky and Reno try to unload a bankrupt seal-raising business that they were conned into buying. Nifty: Ray Danton. Jacqueline: Jacqueline Beer. Blewett: Peter Whitney. Silky: Roger Moore. Reno: Jeff York. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Fantan: Frank de Kova. Joey: Richard Sargent.

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Episode 19

Spring Fever

Sun, Feb 14, 1960 60 mins

Rocky falls for Gordon Talbot, a con artist who plans to swindle her. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Silky: Roger Moore. Lucille: Lyn Statten. Bouchard: Maurice Marsac. Jessie: Napua Woodd. Grogan: Charles Tannen.

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Episode 20

Black Sand

Sun, Feb 21, 1960 60 mins

Reno's search for a lost gold mine is complicated when a romantic triangle develops among his party. Reno: Jeff York. Nora: Karen Steele. Dan: Tom Drake. Joe: Richard Reeves. Pete: John Reach.

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Episode 21

Peril at Caribou Crossing

Sun, Feb 28, 1960 60 mins

Silky and a couple are held hostage by outlaws. Silky: Roger Moore. Collier: Jerry Paris. Janice: Fay Spain. Roc: Lee Van Cleef. Purvis: Steve Brodie.

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Episode 22

Behind the Moon

Sun, Mar 6, 1960 60 mins

A prospector's plans to wed an Indian girl are shattered when gold is discovered on her tribe's land. Kirk: Lee Patterson. Kerano: Andra Martin. Reno: Jeff York. Shaman: Michael Forest. Pemberton: Hugh Sanders. Mrs. Pemberton: Diane McBain.

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Episode 23


Sun, Mar 13, 1960 60 mins

A boy who believes his father died a hero learns the truth---and disappears. Jimmy: Jimmy Carter. Johnson: Alan Hale Jr. Hendricks: Warren Stevens. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Reno: Jeff York. Davis: Richard Webb.

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Episode 24

Disaster at Gold Hill

Sun, Mar 20, 1960 60 mins

Silky is set up as a decoy for a jealous husband. Fay: Madlyn Rhue. Loomis: Rex Reason. Reno: Jeff York. Bryant: Mike Road. Rocky: Dorothy Provine.

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Episode 25

The Last Bullet

Sun, Mar 27, 1960 60 mins

Silky falls prey to a group of sinister outlaws. Bradshaw: Frank Cady. Judy: Andra Martin. Hoyt: Gary Vinson. Bryce: Dick Miller. Lynch: Robert Clark.

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Episode 26

A Barrel of Gold

Sun, Apr 3, 1960 60 mins

Two brothers go prospecting for gold, but only one comes back alive. Roy: Richard Evans. Ed: Jack Mather. Silky: Roger Moore. Rose: Jean Allison. Owen: Edward Kemmer. Pierre: Michael Forest. Thomas: Hal Baylor.

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Episode 27

The Bride Wore Black

Sun, Apr 10, 1960 60 mins

A man uses Silky's picture to attract a mail-order bride (Fay Spain). Wilson: John Beal. Silky: Roger Moore. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Jack Hawley: Lee Bergere. Arlington: Keith Edwards. Winnie: Elzada Wilson.

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Episode 28

Odd Man Hangs

Sun, Apr 17, 1960 60 mins

Silky and two other men are charged with the same murder. Duran: Michael Forest. Carter: Valerie French. Silky: Roger Moore. Simmons: Myron Healey. Farrell: Ken Mayer.

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Episode 29


Sun, Apr 24, 1960 60 mins

Silky uses the weapons of a newspaper to nab the murderer of his partner. Linda: Karen Steele. Finch: George Kennedy. Silky: Roger Moore. Peyton: Robert McQueeny. Gus: Donald Barry. Carstairs: Horace McMahon. Butell: Charles Alvin Bell.

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Episode 30

Heart of Gold

Sun, May 1, 1960 60 mins

Pierre is bushwhacked while transporting gold dust to Yukon City. Andrews: Troy Donahue. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Frank: Gary Vinson. Byers: Paul Birch. Brother Barlow: Frank Ferguson. Swede: Emory Parnell. Chinook: Charles Stevens.

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Episode 31

Kangaroo Court

Sun, May 8, 1960 60 mins

In isolated country, Silky invites trouble by helping a stranded entertainer and her friend. Fay: Joan O'Brien. Ryan: Robert Lowery. Silky: Roger Moore. Queed: Walter Burke. Blaine: Gregory Walcott. Art: Jeff de Benning.

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Episode 32

The Silent Land

Sun, May 15, 1960 60 mins

Pierre joins Mountie Constable Watts in a search for two fugitives. Pierre: Michael Forest. Silky: Roger Moore. Manning: Arthur Franz. Fleming: Richard Carlyle.

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Episode 33


Sun, May 22, 1960 60 mins

Silky's problems are just beginning when he wins a half share in a mine. Calico: Myrna Fahey. Silky: Roger Moore. Stony: Rex Reason. Clay: Richard Webb. Wheaton: Tris Coffin. Tracy: Leo Gordon. Jud: Dick Cutting. Nathaniel: Billy M. Greene.

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Episode 34

Sign of the Kodiak

Sun, May 29, 1960 60 mins

Call Pierre lucky when he escapes death from a hunter's bullet. Pierre: Michael Forest. Warren: Lee Patterson. Ruth: Pippa Scott. Rocky: Dorothy Provine. Zeena: Chana Eden. Ivan: Leonid Kinsey.

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Episode 35

White Vengeance

Sun, Jun 5, 1960 60 mins

Silky is greeted with a bullet when he brings old Gil Hawkins news of his son's gold strike. Gil: Tim Graham. Jobka: Peter Whitney. Lily: Andra Martin. Shawn: Robert Colbert. Corbi: Lyn Statten.

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Episode 36

The Ballad of Whitehorse

Sun, Jun 12, 1960 60 mins

James Coburn guest stars as a drunken poet, suffering from a terminal illness, who wants to marry a dance-hall girl. Kate: Jean Allison. Silky: Roger Moore. Holland: Rex Reason. Bartender: James Parnell. Molly: Saundra Edwards. Brown: Ted White.

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