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Tarzan Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

31 Episodes 1966 - 1967

Episode 1

Eyes of the Lion

Thu, Sep 8, 1966 60 mins

A native youth insists on stalking the lion that killed his father. Oringa: Ned Romero. Nara: Laurie Sibbald. Tarzan: Ron Ely. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Rao: Rockne Tarkington.

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Episode 2

Ultimate Weapon

Fri, Sep 16, 1966 60 mins

Peter Haines (Andrew Prine) goes after Tarzan (Ron Ely), who accidentally killed the young man's father. Hoby: Jock Mahoney. Kathy: Sheilah Wells. Sully: Laurence Haddon. Haines: Dennis Cross.

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Episode 3

Leopard on the Loose

Fri, Sep 23, 1966 60 mins

A trading-post worker plans to make some quick cash by stealing Jai's pet leopard. Bell: Russ Tamblyn. Tarzan: Ron Ely. Morrisey: Ken Scott. Galloway: Morgan Jones. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Rao: Rockne Tarkington.

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Episode 4

Life for a Life

Fri, Sep 30, 1966 60 mins

As Jai lies near death from a spider bite, Tarzan (Ron Ely) races to find the two people whose blood could save the boy. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Whittaker: John Levingston. Maggie: Danica d'Hondt. Obasi: Jon Alvar.

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Episode 5


Fri, Oct 7, 1966 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) tries to prevent an angry tribe from taking the law into its own hands. Spooner: Robert J. Wilke. Mac: Charles Maxwell. Dude: Ken Drake.

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Episode 6

Three Faces of Death

Fri, Oct 14, 1966 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) competes in three death-defying contests to help a woman retain her right to tribal reign. Jamayo: Woody Strode. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Laneen: Ena Hartman.

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Episode 7

Prodigal Puma

Fri, Oct 21, 1966 60 mins

A ruthless and embittered hunter plots to steal a rare puma captured by Tarzan (Ron Ely). Spandrell: Rafer Johnson. Sheri: Gigi Perreau. Hacker: Jan Merlin.

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Episode 8

Deadly Silence

Fri, Oct 28, 1966 60 mins

Part 1. The ape man (Ron Ely) tries to shatter a power-mad colonel's dream of creating an empire. Colonel: Jock Mahoney. Metusa: Robert DoQui. Ruana: Nichelle Nichols. Okala: Jose Chavez. Marshak: Woody Strode. Akaba: Kenny Washington.

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Episode 9

Deadly Silence

Fri, Nov 4, 1966 60 mins

Part 2. Tarzan (Ron Ely), deafened by grenades, has only his animal friends to help him elude heavily armed pursuers. Colonel: Jock Mahoney. Marshak: Woody Strode. Chico: Gregorio Acosta.

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Episode 10


Fri, Nov 11, 1966 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) and Jai try to guide young Prince Sharif safely out of the jungle, where he is being pursued by conspirators. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Sharif: Ricky Cordell. Toussaint: Ronald Long. Karim: Ken Drake. Native: Randolph Sealey.

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Episode 11

Village of Fire

Fri, Nov 18, 1966 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) races to recover a stolen serum, the only hope for the fever-racked Jai (Manuel Padilla Jr.) Dr. Haru: Nobu McCarthy. Totoni: Chuck Wood.

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Episode 12

Day of the Golden Lion

Fri, Dec 2, 1966 60 mins

An Olympic-style jungle contest becomes a treacherous event when an attempt is made to steal the golden prize. Tarzan: Ron Ely. Laura: Suzy Parker. Wilhelm: Curt Lowens. Karl: George Murdock. Ahmad: Rockne Tarkington. Jai: Manuel Padillo Jr.

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Episode 13

Pearls of Tanga

Fri, Dec 9, 1966 60 mins

The jungle lord (Ron Ely) faces death at the hands of a fanatical U-boat commander, who has been poisoning the waters. Gioco: Carlos Rivas. Balta: John Kelly.

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Episode 14

End of the River

Fri, Dec 16, 1966 60 mins

A plane crash involves Tarzan (Ron Ely) in a race to save a girl's life and a struggle against a convicted criminal. Tyler: Michael Witney. Gillian: Robert Wilke. Suzanne: Jill Donohue. Damian: George Murdock.

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Episode 15

Ultimate Duel

Fri, Dec 23, 1966 60 mins

A scientist (Henry Silva) wants to use Tarzan as his guinea pig in an experiment. Tarzan: Ron Ely. D'Bola: Booker Bradshaw. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr.

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Episode 16

Fire People

Fri, Dec 30, 1966 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) and Jai help a native chief save his people. The tribe refuses to abandon their homes in a volcanic mountain that is about to blow up. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Hamaar: Morris Erby. Chaddo: Mel Lettman. Gloria: Elsa Cardenas.

