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Screen Directors Playhouse Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

34 Episodes 1955 - 1956

Episode 1

Meet the Governor

Wed, Oct 5, 1955 30 mins

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Episode 2

Day Is Done

Wed, Oct 12, 1955 30 mins

During the Korean War, retreating American troops are rallied by a sergeant and a bugle found by the side of the road.

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Episode 3

A Midsummer Daydream

Wed, Oct 19, 1955 30 mins

A lovestruck young man (Don Hanmer) finds Miss Right (Kim Hunter) at the marriage-license bureau, but her eye catches that of a suave gambler (Keenan Wynn). Written by William Saroyan.

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Episode 4


Wed, Oct 26, 1955 30 mins

A peaceful New Mexico town is rocked by the arrival of a wounded young woman who claims her wagon train was wiped out by Indian marauders. Jack Carson, Lynn Bari. Written and directed by George Waggner.

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Episode 5

Want Ad Wedding

Wed, Nov 2, 1955 30 mins

A naval officer (John Lydon) stuck in a strange town plans to be married and places an ad in the newspaper classifieds to recruit wedding guests.

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Episode 6

The Life of Vernon Hathaway

Wed, Nov 9, 1955 30 mins

A timid watch repairman (Alan Young) experiences imaginative dreams that begin to manifest themselves as real-life adventures.

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Episode 7

The Final Tribute

Wed, Nov 16, 1955 30 mins

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Episode 8

The Brush Roper

Wed, Nov 23, 1955 30 mins

An old man (Walter Brennan) goes after a mad bull to prove his legendary prowess as a cowboy. Grandma: Olive Carey. Cowhide: Lee Aaker. Royal: Edgar Buchanan.

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Episode 9

Tom and Jerry

Wed, Nov 30, 1955 25 mins

Peter Lawford and Nancy Gates are "Tom and Jerry," a bickering couple whose marriage a parish priest (Frank Fay) tries to keep together during the Christmas season. Directed by Leo McCarey from a script by his daughter Mary McCarey.

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Episode 10

Rookie of the Year

Wed, Dec 7, 1955 30 mins

In "Rookie of the Year," a hot young pitching prospect (Patrick Wayne) is recognized by a down-and-out sportswriter (John Wayne) as the son of a disgraced former player (Ward Bond) who was accused of throwing a World Series game. Directed by John Ford in both his and John Wayne's first foray into television.

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Episode 11

Lincoln's Doctor's Dog

Wed, Dec 14, 1955 30 mins

In "Lincoln's Doctor's Dog," the ailing president (Robert Ryan) receives a puppy as a 54th-birthday gift from his physician (Charles Bickford), who hopes the pooch will help cheer up the chief executive during the Civil War.

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Episode 12

The Silent Partner

Wed, Dec 21, 1955 30 mins

"The Silent Partner" stars Buster Keaton as a forgotten silent-screen comedian who sits drinking at a greasy-spoon diner in Hollywood while the Oscar telecast plays on the bar TV. The regulars slowly begin to identify the old star as he's featured in a lifetime-achievement tribute clip to a famous filmmaker (Joe E. Brown). Bob Hope has a cameo as himself.

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Episode 13

Titanic Incident

Wed, Dec 28, 1955 30 mins

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Episode 14

Hot Cargo

Wed, Jan 4, 1956 30 mins

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Episode 15

It's Always Sunday

Wed, Jan 11, 1956 30 mins

"It's Always Sunday" follows the misadventures of two drifters, who are befriended by a minister (Dennis O'Keefe). Directed by Allan Dwan.

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Episode 16

No. 5 Checked Out

Wed, Jan 18, 1956 30 mins

In "No. 5 Checked Out," Teresa Wright stars as a deaf woman trying to outwit bank bandits who are hiding out in a cabin at her father's out-of-the-way resort. Peter Lorre costars as one of the hoods. Directed by Ida Lupino.

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Episode 17

Prima Donna

Wed, Feb 1, 1956 30 mins

A concert artist (Jeanette MacDonald) discovers an incredible singing talent in a 13-year-old newsboy (Alfred Caiazza) but is dumbstruck when she learns he'd rather play baseball than develop his vocal skills. Major League great Leo Durocher costars with his wife Laraine Day.

