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Poltergeist: The Legacy

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Derek de Lint
Dr. Derek Rayne
Helen Shaver
Dr. Rachel Corrigan
Robbi Chong
Alexandra Moreau

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2 Seasons
Yellowjackets is the saga of a team of wildly talented high school girls soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness.
78   Metascore
2021 TVMA Drama, Horror, Other

Masters of Horror

2 Seasons
An anthology of one-hour horror films directed by masters of the genre.
73   Metascore
2005 TVMA Horror, Other, Science Fiction

The Outer Limits

7 Seasons
Thirty years after the cancellation of the landmark science fiction-fantasy anthology The Outer Limits, the property was revived in a full-color, state-of-the-art version by cable's Showtime network. Debuting March 26, 1995, the new Outer Limits emulated the old by utilizing a narrator known only as The Control Voice ("There is nothing wrong with your television set...do not attempt to adjust the picture...we are controlling transmission") Because original narrator Vic Perrin had passed away in 1989, it fell to Kevin Conway to provide the offscreen openings and closings of each hour-long episode. Surprisingly (given the remarkable advances in the art of special effects since 1965), the revived Outer Limits downplayed effects in favor of human interrelations and suspense. This was partly due to the fact that the new series, filmed in Canada, was produced on an extremely limited budget. For the most part, however, the decision to avoid special effects unless they were dramatically justified was because the producers felt that space aliens and other monstrosities had become rather commonplace by 1995, and they hoped to set their series apart from what had become the norm. In most cases, two separate versions of each episode were filmed. The rawer, less censorially restricted version was seen first-run on Showtime, while the less explicit version was prepared for commercial TV syndication. (This practice was followed on such other dual-market series as The Hitchhiker and Sex and the City.) Generally, the new Outer Limits avoided remakes of the classic episodes from the original version. There were, however, three noteworthy exceptions: season one's "I Robot," with Leonard Nimoy repeating the role he'd first essayed 31 years earlier; season three's "Feasability Study," originally filmed in 1964; and season five's "The Inheritors," a one-hour abridgement of a 1964 two-parter. Showtime had so much faith in the new Outer Limits that the network commissioned two seasons worth of episodes (44 in all) before the series even made its first appearance. This show of confidence paid off; Outer Limits proved to be one of the cable network's most popular series, lasting six seasons and 132 episodes. After departing Showtime in 2000, the series was renewed for a final 22 episodes by another cable outlet, the Sci Fi Channel.
1995 TVMA Drama, Horror, Other, Science Fiction

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

1 Season
A grisly murder rocks Los Angeles in 1938, exposing undercurrents of social and political tension, and bringing into focus the city's rich history, from the building of its first freeways and traditions of Mexican-American folklore to Third Reich espionage and the rise of radio evangelism.
60   Metascore
2020 TVMA Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Other

The Hunger

2 Seasons
An erotic horror anthology from British directors (and brothers) Tony and Ridley Scott. Based on contemporary short stories, the series featured guest shots by Balthazar Getty, Sally Kirkland, Margot Kidder, Chad Lowe, Giovanni Ribisi and Eric Roberts.
1997 TVMA Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Other, Science Fiction

Let the Right One In

1 Season
Centers on the lives of Mark and his daughter Eleanor, who was turned into a vampire 10 years earlier and locked in at the age of 12. While Eleanor must live as a shut-in and is only able to go out at night, Mark does his best to provide her with the human blood she needs to stay alive.
63   Metascore
2022 TVMA Drama, Horror, Other, Science Fiction

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