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Episode 17

Track of the Dinosaur

Fri, Jan 6, 1967 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) clashes with a corrupt government official and his woman cohort, who are cashing in on native superstition. Bergstrom: Lloyd Bochner. Diana: Pippa Scott. Curt: Harry Lauter. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr.

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Episode 18

Day the Earth Trembled

Fri, Jan 13, 1967 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) recruits three escaped convicts to help him escort a group of children on a perilous journey to safety. Peggy: Susan Oliver. Dolan: John Anderson. Joppo: Jacques Aubuchon. Thorn: Eugene Evans.

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Episode 19

Cap'n Jai

Fri, Jan 20, 1967 60 mins

Jai (Manuel Padilla Jr.) becomes a pawn in the double-cross plot of three greedy sailors, who are after stolen diamonds. Dutch: Chips Rafferty. Tarzan: Ron Ely.

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Episode 20

Pride of Assassins

Fri, Jan 27, 1967 60 mins

A gunrunner and his two hired assassins are after Tarzan (Ron Ely) and a young woman, who threaten to expose a smuggling scheme. Albers: Gene Evans. Baeder: Michael Whitney. Cotonasos: Victor French. Diana: Jill Donahue. Native: Chuck Wood.

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Episode 21

Golden Runaway

Fri, Feb 3, 1967 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) leads a young woman to a red-headed Irishman, who may have a clue to her brother's disappearance. Martha: Gia Scala. Red: Sean McClory.

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Episode 22

Basil of the Bulge

Fri, Feb 10, 1967 60 mins

A native chief and a corrupt government official try to prevent Sir Basil Bertram from arranging a tribal treaty. Bertram: Maurice Evans. Roger Bradley: Warren Stevens. Mwanza: Bernie Hamilton. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Tarzan: Ron Ely.

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Episode 23

Mask of Rona

Fri, Feb 17, 1967 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) escorts a party searching for artist Rona Swann, unaware that one of the group is using the safari as a cover for a gun-running operation. Maas: Martin Gabel. Beryl: Leslie Parrish. Rona: Nancy Malone. Chambers: Jock Mahoney.

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Episode 24

To Steal the Rising Sun

Fri, Feb 24, 1967 60 mins

A self-exiled native chief plots to steal his tribe's priceless ruby. Tarzan: Ron Ely. Duprez: John van Dreelen. Lita: Victoria Shaw. King: Roy Glenn Sr. O'Brian: Henry Beckman. Boggs: Strother Martin. Bella: James Earl Jones.

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Episode 25

Jungle Dragnet

Fri, Mar 3, 1967 60 mins

A native revolutionary and a sinister soldier try to prevent a little girl from revealing the location of an oil-rich field. Thompson: Simon Oakland. Kasembi: William Marshall. Tarzan: Ron Ely. Mandy: Victoria Meyerink.

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Episode 26

Perils of Charity Jones

Fri, Mar 10, 1967 60 mins

Part 1. A missionary (Julie Harris) and Jai try to pilot a disabled boat to safety. Manuel Padilla Jr., Ron Ely. Pedro: Edward Binns. Shambu: Bernie Hamilton. Griggs: Michael Pate.

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Episode 27

Perils of Charity Jones

Fri, Mar 17, 1967 60 mins

Part 2. Tarzan (Ron Ely), Charity Jones (Julie Harris) and Jai are pursued by a tribe eager to get the guns Jai has hidden. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Chaka: Woody Strode. Pedro: Edward Binns. Shambu: Bernie Hamilton.

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Episode 28


Fri, Mar 24, 1967 60 mins

Jai and Dutch Jenson (Chips Rafferty) clash with a fugitive who plans to elude a manhunt by joining a circus. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Tarzan: Ron Ely. Ilona: Sally Kellerman.

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Episode 29


Fri, Mar 31, 1967 60 mins

A woman and her four hired killers threaten to blow up a native village unless Tarzan (Ron Ely) makes himself their prisoner. Madiline: Ruth Roman. Karnak: Ralph Meeker. Romo: Henry Corden. Metusa: William Gunn. Luba: Jeff Burton. Oscar: Channo Urrueta.

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Episode 30

Algie B for Brave

Fri, Apr 7, 1967 60 mins

Jai helps Gen. Basil Bertram (Maurice Evans) locate a foreign power's nuclear-detection devices. Jai: Manuel Padilla Jr. Algie: Todd Garrett. West: Lewis Martin. Conrad: Robert Brubaker. Morrissey: Arthur Franz.

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Episode 31

Man Killer

Fri, Apr 14, 1967 60 mins

Tarzan (Ron Ely) tries to solve a series of murders in a village where natives practice drug-induced rituals. Polly: Tammy Grimes. Rhys: James Gregory. McGonigle: Jeremy Slate. Tomba: Lloyd Haines. McFee: Ben Wright.

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