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Presidio Med Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

11 Episodes 2002 - 2003

Episode 1

This Baby's Gonna Fly (Pilot)

Tue, Sep 24, 2002 60 mins

Rae (Dana Delany) returns from a two-week stint at a Pakistan refugee camp and confronts her loveless marriage; Harriet (Blythe Danner) comforts a colleague (Julianne Nicholson) who may have cancer; a free-spirited plastic surgeon (Sasha Alexander) joins the practice. Letty: Anna Deavere Smith. Nicholas: Oded Fehr.

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Episode 2

Second Chance

Wed, Sep 25, 2002 60 mins

Jackie, who hates treating burn victims, turns down a case involving a firefighter who was badly burned in an explosion, but the patient's best friend tries his best to change her mind. Elsewhere, Jules undergoes a biopsy and nervously awaits the results; Rae and Sean agree to work on their troubled marriage; and Matt tries to get a football coach to have much-needed heart surgery. Fontina: Gerald McRaney. Dumont: Derek Sitter. Sean: Robert Knepper. Roback: Vyto Ruginis. Eidenberg: Stewart Bick.

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Episode 3

Do No Harm

Wed, Oct 2, 2002 60 mins

Rae attends to a young cancer patient who needs a liver transplant; Harriet tries to help a 14-year-old girl (Mae Whitman) upset that her pregnant mother intends to give up her new baby; Jackie operates on a burned firefighter and attempts to encourage the man's distraught girlfriend. Louise: Kathleen Wilhoite. Nina: Amy Stewart. Ryan: Michael Purvis. Gary: Dennis Cockrum. Ellen: Blaire Baron. Will: Reed Diamond. Danny: Dylan Walsh. Roback: Vyto Ruginis.

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Episode 4

When Approaching a Let-Go

Wed, Oct 9, 2002 60 mins

Jules signs up at a sperm bank and struggles through the process of selecting an acceptable donor; Jackie (Sasha Alexander) is surprised when a patient kisses her; Harriet confronts a pregnant patient who is using heroin; Matt and Letty attend to a man who never knew he had heart surgery when he was a baby; Rae tries to get Sean to go with her to an elaborate fund-raiser. Will: Reed Diamond. Nina: Amy Stewart. Sean: Robert Knepper. Jules: Julianne Nicholson.

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Episode 5


Wed, Oct 16, 2002 60 mins

Rae tries to persuade the parents of a 10-year-old boy with sickle-cell anemia to tell their son that he has the disease; Matt agrees to donate sperm to fertilize Jules' eggs, but he experiences unforeseen difficulty in living up to his end of the bargain; Jackie is encouraged to bring in more business; Harriet attempts to convince a pregnant woman with heart problems that she should deliver her baby early. Also, Matt's father (Michael York) visits from England. Dean: John Rubinstein. Jesse: Andrew J. Robinson.

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Episode 6


Wed, Oct 23, 2002 60 mins

Nick and Matt disagree over the care of an elderly patient (Red Buttons) with gangrene; Jackie performs a face-lift on a popular TV actor (Corbin Bernsen) who insists on keeping the surgery a secret; a 3-year-old girl swallows a crucifix, but her parents refuse to have it removed, thinking it may be a sign from God; and a panicked 39-year-old man with a family history of heart disease fears he won't live to see his 40th birthday. Farley: Michael Reilly Burke. Wendy: Lisa Waltz. Isabelle: Dianna Miranda. Juan: Jose Yenque.

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Episode 7

Once Upon a Family

Wed, Oct 30, 2002 60 mins

A gay man (John Rubinstein) decides to turn off his heart defibrillator; Jules suspects a 6-year-old boy with bruises on his back is being abused; a single woman (Melissa Gilbert) considers adopting a pregnant 15-year-old's baby, but the teen's dad interferes; and an obnoxious patient (Richard Lewis) causes trouble for Rae, Jackie and Nick. Ismenia: Alma Delfina. Becky: Bridget Simpson. Amber: Greta Sesheta. Jesse: Andrew J. Robinson. Nathan: Mark Moses.

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Episode 8

Pick Your Battles

Wed, Nov 13, 2002 60 mins

Nick gets into trouble after he performs surgery on the patient of another physician (Christine Baranski) without the doctor's consent; and Rae and Sean see a marriage counselor. Elsewhere, Matt tries to help a 19-year-old student who is beginning to act bizarrely, possibly because of his rigorous exercise program and strict diet; Jules and Jackie discover someone is forging prescriptions, so they put together a profile of the thief based on the medicine that's being taken. Sean: Robert Knepper. Roback: Vyto Ruginis.

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Episode 9

Suffer Unto Me the Children

Fri, Jan 17, 2003 60 mins

Harriet delivers 30-week-old twins, who are immediately put into intensive care; Claire, a new resident, must deliver her first baby when Harriet is detained, and complications ensue when the mom starts bleeding badly. Ito: Art Chudabala. Georgia: Pia C. Glenn. King: Jernard Burks. Claire: Christina Hendricks: Samantha: Francesca P. Roberts. Yalin: Jane Cho. Nguyen: Jeannie Sakata. Amira: Alice Amter.Harriet: Blythe Danner. Matt: Paul Blackthorne. Jules: Julianne Nicholson.

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Episode 10

With Grace

Wed, Jan 22, 2003 60 mins

Rae struggles to keep her emotions in check as she and Sean decide to separate, and he moves out. Also: Rae attends to a brave 9-year-old girl recently diagnosed with leukemia. Grace: Hallie Kate Eisenberg. Jeanine: Lisa Edelstein. Rudy: Max Weinstein. Anita: Jennie Vaughn. Lynette: Jocelyn Rose. Gilbert: Karl Montgomery Jr. Sumi: Sharon Omi. Sean: Robert Knepper. Jerry: Peter Kanetis. Rae: Dana Delany. Nick: Oded Fehr.

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Episode 11


Fri, Jan 24, 2003 60 mins

Jules treats a 15-year-old suicidal boy who recently told his parents that he is gay; Matt attends to a woman with a lung disease who is in dire need of a transplant; Rae tells her colleagues about her relationship with Nick. Jules: Julianne Nicholson. Matt: Paul Blackthorne. Nick: Oded Fehr.

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