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Temple Houston Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

26 Episodes 1963 - 1964

Episode 1

The Twisted Rope

Thu, Sep 19, 1963 60 mins

Houston (Jeffrey Hunter) offers his services to Dorrie Chevenix, whose two brothers have been accused of killing a lawman. Taggart: Jack Elam. Dorrie: Collin Wilcox. Boley: Victor Jory. Brothers: Anthony Call, Richard Evans.

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Episode 2

Find Angel Chavez

Thu, Sep 26, 1963 60 mins

Someone is trying to frame Taggart (Jack Elam) for murder. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Chavez: Rafael Campos. Clanton: Gene Evans. Lennox: Herbert Rudley. Maria: Linda Dangcil. Donna: Anna Navarro. Bell: Woodrow Parfrey.

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Episode 3

Letter of the Law

Thu, Oct 3, 1963 60 mins

Houston (Jeffrey Hunter) plans to defend the Harrod brothers on criminal charges---even though he thinks one of them is guilty. Taggart: Jack Elam. Ruth: Brenda Scott. Willie: Victor French. Vint: James Anderson. Prue: Jan Stine. Judge: Crahan Denton.

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Episode 4

Toll the Bell Slowly

Thu, Oct 17, 1963 60 mins

Houston's client has been charged with murder---and the chief witness is sentenced to hang. Ellena: Susan Kohner. Forbes: Everett Sloane. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Bailey: Noah Beery. Sheriff: Royal Dano. Grimm: Leo Gordon.

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Episode 5

The Third Bullet

Thu, Oct 24, 1963 60 mins

Convicted killer Jim Stocker has an improbable ally in Taggart (Jack Elam)---who's anxious to win over Jim's girl. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Jim: Hampton Fancher. Francie: Anne Helm. Logan: Frank Sutton. Sheriff: Parley Baer. Simpson: Don Beddoe.

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Episode 6

Gallops at Galilee

Thu, Oct 31, 1963 60 mins

An accidental killer is being tried before "hanging" Judge Starke (Robert Lansing). Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Julian: Ralph Reed. Kate: Jacqueline Scott. Alvorsen: Elisha Cook. Marshal: Dabbs Greer.

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Episode 7

The Siege at Thayer's Bluff

Thu, Nov 7, 1963 60 mins

Miner Paul Bannerman (William Reynolds) is determined to maintain his squatter's rights---even when faced by hired guns. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Mary: Nina Shipman. Gilman: Russell Thorson. Kester: Robert Bray. Joyce: John Cliff. Wren: Shug Fisher. Judge: E.J. Andre.

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Episode 8


Thu, Nov 14, 1963 60 mins

Houston saves Tobe Gillard (Eddie Firestone) from a lynch mob---then learns that Tobe's accused of killing Temple's friend. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Emory: Peter Whitney. Elizabeth: Virginia Gregg. Conley: William Bramley.

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Episode 9

Thunder Gap

Thu, Nov 21, 1963 60 mins

Marcey Bannister (Diana Millay) refuses to believe her husband is an outlaw---even when he tries to hijack the stage she's on. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Bannister: Robert Colbert. Newmark: Richard Garland. Sykes: Brad Weston.

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Episode 10

Billy Hart

Thu, Nov 28, 1963 60 mins

Amy Hart's husband has willed all family property---and custody of their child---to a ranch foreman. Amy: Audrey Dalton. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Lambert: Ron Hayes. Clarke: Philip Ober. Hart: Pat Cardi. Turner: Jon Lormer. Judge: Rhys Williams.

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Episode 11

Seventy Times Seven

Thu, Dec 5, 1963 60 mins

Pacifist Gustav Bergen and his family refuse to defend themselves against Ben Wade (Steve Ihnat) and his gang. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Sam: Karl Swenson. Helmi: Susanne Cramer. Gustav: Charles Radilac. Sheriff: Simon Scott.

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Episode 12

Fracas at Kiowa Flats

Thu, Dec 12, 1963 60 mins

Houston (Jeffrey Hunter) and Taggart (Jack Elam) try to end a feud between two ranchers who are still fighting the Civil War---20 years after its end. Meredith: Kathie Browne. Shepard: Barry Kelley. Grainger: Dayton Lummis. Merry: J. Pat O'Malley.

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Episode 13

Enough Rope

Thu, Dec 19, 1963 60 mins

"Enough Rope" is what mayoralty candidate Houston (Jeffrey Hunter) intends to give the smear-campaigning incumbent. Taggart: Jack Elam. Williams: John Dehner. Lucy: Ruta Lee. Crane: John Harmon. Fowler: Ron Soble. McGee: Walter Sande.

