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That Was Then Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

4 Episodes 2002 - 2002

Episode 1

The Thirty-Year Itch (Pilot)

Fri, Sep 27, 2002 60 mins

Time traveler Travis Glass (James Bulliard), a 30-year-old loser, gets his first chance to "go back and do it over, knowing what I know now" in the series pilot. The triggers: a lightning bolt and the Kinks' "Do It Again." Now (actually, it's then), Travis can do it again. Trouble is, things he does have consequences that will keep him hopping back and forth. Mickey: Bess Armstrong. Claudia: Kiele Sanchez. Pinkus: Tyler Labine. Double G: Jeffrey Tambor. Gregg: Brad Raider.

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Episode 2

Mayor May Not

Fri, Oct 4, 2002 60 mins

Back in the present, Travis is mayor of Jasper. He's also married to Lanie (Rhonda Dent), and that makes his ex-best friend Pinkus (who has a crush on Lanie) his abiding foe. So he must return to 1988 to unhitch himself. And while there, he must also get Claudia to stop hating Greg. If he doesn't, his nephew Ethan won't be born. Then there's the matter of the $5000 Travis stole from his bookie father, Double G (Jeffrey Tambor). And Timmy (David Kopp), whose life he just saved, is demanding that his wrecked truck be replaced. Johnny Cocktails: Brad Grunberg. The Captain: Hamilton Camp.

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Episode 3

Under Noah's Certain Terms

60 mins

Travis sees a high-school classmate (Glenn Howerton) on an unsolved-crimes TV show, and goes back to 1988 to deter him from a life on the wrong side of the law. But that's not all Travis has to fix: There are Gregg and Claudia to reunite; and Double D's life to save, one strip of bacon at a time. Meanwhile, the teenage Pinkus wants to travel back in time himself. (It seems that there was an incident at summer camp he wants to change.) Timmy Robinson: David Kopp.

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Episode 4

A Rock and a Head Case

60 mins

Travis is in jail, so he figures he must go back to 1988 to change the course of his life. "I have to clear my name," he tells Pinkus. "Lose the bad-boy label. Labels stick." Also back then: Claudia's relationship with Timmy Robinson (David Kopp) is blossoming, which really wounds Gregg. And Zooey's not doing well in school, even though she's really smart. Regis Philbin has a cameo as a himself in a game-show sequence.

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