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Saved by the Bell: The New Class Season 1 Episodes

13 Episodes 1993 - 1993

Episode 1

The Date Lottery

Sat, Sep 11, 1993 30 mins

During his first week at school, Scott (Robert Sutherland Telfer) rigs a date lottery to make sure he dates Lindsay, the most popular girl in his class. Lindsay: Natalia Cigliuti. Weasel: Isaac Lidsky.

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Episode 2

Slumber Party

Sat, Sep 18, 1993 30 mins

What a drag! Scott poses as his cousin so he can go to Lindsay's slumber party and hopefully talk her out of seeing Tommy D. Scott: Robert Sutherland Telfer. Lindsay: Natalia Cigliuti. Tommy D: Jonathan Angel.

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Episode 3

A Kicking Weasel

Sat, Sep 25, 1993 30 mins

Weasel's promoted from water boy to field-goal kicker, and Lindsay tries out for the cheerleading squad. Weasel: Isaac Lidsky. Lindsay: Natalia Cigliuti.

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Episode 4

Home Shopping

Sat, Oct 2, 1993 30 mins

Scott touts a memory-enhancing drink on Bayside TV. Hammersmith: David Byrd. Scott: Robert Sutherland Telfer. Tommy D: Jonathan Angel. Belding: Dennis Haskins.

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Episode 5

Love Is on the Air

Sat, Oct 9, 1993 30 mins

Weasel airs advice on affairs of the heart as Bayside radio's Dr. Luv. Weasel: Isaac Lidsky. Scott: Robert Sutherland Telfer.

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Episode 6

George Washington Kissed Here

Sat, Oct 16, 1993 30 mins

Tommy D is unhappy that Lindsay's playing Martha Washington to Scott's George in the school play. Lindsay: Natalia Cigliuti. Vicki: Bonnie Russavage. Tommy D: Jonathan Angel.

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Episode 7

Homecoming King

Sat, Oct 23, 1993 30 mins

The nominees for homecoming royalty include the class president for king and Lindsay (Natalia Cigliuti) for queen.

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Episode 8

Belding's Baby

Sat, Oct 30, 1993 30 mins

Baby sitter Scott tries to pass off Belding's son as his baby brother. Gwen: Pamela Brull. Ashley: Katy Barnhill.

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Episode 9

Goodbye Megan

Sat, Nov 6, 1993 30 mins

Megan's father wants her to leave Bayside and enroll at a more prestigious academy. Judge Thurston Jones: Richard Lawson. Megan: Bianca Lawson.

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Episode 10

Swap Meet

Sat, Nov 13, 1993 30 mins

Weasel discovers a misprint in a comic book that makes it worth big bucks. Weasel: Isaac Lidsky. Belding: Dennis Haskins.

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Episode 11

Weasel Love

Sat, Nov 20, 1993 30 mins

Weasel hopes to make music with a computer pen pal who's moving to town. Natalie: Stephanie Dicker. Weasel: Isaac Lidsky.

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Episode 12

Tommy A

Sat, Nov 27, 1993 30 mins

Tommy D must get an A on an exam to get a car for his birthday; Megan plays an airhead to get the attention of a boy she likes.

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Episode 13

Running the Max

Sat, Dec 4, 1993 30 mins

The gang runs the Max for a week as a school assignment, cooking up nothing but chaos until Scott steps in to organize the operation.

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