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Quincy, M.E. Season 8 Episodes

25 Episodes 1982 - 1983

Episode 1

Baby Rattlesnakes

Wed, Sep 29, 1982 60 mins

Quincy and a psychiatrist try to prove the innocence of a former gang member accused of murder. Ethan Kellough: DeVoreaux White. Dorado: Gregory Sierra. Sam: Robert Ito. Danny: Val Bisoglio. Arthur: John Randolph. Quincy: Jack Klugman.

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Episode 2

A Ghost of a Chance

Wed, Oct 6, 1982 60 mins

An eminent surgeon may be responsible for deaths by allowing "ghost" surgeons to operate for him. Emily: Anita Gillette. Dr. Marden: Harry Townes. Sarah: Ellen Geer. Quincy: Jack Klugman.

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Episode 3

Give Me Your Weak

Wed, Oct 27, 1982 60 mins

A cutback prevents a doctor from making an "orphan drug," medication needed by too few people to be profitable for a pharmaceutical company to market. Jack Klugman. Dr. Ciotti: Michael Constantine. Tony: Paul Clemens. Sam: Robert Ito. Brian Marinoff: Robert Ginty.

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Episode 4

Dying for a Drink

Wed, Nov 3, 1982 60 mins

Quincy's colleague refuses to acknowledge that she displays the symptoms of alcoholism. Jack Klugman, John S. Ragin. Gary Linderman: David Spielberg.

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Episode 5

Unreasonable Doubt

Wed, Nov 10, 1982 60 mins

A baby with a progressive disease is electrocuted, and post-mortem evidence suggests murder by the infant's father, a close friend of Quincy (Jack Klugman). Dr. Ross: John Rubinstein. Michael Preston: Chad Cowgill. Lilian: Kres Mersky.

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Episode 6

Sleeping Dogs

Wed, Nov 17, 1982 60 mins

Quincy must determine the truth when six people confess to the same murder. Howard: Charles Aidman. Frank: John Anderson. Quincy: Jack Klugman.

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Episode 7

Science for Sale

Wed, Nov 24, 1982 60 mins

Genetic research into a cure for cancer creates a contagious strain of respiratory virus. Jack Klugman, Robert Ito. Paul Flynn: Lane Smith. Christine Winston: Julie Adams.

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Episode 8

Next Stop, Nowhere

Wed, Dec 1, 1982 60 mins

After a boy is murdered at a nightclub, Quincy claims punk rock was a factor. Abbey: Melora Hardin. Mrs. Garvin: Barbara Cason. Molly: Karleneu Crockett. Quincy: Jack Klugman.

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Episode 9

Across the Line

Wed, Dec 8, 1982 60 mins

Quincy agrees to help a cop (Jack Kehoe) who's under investigation for the death of a hostage, during a stakeout. Tournier: Lonny Chapman. Mrs. Taggart: Maria O'Brien. Bittles: Spencer Milligan. Jackson: Ron Pinkard.

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Episode 10

Sword of Honor, Blade of Death

Wed, Dec 15, 1982 60 mins

The Japanese underworld is implicated in the death of a policeman (James Saito). Jack Klugman, Robert Ito. Nakatama: John Fujioka. John Morishima: Mako.

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Episode 11

The Law Is a Fool

Wed, Jan 5, 1983 60 mins

A law professor's granddaughter is kidnapped but the perpetrator turns himself in. Prof. Hillman: Lew Ayres. Larry Borghese: John O'Connell. Evelyn: Claire Malis.

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Episode 12

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Wed, Jan 12, 1983 60 mins

A worker is killed in a fire at the warehouse of Quincy's friend, and the suspected cause is arson for insurance. Jack Klugman. Ted: Rudy Solari. St. Johns: Eugene Roche. Anawalt: Allan Miller.

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Episode 13

A Cry for Help

Wed, Jan 19, 1983 60 mins

Quincy and Emily try to determine whether a young woman was murdered by her boyfriend or committed suicide. Jack Klugman, Anita Gillette. Bonner: Dick Gautier. Sarah: Sarah Miller.

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Episode 14

A Loss for Words

Wed, Jan 26, 1983 60 mins

A factory worker's illiteracy results in a fatal accident, and a revelation: the coroner's investigator can't read either. Jack Klugman. Droyden: Ramon Bieri. Harriet: Rosemary Murphy. Lassiter: Charles Knox Robinson.

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Episode 15

Beyond the Open Door

Wed, Feb 2, 1983 60 mins

A psychic is enlisted to help solve the murders of several young women. Jack Klugman, Garry Walberg. Pike: Chris C. Woods. Jennifer: Karin Argoud.

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Episode 16

On Dying High

Wed, Feb 9, 1983 60 mins

An entertainer nearly dies while "freebasing" cocaine between shows. Jack Klugman, Anita Gillette. Ginger: Kelly Palzis. Bud Auerbach: Edd Byrnes.

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Episode 17

Quincy's Wedding, Part 1

Wed, Feb 16, 1983 60 mins

While Quincy and Emily make wedding plans, Quincy must also investigate the death of a man in a nursing home. First of two parts. Jack Klugman, Anita Gillette. Winslow: Carole Cook. Ednah: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 18

Quincy's Wedding, Part 2

Wed, Feb 23, 1983 60 mins

Conclusion. Quincy's work on a case is taking time Emily feels should be devoted to their final wedding plans. Jack Klugman, Anita Gillette. Ednah: Jeanette Nolan.

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Episode 19

Murder on Ice

Wed, Mar 9, 1983 60 mins

The secluded cabin Quincy and Emily chose for their honeymoon is full of people, one of whom is murdering the others. Jack Klugman, Anita Gillette. Liz: Lola Albright. Ken: Robert Alda.

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Episode 20

Women of Valor

Wed, Mar 16, 1983 60 mins

Quincy tries to help a midwife charged with murder in the death of an illegal immigrant's baby. Jack Klugman, Robert Ito. Dr. Reid: Elizabeth Huddle.

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Episode 21

Suffer the Little Children

Wed, Mar 23, 1983 60 mins

Quincy discovers mistreatment and unsanitary conditions when he's sent to a foster home to corroborate the autopsy on a boy. Jack Klugman. Dr. Curtis: Tony Dow. Ward: Paul Valentine.

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Episode 22

An Act of Violence

Wed, Apr 27, 1983 60 mins

Quincy is the victim of a savage beating that leaves him psychologically scarred. Robert Ito, John S. Ragin, Garry Walberg. Hector: Alan Stock. Fox: Brad Gorman.

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Episode 23

Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter?

Wed, May 4, 1983 60 mins

Quincy relies on the eyewitness testimony of an elderly woman to identify a murder suspect; an aging actor fears senility will ruin his first starring role. Jack Klugman. Davies: Steven Keats. Eugenia: Rosemary De Camp.

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Episode 24

The Cutting Edge

Wed, May 11, 1983 60 mins

After a team of specialists reattaches a severed arm, the patient discovers that he's lost the use of his "good" arm. Dr. McCracken: Barry Newman. Jay McCracken: Andy Enberg.

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Episode 25

Deadly Proctection

Tue, Sep 28, 2021 60 mins

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