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Episode 18

Cry Justice

Wed, Feb 15, 1956 30 mins

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Episode 20

One Against Many

Wed, Mar 7, 1956 30 mins

A young scientist is faced with a difficult decision when a livestock epidemic threatens the state.

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Episode 21

It's a Most Unusual Day

Wed, Mar 14, 1956 30 mins

A husband and wife listen to composer Jimmy McHugh's songs and recall events in their lives that took place when the songs were released. McHugh appears and performs "I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby," "Sunny Side of the Street," "I'm in the Mood for Love" and "It's a Most Unusual Day."

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Episode 22

The Sword of Villon

Wed, Apr 4, 1956 30 mins

Swashbucking 15th-century poet François Villon (Errol Flynn) sets out to thwart a plot to assassinate the king of France.

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Episode 23


Wed, Apr 11, 1956 30 mins

Ray Milland is Markheim, a 19th-century ne'er-do-well and corpse robber who is tendered an interesting proposition by a mysterious stranger (Rod Steiger). Based on a Robert Louis Stevenson short story and directed by Fred Zinnemann.

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Episode 24


Wed, Apr 25, 1956 30 mins

Angela Lansbury stars as a doctor's second wife who is tormented by her husband's pet cat, which is a constant reminder of her involvement in the drowning of the physician's first spouse.

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Episode 25

A Ticket for Thaddeus

Wed, May 9, 1956 30 mins

A Polish refugee (Edmond O'Brien) is innocently involved in a traffic violation, but because he has a lingering wartime fear of anyone in uniform, he tells the police that he was at fault.

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Episode 26


Wed, May 16, 1956 30 mins

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Episode 27

What Day Is It?

Wed, Jun 6, 1956 30 mins

A husband-and-wife dance team (Marge and Gower Champion) reach a marital breaking point, but the arrival of a telegram causes them to reconsider. Gower Champion also directed.

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Episode 28

Every Man Has Two Wives

Wed, Jun 13, 1956 30 mins

A happily married guy begins to dream of an old sweetheart, so to fight fire with fire, his wife plans a trip to his hometown to confront the woman. Barry Nelson, Janet Blair.

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Episode 29


Wed, Jul 4, 1956 30 mins

An orphan (Brandon de Wilde) who longs to participate in the rodeo is befriended by a cowboy (Casey Tibbs).

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Episode 30

White Corridors

Wed, Jul 11, 1956 30 mins

An American tourist (Linda Darnell) accompanies a sick friend to a London hospital, where she claims to witness a murder, but doctors believe she imagined the whole thing. Alfred Hitchcock's daughter, Pat, appears as a nurse.

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Episode 31

The Carroll Formula

Wed, Jul 18, 1956 30 mins

A college professor stumbles across "The Carroll Formula" in the unpublished math works of C.L. Dodgson (aka author Lewis Carroll) and discovers that the formula can be used to reduce the size of things. Michael Wilding, Havis Davenport.

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Episode 32

Apples on the Lilac Tree

Wed, Jul 25, 1956 30 mins

A married couple turn the town on its ear due to the fact that the husband (Macdonald Carey) is a stay-at-home dad while his wife (Joan Caulfield) is the family breadwinner.

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Episode 33

The Bitter Waters

Wed, Aug 1, 1956 30 mins

A romance blossoms between a wealthy young American (Robert Vaughn) and a European woman (Constance Cummings) at a fashionable resort in Germany, but a secret threatens the relationship. Adapted from Henry James' "Louisa Pallant."

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Episode 34

The Day I Met Caruso

Wed, Sep 5, 1956 30 mins

A 10-year-old Quaker girl has an initially unimpressive encounter with Italian tenor Enrico Caruso on a Boston-to-New York train, but she reconsiders her opinion when he begins to sing arias from "Aida," "La Boheme" and "Tosca."

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Episode 35

High Air

Wed, Sep 12, 1956 30 mins

An estranged father and son (William Bendix, Dennis Hopper), who both work as tunnel workers in New York City, are brought together during a life-threatening collapse. Directed by Allan Dwan. Based on a short story by Borden Chase.

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