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Episode 14

The Dark Madonna

Thu, Dec 26, 1963 60 mins

A priest asks Houston to defend a boy accused of murder---but a woman (Constance Ford) wants to see the youth hanged. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Warrener: Don Collier. Taggart: Jack Elam. Rio: Johnny Seven. Carteret: Stacy Harris.

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Episode 15

The Guardian

Thu, Jan 2, 1964 60 mins

A dying rancher asks Houston to protect his fiery daughter (Julie Parrish) from a tyrranical neighbor (Robert Emhardt). Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Ballard: Greg Irving. Sodbuster: Sammy Jackson.

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Episode 16

Thy Name Is Woman

Thu, Jan 9, 1964 60 mins

A woman lawyer (Patricia Blair) assists Houston with the case of a saloon hostess who claims she shot in self-defense. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Ida: Mary Wickes. Taggart: Jack Elam. Riggs: Charles Lane. Judge: Frank Ferguson. Martin: Robert Clarke.

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Episode 17

The Law and Big Annie

Thu, Jan 16, 1964 60 mins

Taggart (Jack Elam) pays off huge freight and feed bills for "livestock" he inherited---then learns he owns a 4-ton elephant. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Marian: Carol Byron. Ida: Mary Wickes. Owens: Norm Alden. Murdock: Claude Stroud. Hillings: Charles Watts.

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Episode 18

Sam's Boy

Thu, Jan 23, 1964 60 mins

Three spry old-timers want Houston (Jeffrey Hunter) to lead their plot to rearrange the state of Texas. Webb: Douglas Fowley. Rogers: William Fawcett. Hicks: Charles Seel. Powers: Kenneth Tobey.

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Episode 19

Ten Rounds for Baby

Thu, Jan 30, 1964 60 mins

Joey Baker (Van Williams), who can handle himself in a barroom brawl, is urged by a young lady (Anne Francis) to take on a professional boxer. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Baby: Zeme North. Morgan: Hal Baylor. Jackson: Dave Willock. Murdock: Claude Stroud. Walt: Warren Vanders.

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Episode 20

The Case for William Gotch

Thu, Feb 6, 1964 60 mins

A rancher claims that gambler Martin Royale (Ray Danton) cheated him out of his spread. Gotch: James Best. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Ida: Mary Wickes. Coley: Richard Jaeckel. Fallon: Denver Pyle.

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Episode 21

A Slight Case of Larceny

Thu, Feb 13, 1964 60 mins

Penniless Pancho Blanca (Vito Scotti) is living off credit he established by bragging that he was responsible for a gold robbery. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Marion: Carol Byron. Hillings: Charles Watts. Harker: Robert Phillips.

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Episode 22

Last Full Moon

Thu, Feb 27, 1964 60 mins

An Indian chief (Abraham Sofaer) plans to take a horse-theft case to court---instead of paying the usual bribe to the Indian agent. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Cobb: Larry Ward. Bluebird: Pilar Seurat. Long Maned Pony: John Alonzo.

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Episode 23

The Gun That Swept the West

Thu, Mar 5, 1964 60 mins

A newly invented cannon is stolen by mercenary allies of the Indians. Dobbs: John Dehner. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Cramer: Michael Pate. Sheldon: Sherwood Price.

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Episode 24

Do unto Others, Then Gallop

Thu, Mar 19, 1964 60 mins

A whispering campaign accuses Houston (Jeffrey Hunter) of killing an unarmed man. Taggart: Jack Elam. Brown: Adam Williams. Sangster: Robert McQueeney. Tangerine: Grace Lee Whitney. Ida: Mary Wickes.

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Episode 25

The Town That Trespassed

Thu, Mar 26, 1964 60 mins

A valid deed proves that Charity Simpson (Connie Stevens) owns all the property in Houston's home town. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. Purcell: Robert Conrad. Spanker: Parley Baer. Mayor: Walter Sande. Jackson: Dave Willock.

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Episode 26

Miss Katherina

Thu, Apr 2, 1964 60 mins

A woman (Paula Raymond) who lost her heart to a suave thief refuses to reveal his plot to steal a gold shipment. Houston: Jeffrey Hunter. Taggart: Jack Elam. McGuire: John Baer. Greeley: Anthony Costello. Rivers: Simon Scott. Sinclair: John Lupton.

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