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Silver Spoons Season 4 Episodes

24 Episodes 1985 - 1986

Episode 1

Head Over Heels

Sun, Sep 15, 1985 30 mins

Dexter falls for singer Whitney Houston and announces that he and Alfonso are moving to L.A. to join Whitney. Alfonso: Alfonso Ribeiro. Rick: Ricky Schroder. Edward: Joel Higgins. Kate: Erin Gray.

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Episode 2

Promises, Promises

Sun, Sep 22, 1985 30 mins

Rick flips for a girl at school and agonizes over whether to get her a promise ring. Joel Higgins, Erin Gray, Alfonso Ribeiro.

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Episode 3

Poor Evelyn

Sun, Oct 6, 1985 30 mins

Edward's millionaire ex-wife announces that she's broke, so Rick persuades his dad to hire her at Eddie Toys. Joel Higgins, Ricky Schroder. Duke of Braxton: Julian Barnes. Dexter: Franklyn Seales.

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Episode 4

Mrs. Stratton Builds Her Dream House

Sun, Oct 13, 1985 30 mins

Edward gives Kate carte blanche to redecorate the house, but what used to be early arcade style turns into modern chaos in the eyes of Rick and Edward (Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins). Guy: Ian Abercrombie.

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Episode 5

The Great Baseball-Card Scheme

Sun, Oct 27, 1985 30 mins

Grandfather Stratton shows Rick how to make a killing trading baseball cards. Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda appears as himself. Dr. Tate: Bruce French. Edward: Joel Higgins.

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Episode 6

The Trouble With Uncle Harry

Sun, Nov 3, 1985 30 mins

Kate's Uncle Harry overstays his welcome at the Strattons' and then pretends to own the house to impress an old rival. Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins. Charlie: Norman Alden. Dexter: Franklyn Seales.

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Episode 7

One Strike and You're Out

Sun, Nov 10, 1985 30 mins

Rick negotiates a labor dispute between his friends and Grandfather Stratton (John Houseman), who pays students less than minimum wage at his restaurant. Ricky Schroder, Alfonso Ribeiro. Brad: Billy Jacoby.

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Episode 8

Race With Eagles

Sun, Nov 17, 1985 30 mins

Edward participates in a fund-raiser that requires him to run up the steps of the Empire State Building. Ricky Schroder, Erin Gray. Uncle Harry: Ray Walston. Dexter: Franklyn Seales. Alfonso: Alfonso Ribeiro.

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Episode 9

A Magnificent Obsession

Sun, Nov 24, 1985 30 mins

Rick loses his girlfriend to the captain of the football team, and then loses his dignity in an effort to win her back. Ricky Schroder. Matt: Larry Poindexter. Brad: Billy Jacoby. Edward: Joel Higgins.

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Episode 10

Judgment Day

Sun, Dec 1, 1985 30 mins

After a lecture from Edward to buckle down in school, Rick becomes crazed in his efforts to please his father and improve his geometry grade. William: Marc Gilpin. Edward: Joel Higgins.

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Episode 11


Sun, Dec 8, 1985 30 mins

On a trip with Grandfather's exclusive club members, Rick and Edward see a different side of Grandfather (John Houseman). Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins. Senator Platt: Bill Erwin. Skippy: Earl Theroux.

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Episode 12

The Three Musketeers

Sun, Dec 15, 1985 30 mins

Fame goes to Freddy's head when his concern for the homeless earns praise from Tip O'Neill (in a cameo). Freddy: Corky Pigeon. Rick: Ricky Schroder. Troy: Earl Boen. Clark: Michael Young.

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Episode 13

Second Class Parent

Sat, Dec 21, 1985 30 mins

While Edward is away, Kate allows Rick to go with friends to Fort Lauderdale for winter vacation. Brad: Billy Jacoby. Harmon: F. William Parker. Stan: Evan Arnold. Doug: Anthony Starke.

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Episode 14

The Lady Is a Tramp

Sun, Jan 5, 1986 30 mins

Rick invites a bag lady home for dinner, where she makes a distinct impression on one of Edward's key clients. Lady: Barbara Cason. Metcalf: Emory Bass. Edward: Joel Higgins. Kate: Erin Gray.

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Episode 15

Stratton and Stratton

Sun, Jan 12, 1986 30 mins

Rick invents a board game he calls Rock Express, but he refuses to take his father's advice about marketing it. Joel Higgins, Erin Gray. Wally: Charles Bouvier. Bernard: Charles Dell.

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Episode 16

Daddy Rick

Sun, Jan 19, 1986 30 mins

Rick and a classmate are paired in a mock marriage, then his "wife" tells him she's pregnant---for real. Beth: Suzanne Snyder. Edward: Joel Higgins. Brad: Billy Jacoby. Kate: Erin Gray.

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Episode 17

One for the Road

Sun, Feb 2, 1986 30 mins

Rick falls prey to pressures from a new friend, who encourages him to try alcohol. Part 1 of two. Greg: Brian Lima. Allison: Kristin Cumming. Marie: Jo Marie Payton-France. Edward: Joel Higgins.

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Episode 18

One for the Road

Sun, Feb 9, 1986 30 mins

Conclusion. Rick's experimentation with alcohol ends when Edward grounds him, but Greg (Brian Lima) still has a drinking problem. Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins. Marie: Jo Marie Payton-France. Wendy: DeAnna Robbins.

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Episode 19

Movie Madness

Sun, Feb 16, 1986 30 mins

Rick sets his sights on winning the annual student filmmaking competition. Joel Higgins, Erin Gray. Jessica: Cathy Carson. Cynthia: Julia Jeter. Brad: Billy Jacoby. Alfonso: Alfonso Ribeiro.

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Episode 20

Rick Sings

Sun, Feb 23, 1986 30 mins

Rick subs for the lead singer in his rock band and discovers instant fame and power, and a new popularity with girls. Ginger: Babette Props. Ken: Kenny McMurphy. Brad: Billy Jacoby.

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Episode 21

The Way We Weren't

Sun, Mar 2, 1986 30 mins

With Kate away and Rick at work, Edward is left alone with his visiting ex-wife (Christina Belford), who's coming on to him. Joel Higgins, Ricky Schroder, Erin Gray. Phil: Peter Leeds. Cabby: Greg Berg.

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Episode 22

Rick at 16

Sun, Mar 16, 1986 30 mins

Rick faces a troubling dilemma on his 16th birthday---he's asked two girls to be his date at the party. Nicole: Christa Denton. Julie: Mandy Ingber. Brad: Billy Jacoby. Alfonso: Alfonso Ribeiro. Stevens: Jon Smet.

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Episode 23

Second Best

Sun, May 4, 1986 30 mins

Everything Rick can do, his girlfriend Holly can do better, and Rick is beginning to tire of the constant competition. Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins. Allison: Kristin Cumming. Burke: Paul Willson.

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Episode 24

Who's the Boss?

Sun, May 11, 1986 30 mins

Kate's appointment as president of Eddie Toys raises profits, enables Edward to concentrate on development---and causes friction in the Stratton household. Erin Gray, Joel Higgins, Ricky Schroder. Janice: Tammy Kaitz.

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